KiddyUp: The shop for way out west! Kids clothing AND Giveaway!

Kiddy Up specializes in custom made clothing for children from infant to size 7. You can find her great children’s clothing in stores from LA, IN, to TX! Want to know more?


Boys Monster Shirt

Isn’t that the perfect shirt for your little monster? That’s what I thought too when I saw this shirt! Your little monster not so little? Don’t worry she makes T-shirts too!
Actually she makes far more then just shirts! She makes bags, blankets, travel set, clothing, and so much more!

Hello Minnie Mouse Lounge Set

She also makes custom requests! Do you have a themed birthday coming up and can’t find that character on an outfit you like? Let her know she can make an adorable outfit that’s sure to be a hit at your next event!

New Square neck dress

Who are you?
I am Anedra Selley (mother of three and full time preschool teacher) who originally opened my store and then teamed up with Kesha Martell another mom of one and one on the way. My kids are Bailey 11, Ethan 7, and Sierra 2


How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing for well about 16 years I guess, I stared in Home EC in high school and have always loved crafts, so when I got with my husband 10 years ago I bought my own sewing machine and started sewing and teaching myself. I owned a children’s store for a couple of years and put a lot of my items in there that was about 6 years ago and that is when I started Kiddy Up. Well, another child later and she had a ton of medical problems and ended up having open heart surgery when she was 8 months old and we found out she had di-george syndrome. I heard about Etsy and went from there. I was staying at home and needed something to do. Well then I went back to work and I work with kids similar to mine with disabilities and needed the insurance of course. She goes to respite which just happens to be my partner in sewing. I have summers and lots of holidays off which is great.


Where can we find you other then Etsy?
I am on facebook and twitter but haven’t put much time into twitter because I would rather be sewing. Twitter: we are under Kiddyup and Facebook I am under my name. I love creating and sewing and I have my main model as my daughter and she loves it. I make all her bows to match her outfits as well!

Ruff Ruff Executive Tie shirt

My little man was lucky enough to test out one of her shirt! We picked the little Ruff Ruff Executive Tie Shirt! Doesn’t it rock? And yes, my boy is in the “really big smile is my best smile” phase! Don’t mind the boo boo’s on his nose! The shirt came nicely packaged and the work is great quality. I washed it and it became even softer. Since it was 100% cotton I went with one size larger. But it didn’t really shrink much anyways!
Want one of your own custom made shirts? Kiddy Up has graciously offered up one of her age or initial shirts custom made just for your little boy or girl! Great for your child’s next birthday party or add their initial for a custom signature piece in her closet!


***Will Ship Worldwide***

If you would like to be considered for an upcoming feature/review please contact me by email which you can find in my profile. PR Friendly. Thanks!




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    LOVE this shop!!! My fifith baby is turning one soon..I have always thought that if I was a good mom I’d have a t-shirt with a 1 on it for him to wear that day. Never have. Maybe now is the time!!

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    WOW…there are so many great items…but the one that really suits my 4year old is the executive t/shirts..he loves wearing shirts and looking smooth…one of these would just be great for him…

  67. Anonymous says

    WOW…there are so many great items…but the one that really suits my 4year old is the executive t/shirts..he loves wearing shirts and looking smooth…one of these would just be great for him…

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    Lovely shop!

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