Cook’s Ham Event hosted by Price Chopper!

Tuesday I was invited to an event put on by Cook’s Ham and hosted by Price Chopper. It was out at the Price Chopper in Latham, NY. It was almost two hours away but I thought it would be fun so I took a drive. A week early. Opps. So when the real date came I knew exactly where I was heading and what the tolls would be. Which made it much easier.
When I got there I was greeted by both Cook’s Ham and Price Chopper Representatives.

It was a small intimate gathering.
Faith and Jennifer did most of the presentation but we also met many other lovely ladies from Price Chopper!
They gave us many great ideas for using ham! My favorite was one that they started off with crescent rolls, added sliver of a pink lady apple, some provolone cheese, and some ham slices. Fold them up and cook them accordingly to the crescent roll directions. Talk about yummy! My kids are going to love it!
My biggest fear associated with ham is the carving process. We were showed that if you put the spiral into a ham stand upright and cut the bone out you can then easily proceed to carve the ham nicely. Did you know that they have ham tips & video’s on their website!With a gorgeous ham like this you definitely don’t want to butcher it.
It’s odd because when I think of ham I don’t find it to be a hard meal to cook. Especially when Cook’s Ham offers a variety of ham’s that only need to be warmed and not cooked. They even come with the glazed in hand. Everyone right down to my three year old enjoys it and you can generally get a ham that can provide several meals for around $10 which is the same amount I spend on just three chicken breasts.
If I could give my family a great tasting meal for less then my average meal why am I not doing it??? My family is not leftover friendly. I try to make my meals in just the right portions so that food isn’t thrown out. Ham is great with left overs though. If you take the extra step the day you make it by cutting and slicing it and putting it into containers you’ll have it at hand the rest of the week.
Cook’s Ham has a huge selection of different sized hams, steaks, and even corned beef!
If you need ideas on how to cook and serve all these ham styles you should check out the Cook’s Ham website. They have great recipes on their website too! They also tell you how to cook and carve each style of ham.

They wanted to spark ideas for meal planning from one ham for several meals. So they sent us off into the isles of Price Chopper and asked us to grab ingredients to make three ham inspired meals and keeping it under $100. We had 15 minutes.
It was like supermarket sweeps. We were each given a cart and told to go. I couldn’t think. I started going for the basics of a Sunday Supper. Then I thought of a great mac& cheese with ham crockpot soup. Then my favorite kid friendly breakfast. Ham smiles. Fruit nose and ears. Fried egg eyes, whip cream and jelly bean hair. My kids love these types of thing.

Within 15 minutes I had all this! $75 dollars worth of groceries. Woot! I was under.
I was so worried I’d go over like I *always* do. We then all met back up and discussed the different meals we had all thought of. Then we were told that we got to keep all of our groceries!!! I was even given a large cooler and ice packs to make the 2 hour drive home!
Look how generous they were to me! On top of the grocery run through the store Cook’s also gave us us coupons towards free and discounted ham! We got a mouse pad, tissues, post it pad, and more. Price Chopper also gave us a very generous bag filled with their name brand ‘Central Market Classics‘ products. I want to go back just for more of their Dark Chocolate Mint Cups. Sadly there are none located nearby. If you want to see if there is one by you click HERE for a list of their locations.
They also gave us each a bouquet of flowers to go home with in a vase. I can’t even tell you the last time I got flowers, so I love them!!

Thank you both Cook’s Ham & Price Chopper for such a wonderful event.
Your generosity was greatly appreciated and I can’t wait to work more Ham into more of my meals! I’ll be sure to get some recipes up!!!

For my readers stay tuned! They’ve offered a coupon for a free ham big enough for your Easter ham! Giveaway coming shortly!

Price Chopper also has facebook, twitter, and a blog worth checking out. Visit their site and check out the top right hand corner for the links!

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