Kokopax – Blakely Ring Totes – Every day. Everywhere. Review!

Kokopax was founded in 2004 when Sarah Spoor & her husband With four small children they began to use a vintage baby carrier that became vital to their everyday use but quickly realized that it was anything close to attractive. When Sarah went on a family vacation she came across some beautiful fabrics that later inspired Kokopax in 2007.I love how the name Kokopax came about! Here is an … [Read more...]

Child to Cherish – New Stitched Line – Review

Child to Cherish is a great online store that has the most adorable children's keepsake gifts! Perfect gifts for new babies, new mom's and shower gifts! They have handprint kits, plush, suitcases, and so much more! They recently came out with a new line of gifts called the Stitch Line. Its a collection of ceramic frames and piggy banks. They come in solid colors with painted stitches. They can … [Read more...]

Becoming Beauty the book by James Dimitri with SKINN : Tips, Tricks, and Beauty Secrets you NEED to know! Review!

Dimitri James, the creator of SKINN Cosmetics has done it again! However, this time he did it in a book! This isn't just any book either. Becoming Beauty is filled with many beauty tips, secrets, recipes, and tricks!When I first found out this book was on its way to me, thanks to Lisa at It's a Glam Thing, I was a bit nervous about knowing I would have to read a book on beauty. This book is … [Read more...]

SafetyTat : Child Safety – The Tat thats brings kids back – Temporary Tattoos for Kids {closed}

We've all been there at one point. Don't deny it. I still remember when my 8 year old was 4 and thought it would be funny to hide under a clothing spinner in a local dept. store. I had only looked away for two seconds but that's all it took! He was gone. I darted to try and find him and it made things worse because he realized I went frantically looking for him. Luckily I hadn't gone far and he … [Read more...]

PediPed Footwear for infants and toddlers – next best thing to bare feet!

Looking for a shoe for you child where quality, style and price all come together? Then you need to take a look at PediPed Shoes. At only $32-$45 a pair you can get the most adorable and functional shoes! Plus, they don't stop at the Originals Collection at 24 months, the New Flex Collection is sized to go up to age five! You no longer need to spare style for price either because these shoes … [Read more...]

Eardoc – Pain Relief and Treatment for infection, Otitis Media and Swimmers Ear – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

I wish I had known about Eardoc when my oldest was little! He had multiple ear infections sometimes multiple ear infections in the same ear all at once. We did our best to hold of on tubes because we didn't want to put him under before he was a year old...unfortunately his infections only got worse and he had tubes before he had his first birthday. We also learned several years later that he ended … [Read more...]

Funky Monkey Snack – Fruit That Crunches! Review!

Looking for a healthy snack your kids are interested in eating? Sick of the same old junk they take off to school with? You need to try some Funky Monkey Snacks! The boys & I got to try them all! Purple Funk was Gavin's favorite while Bananamon was mine! Johnny he liked them all!All four of their flavors have absolutely no added flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or added sugar! Just the … [Read more...]

frolic design : Adorable Two Peas in a Pod review with Zippered Pouch GIVEAWAY {closed}

I love finding great shops on Etsy! I also love knowing we are supporting small businesses. I stumbled across this shop recently and was excited to get to share her with you:frolic designSpring Chicken Market ToteWho are you?I am a thirty-something year old mother of one. We live in Portland, Oregon. By day, I work as an Architect and commute to work by bike year-round, rain or shine. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

BISSELL Little Green Machine Carpet Cleaner Review and Giveaway!!!

Bissell is doing everything they can to help save our planet! They are doing everything they can in their company to help! They not only produce earth friendly products but do everything they can at their company to recycle! They have policies set in place all over their company to encourage recycling. All papers, card boards, Styrofoam, etc is recycled at Bissell. They even take the waste from … [Read more...]