Target Up & Up Baby & Toddler Food Pouches #Spon

Target-logo1-300x200I was pretty impressed with myself this time around. Making baby food turned out to be ridiculously easy for me and I was so pleased with myself for doing it but when it came time to leave the house it was such a pain. It was like carrying yogurt around because you only had so long. When it came to traveling there was no way. So when we went off to Florida for a week last month I knew my homemade baby food was staying home and I was going to have to introduce some store bought baby food. Luckily, I was sent some up&up™ baby food pouches from Target.

Target Up & Up Baby & Toddler Food Pouches

Of course upon arrival the first thing I did was flip them over and check out their nutritional info. I like seeing there are just the simple ingredients listed.

 Target Up & Up Baby & Toddler Food Pouches

Now many people serve the pouches and the child can just suck the yummy goodness right out of them but I still squeeze them into a bowl and serve them with a spoon. I love the convenience of the up&up™ baby pouches provided us. I had my heart set on a different brand if I needed it quite honestly but when it came time to need more I found the other brand to be only available in certain stores- none that were around. Target was easy to get to as they have them almost everywhere and the best part was that these pouches were almost half the prices of the pricey pouches I had first looked for.

target up&up baby food #momspotted

Sawyer gets pretty darn excited when he sees me grab one of the pouches too! He thinks they are super yummy! He likes knowing too that these little pouches have lots of yummy flavor combinations that mommy doesn’t make.


I will definitely continue to make my own baby food but I’ve been picking up these up&up™ babypouches on my Target trips as they are great to have on hand for trips when leaving the house. I also keep spare pouches in his diaper bag so I know I’ll never be stuck somewhere with nothing to give him.

Before your next trip out to Target make sure to stop by their website and check out all their up&up™ products and make sure to print your Target coupons so you’ll save the most money possible!

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  1. We love pouches for traveling, too! The are incredibly convenient! I had no clue Target had them in the Up &Up brand! I’m going to check out their selection the next time I go to Target! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven’t tried these ones but I do love that they are a lot less expensive. I hate spending 1.68 on one!

  3. He looks so happy! True testament to their taste 🙂 They sound super convenient, especially for road trips I bet!

  4. I like that they are a lot less expensive too! Now I just wish there were more varieties available at my Target. 🙂

  5. I never tried these but I did pick up a few to try out soon. I plan on making my food too, but I am ALL FOR convenience so I grabbed a few. I also looked at the ingredients immediately. Happy with what I saw.

  6. I’m a fan of the pouches too! I’ve never bought Target brand before though. I’ll have to check them out when we start solids!

  7. He is such a cutie and I have to check these out for M!

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