Just Got Back From Blogger Bash NYC 2014 #BBnyc #btbBABY

Where have I been! In New York City of course! I know things have been crazy but I promise you it will all be worth it! I can already tell you this years holiday gift guide is going to have some great ideas in it! I already have some must have products on my list! I know, I know it's July but it will be here before you know it. I know I say that every year but I'm serious this year! It's going to … [Read more...]

Michaels Craft Stores Have Changed For YOU #GetCraftyBoston

You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I've been getting back to my crafty background lately and having more fun gardening and decorating my home. One of my most favorite stores, Michaels Crafts, asked me if I could come and check out one of their 27 Boston-area stores unveiling a new look including brighter, wider aisles, more colorful designs and better signage to easily navigate the … [Read more...]

Let’s have a PARTY! First Birthday Bash!

It wouldn't be a celebration around here without a birthday bash event, now would it! So I've teamed up with Amanda over at MommyMandy since her precious princess just turned ONE too! Join us in the celebration with some of our favorite brands-   The event kicks off the first week of April so make sure to stick around for the fun! From the brands listed above which giveaway are you … [Read more...]