Snack Healthy With Musselman’s Squeezables Sours #SqueezablesSours

This summer, I was determined to give my kids some new healthy habits. We were screen free from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and outside most of the day. I poked around in my garden while the kids enjoyed their bikes, inflatable water slide and our trampoline. While my kids were out having a classic 1980’s summer, I started brainstorming new … [Read more...]

Target Up & Up Baby & Toddler Food Pouches #Spon

I was pretty impressed with myself this time around. Making baby food turned out to be ridiculously easy for me and I was so pleased with myself for doing it but when it came time to leave the house it was such a pain. It was like carrying yogurt around because you only had so long. When it came to traveling there was no way. So when we went off to Florida for a week last month I knew my homemade … [Read more...]