Attend the 2017 New England Auto Show

I've lived all my life in Western MA. New England winters are nothing new to me. This year the snowfall's have been manageable, but a few years ago we were getting thirty inches of snow at a time. The snowbanks were so high you could see over them. You would think driving in it would be easy for me but in reality, the second the flakes start falling I'm hiding at home. Right now I'm driving a … [Read more...]

Disney’s CARS 2 on Blu-ray 3D & Blu-ray Hi-Def Combo Pack – Must Have Christmas Pick!

I know I'm a bit behind on this DVD but the week this came out I was experiencing 2 feet of snow and a wees worth of no electricity. It was crazy- especially since this was the last week of October and the first week of November! We did however have access to a generator which allowed us a few luxeries back. While we didn't have cable while all the lines were down with the use of the generator we … [Read more...]