Couponing: Organize Your Shopping Trips (Coupon Binder)

I told you I’d start bringing you more of my coupon tips. My favorite organization tool so far has been the “store” section in my binder. I’ve actually been thinking about making it a bit different and I’ll keep you posted if I do. In the front of my binder I have several page dividers with pockets on both sides. Each pockets is labeled per the store it’s for. The pocket I’m going to show you is for CVS.

In the front part of the pocket folder I keep the latest flier. I like having my own flier on me. Home or out I can reference it quickly and care it with other sales.

On the inside pocket I keep my printed coupons, the extra bucks policy, and myย rain checks.

After the pocket I have a 4×6 photo pocket. In the top part I keep all my CVS coupons, ECB’s, and freebies.
The bottom part I keep the CVS coupons that print out each visit. Or if I plan on doing a multiple transaction for the same card I’ll place my other coupons here.

Then I have one baseball holder sheet. I keep my card there and all the coupons I plan on using at that visit. The green paper behind is just so you can see but I have three CVS cards so I can take advantage of the rockin’ deals that have a limit of one.

Hope you like my tip! Have any that help with you your store trips?


  1. Jenny says

    Great binder! I like how you have the stores in their own sections. I should try that.

  2. Rita says

    Great idea, i have been meaning to get those clear photo pages to put my loose coupons in. But i like the clear folders too. I just might have to run out to the store today to try to find them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Erin says

    Where do you find the baseball card pages? I was at Walmart today getting stuff for a binder together, but I couldn’t find these.

    • Shurdell Williams says

      You find them up front where they sale baseball cards.

  4. @Erin- You can find them at Toys R Us..that’s where we bought ours, or Target. I can’t remember how much we got them for.
    I’m organizing my coupon binder this evening too. Something to do while the kids are sleeping.

  5. Jennifer H says

    Nice binder. I do an accordian file and keep all the weekly coupon ads in tact. The coupon sites I follow tell me which ad to look through for that specific item on sale that week so that seems to work best for me. Less clipping that way!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Danielle says

      What is the website that tells you to pair w/ your weekly flier?

  6. Heather Speaks says

    the binder is a great idea…i really need to try coupons are stuck in a small organizer and are always getting folded over or torn.

  7. Diana says

    I too have the store sections organized but didn’t want to fold coupons into 3rds to fit in the baseball pages. I searched online found what was available then shopped locally. At a local baseball card shop (has other sports stuff too) I found pages that are 3-pocket, 4 pocket & 8 pocket pages for about .25cents each. IUsing my label maker I label each pocket accordingly. I use one regular page saver for the store specific sale flyer. A 3-pocket for Walmart labeled REDEEM (top),COUPONS TO USE (middle), WALMART COUPONS (bottom). A 4-pocket for stores like CVS & WALGREEN’S labeled store specific, for example EXTRABUCKS, CVS COUPONS, REDEEM, COUPONS TO USE (manuf. coupons) and have now added my CVS card one of the pockets (liked your idea Jennifer!). For other stores that coupons are less likely I just use a regular page saver to save $ until I see if I really need specialty pockets. I currently do the same for restaurants due to eating out is not really in our budget right now. Meaning if we eat out it comes out of the grocery money (minimal money spent, .99cent menu) or if someone gives us a restaurant gift card. I have the non-food coupon section organized. Haven’t seen anything I like well enough to put the effort in to organizing it because I didn’t think it was detailed enought. I don’t want to spend lots of time in the store going through my coupons – especially unfolding & folding them back again & refiling. Jennifer, I like your list best so I will try it & tweek it as I need to. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  8. Misty says

    Your coupon binder strategies are genus! The one for the dividers that double as folders for the weekly flyers…brilliant! I have been couponing seriously for about 3 years but I’m just now building a big binder to accommodate the volume of coupons I work with. I’m looking forward to finishing it and taking it out on my next excursion, hopefully it will make things more efficient and increase my savings! Thanks for posting all your tips and ideas so fellow savers can organize with ease and confidence!:)

  9. Kivia says

    i might try that

  10. Elsir jordan says

    I would like to know where to get the baseball cards

    • Jennifer says

      If you follow the link above you can buy them off Amazon like I did ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dalilah says

    I currently have my coupons sorted by expiration date. I’m trying to transition to a binder to be able to create categories for each coupon. Should I forget about the expiration date?

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for your baggie organization and your notebook organization help. I just ordered a 3-ring binder that zips and I also ordered the clear coupon pages from amazon as you suggested. I think this is going to help me greatly and I really appreciate your sharing! Do you have any good tips on how to keep all your coupons current? Also, I just received some information saying that couponing is about to change and we the consumers aren’t going to be able to print coupons from home as we’ve done in the past. ๐Ÿ™ Something about going through a number service and then you will only be allowed 2 prints and then you’re done, and no more using your additional computer, cell, or iPad? I can’t imagine that would be true. I sure hope it isn’t! Thanks again for showing me how! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I’m going to help my friend, and my daughter!

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