Fun Chocolate Covered Brownie Lollipops!

Now that I have all my cool new products from my recent trip to The Wilton Sale in Chicago I was ready to play. Having two picnics in one day was the perfect excuse to make a fun treat. I didn’t want a lot of clean up and I wanted something that I could flip from kid central to family friendly and I think I found the perfect mix.

Here is all the brownie goodies I grabbed at the tent sale.

I had actually been on the hunt for the Brownie Combo Cutter – Minis for awhile but my local stores had been out for awhile so when I saw it at the tent sale I snatched it and the others like it right up.

You’ll want to make your brownies and flip them out onto a cutting board.

I really like that there is no waste when you’re done. I made four separate batches so I learned you have to do it this way. Using it vertically will cause more waste.

I laid them out on baking sheets lined with parchment paper.

I grabbed some lollipop sticks I had handy. I wish I grabbed more of these at the sale!

Insert the sticks in the long way. Be careful doing so because if not you could split the brownie. You can dip the stick in melted chocolate first too for added stability.

I melted Chocolate Mint Candy Melts® which you can’t tell is Mint until you bite in. This is also a chance because if people don’t like mint they won’t like the candy. If they do they’ll LOVE these.

Melted the chocolates in my Wilton Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate Melter. I’m still trying to figure out this melter. I can’t seem to get it liquid smooth like I see my other Wilton Moms do. I either burn it by leaving it on melt to long or try and warm it too soon.

So I simply used a toddler spoon that Gavin used to use and covered the top.

For the kids option I took fun rainbow sprinkles.

For the adults I sprinkled the Brownie Crunch – Cookies & Cream (which is awesome!) on top. I wish I grabbed more then one of these when I got them!

These were a huge hit at both picnics. They didn’t require a lot of prep work or clean up and best part was they were really inexpensive to make.


  1. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama says

    Are you adding a bit of crisco or canola oil to your chocolate? That gives it a smooth finish.

    Looks yummy! Great idea to put them on a stick.

    • Jennifer says

      NO! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Deanna U says

    Jen, how many of these are you prepared to send over to my house?!?! LOL They do look yummy!

  3. Gena says

    YUMMY! Only thing that could make them better, is ME eating them!

  4. Kayla says

    Mmmmmm…..Are there any left for me!?!? LOL
    Chocolate on a stick-Just another way chocolate can be enjoyed 🙂

  5. Those would be really good at a fair, and deep fried. YUM!

  6. Tired Mom Tésa says

    Those just keep getting better! First the brownies looked delicious and then you covered them in chocolate and then you put fun sprinkles on them and then you eat them like a lollipop! My kids would love this!

  7. won says

    I literally (and out loud) exclaimed “Get out” while reading this!

    This recipe is soo me! And I suppose even without the fancy cutter we could just do it by hand. This one is on my to-do list for sure.

  8. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Tiff @ Babes and Kids says

    If I made those, I wouldn’t be able to stop eating. YUM.

  10. Melissa Barnes says

    oh wow these look so great! Looks like they were fun to make and scrumptious to eat.
    I think i might steal your idea and make some “firecracker” looking brownies on a stick for our 4th of July celebrations
    thanks for the idea!

    • Jennifer says

      What a great idea!!! You could use pretzels sticks too

  11. This would be a great treat to bring the the 4th of july party I am going to.. glad I found it!!!

  12. wow those look really good!

  13. Tonya Hopkins says

    These look good! I will have to make them for my 5 year old

  14. Donna D says

    These do look yummy! with 11 grandkids!!! plus all our (grown up kids) lol these would come in real handy at a family get together.. I think I’ll try to find some of the brownie combo cutters and give them a try.
    Hope mine look as good as yours do!

  15. courtney says

    that looks so good! I’ve never seen anything like this before:) i’m gonna try it, thanks!

  16. Those look delicious. They even look easy enough for me to make.

  17. Pauline says

    I am definitely trying this for my kids – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

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