Wilton Tent Sale Photos and Walk Through!

Last year I told you all about my Wilton Tent Sale Experience from start to finish but from google searches and emails it was very clear you guys wanted to see inside that tent. Now, this tent is massive and my pictures don’t do it any justice but I took so many great shots for you!

It has started and so you know when you can go these are the hours. But be warmed people line up. It’s crazy!

Once again Wilton was more then generous. They gave us a $150 gift certificate to use while shopping. We also went on friends & family day and received the Wilton discount. This year they even topped it off by sneaking us in the back and letting us be the very first ones to shop in those isles. Talk about making a girl feel special!

One of the main questions people wanted were the prices. Here is one set of tickets. Everything has a price which is nice. Everything is around 50% or more of it’s original price from what I could see.

I forgot to get a shot from the front and by the time I remembered the isles were flooded with people so I took this from the back. As you can see this tent sale is HUGE.

Of course there is so much around cakes. It is Wilton after all. From this shot you can see a long row of character pans, shaped pans, etc. In the row behind you can see all their pans like cake pans, cookie sheets, pizza pans, etc.

Of course they have tons of the professional shaped cakes too.

And don’t forget the cake boards. I use these for crafts too!
This one lets you see how fun it was to go through empty!!!

Need a book? I LOVE these books. They are so much fun to go through.

Did you know you’ll find lots of scrapbooking fun here too? Here are a bunch of different punches! Of course I actually bought one of each of these.

They even have fun stuff like Jolee’s Rhinestones.

Don’t forget the embellishments, watermarks, pens, tools, and more!

And the stickers. So.many.stickers.

Of course this is the only time shopping is stop and take a photo worthy. And of course compare shopping carts. Here is Jenn from Mama D & The Boyz.

Plus, you must grab a few Copco cups for home. I wasn’t big on reusable cups until I used theirs. They work perfectly for me. I bought four more here!

Check out runs really smooth and fast too considering how big some people’s loads are! Here you can actually see Jenn again and Emily from Baby Loving Mama!

Speaking of checking out. Here’s what my cart looked at the end.

It doesn’t look so bad on the tables.

Well, it didn’t.

That wasn’t what I paid but the total before all the discounts. Phew! Crazy though! I could actually stand on my receipt and hold it it was so long!

So if you’re planning on attending, what are you waiting for? There is only so much until it starts to run out. The sooner you can get there, the better! I hope you found my more indepth post helpful!

Of course if you can’t make it you can always check out Wilton.com for all your shopping needs.


  1. Jenny says

    That looks like so much fun! The only problem is, it’s over 5 hours away! I’ve been wanting to go to Chicago. Maybe I can talk Dave into us going sooner rather than later. LOL!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for documenting that as I had no idea what this ‘Wilton tent sale’ thing was all about.

  3. Christine M says

    Ohh man I would love to go there! I’m a huge baker and can see myself buying a ridiculous amount of stuff. And I love the receipt shot!

  4. trishden says

    Wow, it looked like fun. I would have loved to have gone, but it’s a little too far for me. Thanks for the great shots.

  5. Karen Propes says

    Wow, guess that’s the only word to come near what an experience like that would be. Your pictures were awesome. I would love to go, but NC is a little far away, but what are the dates and can any person go and shop?
    I know it made it a little easier becauae Wilton is so organized. If my husband was working , I could swing it, but things are as they are. I’ll be patient and wait for giiveaways (LOL).. Again thanks for your wonderful summary and pictures to make us feel like we were there.

  6. Lori B says

    Wow just WOW! I would have loved that!!

  7. Jennifer Clay says

    what was the total after discounts?

    • Jennifer says

      That is between me & Wilton haha

  8. Kayla says

    All I can say is…..W.O.W! Seriously, just wow. I never really understood how MASSIVE that tent was! Now I have an inkling of an idea. LOL

  9. Wow, that is quite the shopping experience! You got a ton of stuff. I could spend all day in there. Were you able to browse around and have plenty of time to shop, or were you on a shopping deadline?

  10. I would DIE with all those stickers. LOVE.

  11. boopy1226 says

    Last year was my first. It was an exprience. I almot forgot about it ( they didn’t send me a notification}. I am going on Monday,. Hopefully, it will cool down! One question, where did you get the coupons and discounts?

    • Jennifer says

      I am a Mom Ambassador of Wilton so I get to visit several times a year with them. This is a treat to us they have been generous to give to the five ambassadors who attended.

  12. won says

    What’s the phrase about a kid in a candy store? That is so what this reminded of!

  13. Patty says

    How did you receive the $150 gift certificate?

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