We’re Rear Facing Longer with the Advocate 70-G3 from Britax {Review}


When my first two babies approached their first birthday’s that also meant it was time in the past for us to lose the infant carrier because we were now able to turn our babies around so they could forward face in their car seats. I’ve always looked forward to it. However, in the last few years there have been new studies out there to show that extended rear facing is actually safer. When it comes to my baby I always want what’s safest so we’re taking the new recommendations and we’re going to continue rear facing Sawyer until his 2nd birthday or maybe even longer if he’s still comfortable in his seat.


Our infant carrier could actually accommodate the new weight and time frame differences but I was getting really frustrated with it. It wasn’t that easy to get him in and out of with the bar always there and I found I was taking out the entire seat and carrying him that way all the time and man, he’s heavy! I needed to find a good seat that could still rear face and let me put him in and take him out easily. I turned to Britax because it’s a brand I have come to love and trust through the years and I know they always put my babies safety first!

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 7

We were sent the Advocate 70-G3 which is a big seat. There’s no denying it. The seat itself weighs 21 lbs and has the measurements of 22W x 26H x 21D. So make sure if you are placing multiple seats in your back seat that there will be room. If you can accommodate the measurements then don’t let the size scare you. Chances are once your seat is properly installed you won’t be taking it in and out like you did your infant carrier so you won’t be walking around with it. It’s a beauty isn’t it?

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 1

Product Features

HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning while SafeCells compress to manage energy and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash, reducing the risk of head injury

EZ-Buckle System retains the harness buckle in a forward position and prevents the child from sitting on the buckle when boarding

  • True Side Impact Protection is deep side walls with energy-absorbing EPP foam along with a head restraint which offers a double layer of EPP foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them “in true” or aligned

  • Base with SafeCell Technology features SafeCells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat

  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash

  • Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat

  • Side Impact Cushion Technology features energy-absorbing cushions on the exterior of the child seat to reduce side impact crash energy by 45% by diverting crash forces away from your child and providing extra protection for the adjacent passenger

  • Click & Safe® Snug Harness Indicator is an audible aid that provides extra assurance when the harness is within range of appropriate snugness

  • Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit

  • 70-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort as your child grows

  • Rear and Forward Facing Recline for child comfort and positioning

  • High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion your child

  • Plush, Easy-Remove Cover with matching comfort pads and infant body pillow to provide extra comfort and easy cleaning without disassembling or uninstalling the child seat

  • Two Buckle Positions offer a snug and secure fit for your growing child

  • Infant Positioning Insert may be necessary for small infants to achieve a snug fit of the harness around your child (sold separately)

  • Quick-Adjust, No-Rethread Harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps

  • Premium Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release

  • Built-in Lock-Offs ensure a snug lap and shoulder belt installation with minimal effort

  • Anti-Slip, Contoured Base grips and protects the vehicle seat while offering optimum vehicle fit

  • Harness Holders keep harness straps pulled to the sides when placing your child in the car seat

  • Certified for Aircraft Travel

  • Made in the USA with global components

  • MSRP (USD) $379.99

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 2

Before we got started we wanted to take the time outside with room to make sure we had our seat properly fitted to Sawyer. He wasn’t so thrilled about this. You can see here that he has room to grow and room to sit comfortably. Remember when buckling your child in the chest clips should always be where your childs armpit is. When fit to your child there should be no wiggle room and you shouldn’t be able to pinch any of the belt. I always make sure I can’t put more then three fingers between him and the straps.

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 3

To tighten and loosen the seat is super easy. The harness should have a comfortable but snug fit around the child. A snug strap should not allow any slack. It lies in a relatively straight line without sagging. It does not press on the child’s flesh or push the child’s body into an unnatural position. You should not be able to pinch excess. The Click & Safe™ indicator will click when the harness is within the range of appropriate snugness. I love that they do this now because it’s so easy to make sure your child always has the proper fit. Since it’s located at the bottom front of the seat it’s always accessible too!

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 4

We installed the car seat forward facing first just so we could see how it worked. We were surprised to see that it slightly hung over the seat bottom and wasn’t up against the seat completely. This is normal. When you look in the manual you’ll see this is okay.

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 9

We then installed it rear facing. It was super simple as we were able to install it fast with their LATCH system. I love this process from the old process because I was never confident in installing my seats before but now I know and I’m confident in the fact I can do it without getting help from someone else. We all know there are times we end up alone and have to be able to do it ourselves.

There is a line on the seat too to make sure you have it at the right angle. Not all seats will allow you to do it without the use of a towel or pool noodle and our Town & Country was one of them. See how my blue line is now level. My husband went as far to actually grab a level and ensure it.

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 6

We were really impressed with all that went into this seat. I know those Integrated Steel Bars are going to protect my child alone with all the other safety features mentioned above. I also know that this seat will last us years as it also has many features to accommodate a growing child and is also one of the only car seats that can fit a child up to 70 pounds in the forward facing position.

As you can see even Sawyer realized this seat was a good thing and loves his new seat! I love seeing all that protection around his head with the deep side walls from the True Side Impact Protection. I may not be able to see him from the drivers seat still but I can drive with peace of mind knowing that my precious cargo is as safe as he can be.

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 5

Did I mention I trust ALL my precious cargo to Britax as my almost 7 year old has been rocking the Parkway SGL! You can read my review of this seat here. He’s been using it for over a year and WE love it!

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted 8

The Britax Advocate 70-G3 is available in five fabric options. We went with the Onyx print.

Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted fabric options


Britax Advocate 70-G3 #momspotted

Contest ends 4.25.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here. I received a product in order to conduct my review.


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  223. rachel s. says

    This would be perfect for our 8 month old daughter! She is well over 20 pounds and is almost too long to fit comfortably in our infant seat. She is ready for a convertable seat 🙂

  224. Tina says

    I like the Highway 65 too

  225. J greer says

    I am also considering all of the other Britax models.

  226. Richelle says

    The Frontier 90 would be awesome for my son.

  227. teresa herrera-honores says

    their new frontier 90!!

  228. Amanda Stauffer says

    I’m considering getting the advocate 70-g3 but I also like the boulevard.

  229. Kari says

    This would be great for our little guy!

  230. stephanie hodges says

    The The Marathon and I like The frontier 90

  231. Karina Lee says

    Marathon 70-3G

  232. April says

    The Frontier 90. I like that it will last longer and I can pass this one down to the second baby.

  233. Danielle F says

    I also like the FRONTIER 85 SICT

  234. clarissa says

    the Chaperone

  235. Eileen L says

    Britax Marathon 70 G3

  236. Lien says

    I need the Frontier for my soon to be 6 years old.

  237. I love the Marathon seat

  238. Jennifer C says

    Wow the Congo 90 red one looks amazing…..that is what I would buy (if I had the moolah!)

  239. Jennifer T. says

    The Boulevard 70-G3 would be great for my little guy.

  240. Jodi J says

    I love the Boulevard, too!!!

  241. Laila says

    This one looks great!

  242. Molly Bussler says

    I also love the ROUNDABOUT 55

  243. Addison Kat says

    The Boulevard 70-G3 would also be a good fit for my daughter

  244. We have Britax marathon for our daughter and need a convertible for #2.

  245. Nicole Vosburgh says

    The Marathon 70-G3 would also be great for my son!

  246. kim c says

    BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seat

  247. Dawn says

    Love the first little guy’s face — exactly what my angel looks like when we secure him in his car seat (totally *not* happy about it). We love the Britax brand – they are just easier to use and safer than what we’ve used in the past. As our little one grows, we’ll be looking into the new seats. 🙂

  248. Jillian S says

    I love the Britax Marathon 70-G3 also

  249. Sarah says

    I would love love love an Advocate 70-G3 for my son!

  250. Heather Robinson says

    The Highway 65

  251. Rachel Travis says

    I like the Britax Frontier

  252. PINNACLE 90

  253. Ellie W says

    The PARKWAY SG would be great for my bigger boy.

    • Julie Stevens says

      Entering toe win one of these AWESOME car seats for my grand babies! Three new babies in one year! HELP! PICK MY ENTRY AS THE WINNER, PLEASE! 🙂

  254. Lisa P says

    Pinnacle 90…very excited for it to be released!

  255. Jenny D says

    The Frontier 85 would be great for my 9 year old who is still in a 5 pt harness

  256. Sandee Hill says

    I’d love the advocate to get my 7 mo out of the bucket that he hates so much.

  257. Erin R. says

    I think the Advocate 70-G3 would also be a great fit for my kids

  258. Virginia Rowell says

    I also like the HIGHWAY 65.

  259. kimberly pugliese says

    the pinnacle 90!!

  260. Rachel says

    I’d also love to have the marathon.

  261. Katy P says

    I like the Boulevard 70-3G

  262. tamar says

    I love the Britax Marathon 70

  263. Debra s. says

    I need another of theirs, a “Parkway” booster…gosh some of the kids are getting HUGE…

  264. bonnye sensenig says

    I would love to have the FRONTIER 90

  265. Robert says

    BOB B Safe

  266. Karen Gonyea says

    The Pinnacle 90 would be wonderful 🙂

  267. Jamie says

    I’d also love the PAVILION 70-G3.

  268. Tarah says

    I love the Pinnacle 90 for our older son.

  269. Peppin says

    I also like the Frontier 85 SICT seat.

  270. Moises Campos says

    The Frontier 85.

  271. Tina M says

    The Frontier 85.

  272. Kalani says

    I think the Frontier would be cool for my big kid.
    inalak at msn dot com

  273. mary renshaw says

    I LOVE the frontier 90

  274. Nichole Miller Shamblin says

    The forntier 90 would be perfect for my 5 yr old!

  275. Christina Brundick says

    Boulevard 70-G3 looks like a good fit as well

  276. Angela Yeremenko says

    I like the Britax Boulevard.

  277. carol says

    I’m in love with the Frontier 85 sict seat, my daughter in law is pregnant, I sooo would love to win!

  278. Keara B. says

    I think the Frontier 85 SICT would be great for my toddler!

  279. Miranda Mora says

    I love the BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seat by BRITAX

  280. Mary Casper says

    the advocat70 3G


  281. Jenilee says

    BOB B Safe

  282. polly says

    i would like the chaperone car seat for our grandson due in june

  283. monique says

    I like the Britax Boulevard

  284. Kelly Lebo says

    love the boulevard,

  285. Kristine Laird says

    I like the Boulevard, my sister in law has one, and it’s less bulky than the Advocate…but I can honestly say I’d be thrilled to have one of these super safe seats!

  286. Danielle says

    Highway 65 is the one I would choose.

  287. Melissa says

    i need a car seat soon

  288. Jenny Lloyd says

    the new frontier 90 would be perfect for my 2 oldest boys

  289. Kandice says

    would love a Advocate 70 for my little guy

  290. Amanda says

    I like the frontier since my 4 year old is starting to grow out of her boulevard. My two year old is in an advocate and we have a new one on the way and would love a seat that could grow with the baby from rear facing to forward facing.

  291. Kalyn says

    so many products out there, sometimes it it hard to find out what is the best and safest for our kids. Thank you for the review this looks like it is a great seat for our munchkin

  292. Aura says


  293. Aura says

    the fronteir 90 looks amazing with such easy installlation

  294. WeeMason's Mom says

    We already own a Marathon 70 and love it. Looking at some less expensive options for the grandparents though, such as the Highway.

  295. Brittany S. says

    We love the Chaperone and Frontier 🙂

  296. Robyn Galloway says

    The britax B-safe would be perfect for my newborn

  297. MicheleH says

    Britax Frontier

  298. Audra Weathers says

    I also like their Pavilion 70-G3 with the true side impact protection.

  299. Sandra says

    We have the Roundabout 55 which is great for a smaller car space.

  300. I think the Pavillion 70-G3 would also provide great protection and comfort for my daughter.

  301. Leslie B says

    The B-Safe car seat would be a great start for us!

  302. christine k. says

    MARATHON 70-G3 would work great for us

  303. Stephanie Larison says

    I like the PINNACLE 90

  304. Lilia Kharabora says

    Def like the Marathon 70-G3 a friend of mine has three for her three boys 😛

  305. Jen says
  306. Nicole Mortensen says

    I like the Boulevard, it has all of the safety of the marathon but with extra head protection. The advocate looks really safe, but I don’t know very much about it, and I don’t know of anybody who has used one so I really can’t say much about it.


  308. Marla says

    The Highway 65 would work well for my son!

  309. Pavillion 70-G3

  310. Michelle Hudak says

    I like the Marathon Classic

  311. Liz says

    We’re just about ready to move the youngest up to the Frontier! Love Britax!

  312. Jessica Snow says

    I love the B-Safe.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  313. courtney hennagir says

    i like the marathon 70-g3 in azalea also!

  314. Alaine says

    Marathon 70g3!

  315. Beth R says

    I would love the Pavillion 70-G3

  316. Sarah says

    The chaperone would also be a good seat for our daughter.

  317. Kelly D says

    The PINNACLE 90 would work for my kids too

  318. ToniC says

    love the 70 lb weight limit

  319. Joy says

    I could use this car seat for my son.

  320. Sara Blose says

    I like the Marathon Classic model

  321. I like the frontier 90!

  322. Kristy Thiel says

    I also like the Roundabout model!

  323. Keyla says

    Love what I’ve read about these seats…. We are in search of a new seat for kiddo number three

  324. Kristi C says

    I like the Frontier 90.

  325. Louis says

    I love the Frontier 90

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  326. WANDA says

    I would LOVE to win this so I could bless a family from my church with it! :O) If I win, you could also notify, my friend, Marla Ross-Schad.

  327. Nicole T says

    I would love this for my son!

  328. Tember says

    The boulevard would be great!

  329. Tember says

    It is reversable…love that

  330. Rachel Marquardt says

    I like the advocate 70 G3 in Onyx.
    I also love the frontier booster seat with the back for the future!

  331. holly says

    i also like the BOULEVARD 70-G3

  332. Mandy says

    The Marathone 70-G3

  333. BlessedCP says

    I like the Parkway SGL. Looks comfortable for older kids.

  334. clare wallace says

    the britax one would be perfect, otherwise, any of them would do just fine

  335. George Shoultes, III says

    Frontier 90 (red) tottaly futuristic looking

  336. I like the Frontier seat.

  337. Jameelah Frazier says

    Getting in a car with a new baby seems like a frightening thing, but this car seat is amazing. I would definitely feel safe putting my little one in it and hitting the road. It would be a great win for both me and my baby

  338. Jess says

    the parkway sg!

  339. Vivian Sun says


  340. Lindsay T. says

    LOVE Britax! My son has the Boulevard in Cowmooflage, and we love it!

  341. Eric M. says

    Advocate 70-G3

  342. lisa kay says

    The BOULEVARD 70-G3

  343. Carol says

    I like the Pavillion 70-G3.

  344. Megan Sutliff says

    The B-Ready Stroller would be awesome!

  345. Rebecca Orr says

    I like the Parkway SGL for my older son. Thanks for the chance.

  346. Leslie G says

    Love the Frontier 90

  347. I want the Britax BSAFE for our new little bundle to go with our Britax BAgile stroller

  348. Heather says

    I want to get the Britax Frontier 85 for my almost eight year old.

  349. Kellina H says

    I love Britax car-seats and strollers! Such high quality! We would love to win this!

  350. Kate says

    the Roundabout or Marathon would be great!

  351. Nicky K-B says

    The Frontier 85 would also be a good fit for my son.

  352. Stacey says

    We love our Britax B Safe and our B Agile stroller. Still trying to decide on the big girl car seat!

  353. amanda tate says

    frontier 85 and roundabout!

  354. Rachel says

    This seat would be perfect for my 9 month old daughter!

  355. Blessie Nelson says

    I like the B-SAFE

  356. Erin McAllister-Pyle says

    The Frontier 85 would also fit my son perfectly! Or one of the new Frontiers. They look very safe!

  357. Danielle B says

    The Bob-B Safe one!

  358. nicole says


  359. Tamara R. says

    The Britax Frontier 85 would be great.

  360. Kyl Neusch says

    Pavillion 70-G3

  361. I like the frontier 90 thanks for the chance

  362. Melissa says

    I like the Marathon Classic

  363. katherine d says


  364. Jen H says

    the versatility of the frontier

  365. Racquel S says

    The Parkway SG

  366. mel says

    Frontier 90

  367. jennie pace says

    Love, love, love these car seats! Super easy install and so Safe!

  368. jennie pace says

    Love this one! Would also love a frontier or pavilion!

  369. christine jessamine says

    I would love a frontier 90!

  370. Sara Blose says

    I like the roundabout 55

  371. pinky sade says

    the pavilion 70 g3

  372. Crystal W says

    I like the BOULEVARD 70-G3

  373. Ani says

    I also like the Frontier 85 SICT.

  374. Shannon says

    We like the Boulevard 70-G3

  375. Gianna says

    The Chaperone.

  376. Gianna says

    #385 on mommy mandy.

  377. Laura says

    The advocate 70-G3 on the far right (colored seat) is SO CUTE!!!

  378. Chelsea LaMarche says

    Have a Boulevard and love it. Would love a Frontier too!

  379. mickeyfan says

    The Highway 65 would also be good for us.

  380. Heather S says

    parkway sg

  381. Courtney Little says

    I like the Bob B-Safe car seat

  382. Priscilla Benavides says

    I think the ROUNDABOUT 50 Classic should do it!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  383. Jeni Herrera says

    I like the Air Ride 65

  384. My daughter is too old for any of these, but I’d love to have the Combination Harness-2-Booster in my car for my grandson and nieces.

  385. kim johnson says

    the PAVILION 70-G3

  386. Kari says

    I would LOVE to have the Advocate in Onyx! I need this SO badly! I LOVE all of the great safety features. I love the big size, because it is so safe! I like that it has the quick adjust harness.It looks super cozy and comfy! I love this seat!

  387. Jeanine says

    I like the BOULEVARD 70-G3

  388. Conor S. says

    I’m a fan of the Bob B-Safe car seat!

  389. Joyce Harrell says

    Bob B Safe car seat looks great

  390. Thomas Chappell says

    The Marathon Classic would be perfect for us

  391. Kerry G. says


  392. Daniel M says

    Marathon Classic looks good too

  393. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  394. Becky says

    Marathon is my top choice, we’ll probably go with a costco one based on price though

  395. Amanda says

    I like the Pinnacle 90

  396. I’d love the Parkway SG for one of the twins’ big sisters!

  397. Katie says

    I really want the Frontier 90!

  398. kmh says

    We love britax!

  399. Sili says

    We have the frontier and I love it.

  400. Adrienne Bireley says

    I think the Air Ride 55 would be a good fit for my kid.

  401. Rebecca Peters says

    I also like the boulevard

  402. Kari Flores says

    I like the MARATHON 70-G3.

  403. shawna says

    I like the Marathon Classic

  404. Claire S says

    I want one for my baby!!

  405. Megan C says

    Love this and the Chaperone. We are just now needing to consider convertible car seat options for my youngest, this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  406. Gaye M says

    The BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seat looks excellent too.

  407. jeanne conner says


  408. Tabathia B says

    I like the PINNACLE 90

  409. Brittney House says

    Marathon Classic

  410. Julie Foster says

    I would love to win for our expected baby!!!

  411. Julia Goldberg says

    I would love to have the PINNACLE 90, one of my little guys is almost ready for a booster

  412. Deb K says

    I like the Marathon Classic

  413. Jill L says

    The PINNACLE 90 would be great for my toddler.

  414. S Carter says

    I like the PINNACLE 90

  415. Jeni Lutz says


  416. Sandee Hill says

    The Marathon 70-G3 looks like it’d work well for us as well!

  417. Rachel Ellis says

    I think the Roundabout 55 would work well for us.

  418. Misha Lynn Estrada says

    I like the Frontier 85.

  419. Beth says

    The Marathon Classic

  420. Sherry Conrad says


  421. susan smoaks says

    the B Safe would be good for our daughter

  422. I also like the Frontier 90.

  423. Carolyn says

    I like the Chaperone

  424. Nicole L. says

    I would love to get the Boulevard 70-G3. My smallest is about to outgrow her infant seat so it’s time to move on.

  425. Emily Vergara says

    We have one of these and need another. I really feel he is safe in it!

  426. Dawn Monroe says

    I like the B- Agile stroller in red. Allof the Britax products have great safety features.

  427. I would love this for my grandson. My daughter would do well with the FRONTIER 90 as she is getting older.

  428. Katrina S. says

    The Boulevard would also be a great fit for both of my kids.

  429. jodi a says

    Frontier 90 congo

  430. Rosey says

    I like the Frontier 85 for my 5-yr old.

  431. Anna Soto says

    I love my Orbit Baby for my 5 month old but she will soon grow out of it and I will need a toddler car seat! I would love this amazing Britax!

  432. Anna Soto says

    I love my Orbit baby infant car seat but, I will need a toddler car seat soon so this britax would be perfect!!:-)

  433. Jennifer Knauss says

    We had the Britax Roundabout for my son and loved it. For my daughter I would love a Britax but would go with a higher weight limit this time. The Advocate would be great! I guess the Chicco Next Fit would be a good fit too. But I’m a Britax Mom!

  434. Anna Soto says

    I love my orbit baby infant car seat but this Britax would be perfect for when my 5 month old outgrows it soon!!!

  435. Melanie Montgomery says

    the roundabout classic

  436. Summer says

    I like the PAVILION 70-G3 for when my son gets older.

  437. Breanne says


  438. Rebecca Parsons says

    I like the B-Agile Stoller, its so sport looking.

  439. JohnJohn's Dad says

    Just so you know, Britax issued a recall regarding the HUGs pads for various models – http://www.britaxusa.com/uploads/advisory/notice/28-0ea.pdf

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