Sawyer’s 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} #PartyCity

I can’t believe I still haven’t shared Sawyer’s Birthday!!! Where has the time gone? I was so excited to put together this fun Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday party thanks to Party City. I had a really hard time picking a birthday theme and spent a lot of time on some birthday sites and often found myself on Party City because they had all the themes I was considering in one place. Not only that but they also had the best selection of products in every theme. No one wants to have to hunt all of over the internet ordering for multiple places. Who has time for that?

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

In the end with a combination of themed party supplies and some basic party supplies we were able to pull together a look I was so pleased with! Don’t you think?

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

Party City has everything I could possibly need or think of when throwing a party! When you first start your planning make sure to take the time to look over all the themes. Sometimes even licensed characters can have multiple styles out there. Sawyer really loves Mickey Mouse right now but I really wasn’t feeling the older theme. I was thrilled when looking in the 1st birthday options that there was a baby blue mickey themed party.

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies Party City

They also had many products that weren’t listed with the Mickey stuff but if you looked and explored their site you could really take a simple party to the next level by just adding some simple selections in like these paper lanterns. If I was home I would have hung them from the ceiling but since I wasn’t I stacked them in the corner. This was a great way of using unusable space. This corner would have been hard for guests to reach but leaving it empty would have left a sore spot on the table. I used a large plastic container to help elevate the back one so I didn’t have to worry about anything tumbling down.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

For the little people in attendance I decorated the table with treats like lollipops, rock candy, and chocolate kisses. Sticking to the same color theme I was really able to help it pop in places as well as provide people  sweet treat when they were waiting for food or as they were leaving.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I think added my Monthly Milestone Birthday Banner that I made with his photos from each month. I couldn’t chose between his head shot poses and his laundry basket shots so I hung his pretty face and left the other shots on the table as both a space filler and for guests to pick up and look at. The added card stock background helped give the photos some strength too.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I probably reset the table five times and played around with it for twenty minutes straight. I made sure the hats were closest to the door as well as our favor boxes. Grab as you walk in and grab as you walk out 🙂

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I really liked the Party City provided green fabric tablecloths. It’s a color I personally would have never chosen but in the end was the perfect choice and helped it all come together and let the other colors stand out versus blending in. For the Mickey Mouse favor boxes (tutorial coming!) I started out with Blue Mini Favor Pails from the baby shower section. I kept it simple and just filled them with Hershey kisses and when everyone left they left with ‘kisses from Sawyer’.

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday favor party boxes

Since Johnny made the really cute Disney’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner I wanted it to be in a place that it would stand out. Since there was a large window in front of the gift table. We also used a large serving platter as a card holder. This is good as now a days many people give gift cards and I find cards can easily get bumped off the table or fall into other gift bags. Set a place on the table for all lose cards to go.

Disney's Mickey Mouse Birthday Name Banner {Cricut Craft Tutorial} a

Sawyer was pretty excited about his day and he greeted everyone as they walked in. Since we didn’t have a typical high chair for him we used our High Chair Decoration Kit to still go around his area and was able to use the tray banner as another wall banner for photographs. Guests took this as a chance to take pictures of him and with him.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

My husband always thinks getting the hats and favors are silly but it never fails that guests use them and I get the best photos with them. I definitely recommend always getting the little things that guests can wear or use so that the these and colors can remain in all the photos.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I just love this photo of Johnny & Sawyer.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I stayed up all night the night before and made Sawyer’s Disney Mickey Mouse Cake. I’m not the best cake maker so I was pretty proud of myself. I really wanted the perfect candle and this one was definitely it! It really helped pull in the blue 1st birthday theme again!

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan 1

Sawyer decided it was his birthday and he could dry if he wanted too. In the end he wasn’t thrilled with the bib but picture time was over.

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

He was definitely down with some cake from his mama though! Isn’t my peanut precious?

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

We got this photo while taking pictures from his present opening. He was trying to pull the bow off his head but I think he looks like a little ballerina lol

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party {Mickey Mouse Themed} Baby Blue #momspotted #PartyCity

I had a blast putting this party together and the Party City played a huge roll in supplying everything we used. What I really love is that many of the supplies we used are reusable so we can get the most out of money spent. We have several parties over the summer and we will be using many of the tableware again. Sawyer had a wonderful day as did our family and friends.

Do you enjoy throwing birthday parties for your children? Do you go crazy on themes like I do?



  1. Liz says

    SO CUTE! This is all absolutely adorable!

  2. OH MY GOSH! Loveee! 🙂 Can’t believe how fast our babies are growing up!

  3. Janet W. says

    Such a cute theme and I love the blue color! Adorable!

  4. So cute, looks like he had a great party!

  5. Claire says

    Love it!

  6. Pretty cake!

  7. Sawyer is the cutest (and luckiest) boy ever!! That party is fabulous. The rock candy and the banner and the favors and the cake are all awesome! Great job!!!

  8. nannypanpan says

    your cake came out awesome, glad it was suh a nice day for the birthday boy

  9. Eileen says

    WOW, Jen, FABULOUS! You just have an eye for decorations. Looks SO nice! And the cake, I know how much patience all those star tips take. You did a fantastic job.

    Always and forever loving the photos you take:) But then, you have such cute subjects. Glad to see someone took some shots of you also. Often, the “family photographer’ is invisible when you go back to find photos later.

  10. Jean says

    What a darling party! I especially like the jar of rock candy (pretty, pretty!) and I adore the Mickey take-out container goodie bags. I feel inadequate. 🙂

  11. Cara Daymude says

    Cute Idea love last pic adorable repined 🙂

  12. Michelle S says

    An amazing party beyond all reason for your guests! I love the 12 month photo montage! I’m glad there’s a variety of party supplies that fit your need in one place.

  13. Bailey Moomaw says

    So cute! I especially love the buttons on the little boxes. My son will be one in two months, so I need to get into party-planning mode.

  14. JennyA says

    What an awesome party! You are so creative and really have a way with decorations! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Amy Alvarado says

    This is the perfect 1st Birthday theme! We usually take our kids to Disneyland when they are 1, so this would have been an awesome idea! Good thing I have a new nephew. I see doing a this theme for his upcoming birthday! Thanks!!

  16. oH my gosh, he is just so cute and you did an amazing job on his birthday cake, love it!

  17. Deborah Torr says

    Disney is a perfect birthday theme, I did a princess party for my daughter, it was a hit!

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