Couponing: Get Your Coupons In Order!

I’ve been talking a lot on facebook about couponing and saving money. Now that I’m not working our budget is very limited and I need to try and save money for our family where ever I can. I’ve been talking a lot about getting my coupons together and putting a binder together. I have tons of coupons and keeping them organized in order to match them up to the weekly sales fliers is key.

First I cut all my coupons. I don’t really have a system other them cut them all at once. However as I cut them I sort them into two piles: Food and Non-Food.

From there I have a bunch of different quart sized baggies that zipper closed. I also got the ones that you can write on (walmart brand) so that I could write each coupon category on it. At first it takes a bit but it moves fast. I do just foods first and then all the non-foods. Just lay them out and then sort coupons on top. When your done sorting you can put them and and close the baggie.

I have quite a few different categories as you can see.

Then I pack up all the baggies and put them into freezer sized bags.

I haven’t managed to get all my coupons into my binder. It is quite the time consuming task but this has definitely helped me get them in order, takes minimal time, and lets me find each category I need quickly.

If you’d like to see or ask anything for a future couponing post just ask 🙂


  1. cher says

    I think I like this better than the binder system which I haven’t been able to do either.

  2. Heather says

    What a great idea! I have 2 small “check” accordian files that I use. Food and non-food. Let me ask you though, how do you put them in your binder this way? I gave up on the binder because the baseball card system took WAY longer than I was willing to spend. Thanks!!

    • Jennifer says

      So far the ones in the bags haven’t made it into the binder. It seems like such a process to me and I’m struggling getting them from here to the binder. This at least lets me go through all the fliers quickly and easily. I generally have them sprawled out one group on each side of me and the fliers in front of me. I then have a section in my binder for each individual store. That section I always keep up to date and it REALLY helps.

  3. Jessyca says

    Thanks for sharing. I do the binder system. and wow it took me forever to get it all completed.. jeez that was some work. but I can say that I absolutely love it, once you get all the coupons put in it, its so nice to be at the store and just flip thru to find what u are looking for. Ive gotten so many great comments from other shoppers. (and yes some think I am nuts too, but thats okay..)

    • Jennifer says

      I have to be honest. Even with what I have together I’ve been too embarrassed to walk into the stores with my binder lol

      • Dixie says

        I just think it is smart and no need to be embarrassed at all. Be proud to be so smart is my new at this motto.

  4. S Lee says

    Wow, that’s a lot of savings there. This is great. I usually sort them into categories like breakfast stuff, canned goods, cereals, cleaning suppies, condiments, dairy, dessert, meat and main stuff, paper, toiletries, and alphabetize them within the categories. For me it is easier to find. It does take a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

  5. Jenny says

    I do the binder system too and I always get compliments. The one thing I haven’t figured it is what to do with multiples. Like last week, I bought 4 papers. Well, 4 like coupons won’t stuff into a baseball card slot very well!

    • Jennifer says

      Fold them in half so just the pic and exp show 🙂

  6. This is quite a interesting way to sort them. I have not seen this anywhere before. I like it though! I use a binder for mine. And believe me, I have no problem taking with me in the store, lol. But then the stores we shop out know us for our coupons!!

  7. Betty says

    I started out doing my coupons in the ziploc baggies.I have had so many different coupon boxes.I now have my binder and I love it!!! yes,it does take some time to put it together,but once you have it together,it is so easy to get your coupons put away each week.I clip all the coupons for the week,and while I’m watching tv or my kids are playing wii,I sit down and put my coupons in my binder.The best way to organize your coupons is try many methods and see what works for you.Not everyone can use the same way.I take my binder in every store I shop at.I do not care who looks at me or says what.I know when I walk out of the store I will have saved a lot with my coupons!!!! many store I shop at know me as the coupon lady.they love to see how packed my binder is.and how much I can save each trip!!!

  8. This is a pretty neat system! I need to start organizing mine somehow, but I like this idea.

  9. Karen says

    I like your idea! I am just getting into really couponing. I always try to save money, but I am putting more of an effort into it now. I have a huge binder with tons of restaurants with menu’s and nutrition guides, mainly because our oldest has severe food allergies and instead of searching we have it right in front of us when traveling. I need to devote a large binder like that to my coupons, too. Great ideas and thanks so much for sharing!

  10. JenF says

    I use a coupon map mat to organize my coupons as I clip. It’s a big piece of leftover packing paper with squares drawn on it. Each square corresponds to a category in my binder and I place the coupons on their squares as I cut. When the cutting is done I just slip the coupons in their slots in the binder.
    No problems with multiples either; I can usually fit 4 coupons in one card slot.

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