Cook’s Ham Steaks Crescent Roll Recipe {Giveaway Too!} Two Winners!

One thing I really like about going to the Cook’s Ham Event was that it made me stop and realize that cooking with ham is fast and easy. Every time I thought of ham in the past I always pictured the fancy Christmas Dinner.
Little did I realize that even in a meal like the one pictured above was the easiest part of the meal. Since many of Cook’s Ham have already been cooked they don’t require much time to warm up.
When I was at the event they showed us this recipe using very little ingredients. We got to try it and I knew it would be a perfect try for our family and wanted to share it with you too!
You’ll need:
Cook’s Spiral Ham slices or steaks
provolone cheese
crescent rolls
apples (pink lady)
The steaks only took about a minute to heat up on a frying pan although you could probably skip this step. Since I used the smaller steaks I simply cut them in quarters.
Preheat oven to 350
Place the ham pieces in opened up crescent rolls.
Then place the provolone cheese and apple slices on top.
Then fold up the crescent rolls. And bake according to the crescent roll directions.
After. I left mine in for a few extra minutes for some added golden flakiness.
Then it occurred to me I should pull out my mandolin and slice the apples thin.
Personally I felt I got a sweeter apple when they were cut thin and I liked it more.
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