Shelf Reliance – Food Rotation Systems – Get your can foods organized! Review and Giveaway! {Closed}

Shelf Reliance has great options for food storage regardless if you’re looking for storage in your kitchen or in your basement. Tired of pulling out all your cans to find the one your looking for? Or how about buying things you already had just because you didn’t know it was in there?
Shelf Reliance has options for both big and small! Do you stock up on really good sales and have a basement full of can foods in disarray? Then you need Free Standing Systems! These will come in so handy and keep all your canned food organized and together in one place! They are so great at keeping it organized I would even put one of the smaller versions in my kitchen! Their Ready Racks are to die for! I love that they come with shelves!!!

Regardless of your kitchen organizational needs Shelf Reliance has an organizing system sure to fit all of your food storage needs! Plus they are adjustable, expandable, and stackable! How cool is that? So, if you get one and realize you need more just stack them on top of each other!
The Cansolidator Cupboard fit nicely in my cabinet. It can hold up to 20 cans. I slid it all the way back and it now leaves room to put a few lose things in front if I need to as well. As you can tell it makes it much more organized then the top shelf that is a mess! I’m silly and its not full because I need to have the same thing in all the rows LOL! It was a bit to put it together it does not come assembled. Hubby ended up finishing it and it took him all of 5 mins. Don’t ya hate that?
I love the ease that my son can go right in and find his SpeghettiO’s no problem if he gets hungry. I also like that it automatically pull the oldest to the front instead of when we put thin in normally the newest end up in front.
You can purchase one directly from their Shelf Reliance for $34.99 sale $28.99ch you can find in my profile. PR Friendly. Thanks!


  1. agordon10 says

    our cupboards are a mess.

  2. Lee-Ann says

    I would love to have our can goodies organized, the disorder drives me crazy!

  3. Lee-Ann says
  4. Andrea M says

    I need one because we have too many cans for our cupboard space!

    tiggeraj at yahoo dot com

  5. Andrea M says

    I follow

    tiggeraj at yahoo dot com

  6. chelsea says

    I need it because I live in a small apartment and we don’t have much in means of shelving…seriously I have cleaned out the closet that we use as a pantry and the next day my husband tells me it needs to be done again… ahhh…the pain!


  7. chelsea says

    I subscribe


  8. LoveMy2Dogs says

    I so need one of these. I do home daycare and go through lots of food seeing on how I have kiddos all three shifts. Not that they eat on third shift but they sure do eat on the other shifts. I would love to have the big one, or two.

  9. LoveMy2Dogs says

    I am follower.

  10. nfmgirl says

    I need all the help I can get in my tiny little pantry.

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  11. nfmgirl says

    I’m a follower of your blog

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  12. throuthehaze says

    i basically have no cupboard space so this would help
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  13. Cheryl says

    Organization, organization, organization

    webowes at hotmail dot com

  14. Anonymous says

    I am short and my cupboard shelves high. I really need this to help me organize and find what I need far easier than now. It’s hard to rummage through things and find what I need with different items behind others and being short complicates this more.


  15. bridget3420 says

    I need it because it would save me so much time and make my kitchen a safer place for me. I’m kind of short and I’m a total klutz so when I’m reaching and trying to find things, it usually ends in a mess. This would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.


  16. bridget3420 says

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  20. rmc1ra says

    I often buy duplicate food items because I have NO IDEA what I currently have in my cupboards. Organization is a DREAM of mine, but this could make it reality.


  21. Brian D. says

    Who doesn’t need more organization in their pantry, cabinets or fridge?

  22. mverno says

    everytime i try to find anything in the cupboard its always in the back or the last can i find.

  23. Katherine says

    I need a Shelf Reliance Consolidator because I literally have no cupboards! We recently moved into our apartment a few months ago and it happens to be half of an older home… needless to say, it has noooo shelves! I have had to be very creative to make new ways to store food but this would help greatly!!
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  24. Katherine says

    I follow your blog! (ktkatherine/fashionfrugality)
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  27. Deb says

    My kids are pretty good about opening their own cans and microwave heating, but they are terrible at organization and neatness. So the can cabinet is always a disaster. Plus, my biggest concern is that they grab whatever they find first, and that means the newest cans, instead of rotating the older cans. I don’t always have time to sort the cabinet and pull older cans to the front. So this organizer would be PERFECT for us!!They could easily see and grab whichever they want, and I know that the cans are getting rotated properly because I add new ones to the top and they move down automatically. I love this idea for soda cans in the refrigerator, and I’m glad someone realized it could work in cabinets too. Brilliant!!

  28. Alice says

    I usually buy multiples of the same thing when I go to the grocery store, so when I buy canned goods, I usually buy about 10 at a time. That is nice because I always have what I need, but it means my pantry is a huge mess. This would be a perfect way for me to keep it all organized.

    kirkandalice at gmail dot com

  29. Alice says

    I favorited you on Technorati.

    kirkandalice at gmail dot com

  30. Anonymous says

    we are fortunate to have a deep pantry, but that can be a problem in itself. i spend a lot of time moving everything just to get the things i need.

  31. Sunnyvale says

    Small kitchen, I can use any space saver, and this looks like a good one.

  32. CrazyDaisy says

    My husband and I just bought our first house the house is older and the cupboards are small and deep which makes it hard to get anything out of them.

  33. Sara and Alex says

    This is genius! My husband is so irritated with out can goods pantry because everything is stacked all over and falls down and you never know what you have or need to buy. This would be great.
    saradavis1 at gmail

  34. Sara and Alex says

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  35. Beth says

    I could really use this because we have very tiny cabinets and lots of stuff! It looks really handy!

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  39. DawnS says

    Oh my pantry is a mess and I am always knocking stuff off the shelves trying to find something that I know is in there somewhere!

  40. DawnS says

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  41. louiseb130 says

    We need some organization!

  42. Sue E says

    I could use this because my pantry is disorganized. I also buy in bulk due to the long distance we live from a major grocery store. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Tammigirl says

    I can not imagine a situation in which I wouldn’t need this in my kitchen. Maybe it is because we have 5 kids, and a puppy. Now that I think about the question. I don’t need one of these in my kitchen. I need one in my kitchen and about 10 in my store room!

  44. Tammigirl says

    You are one of my techno faves!

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  48. madly59 says

    I an=m a neat freak and love everything in its place, married to someone that could care less about pantry and can goods organized, the disorder drives me crazy!

  49. madly59 says

    I follow on twitter, and will RT contest. madly59

  50. madly59 says

    madly59Win a shelf consolidator I get your newsletter vi8a email

  51. judybrittle says

    Since my daughter and 2my 2 grandchildren moved in my cupboards are a total disaster. I need all the help I can get putting them back in order. This I believe would do the trick! Thank you!

  52. judybrittle says

    I follow on Twitter and tweeted.

  53. Anonymous says

    I need one of these!
    mlkskydive at aol dot com

  54. Carol Lawrence says

    I need the Food Rotation System because my cans are stored willy-nilly with my boxes,cartons and pouches in a too crowded cabinet sitting in my kitchen.

  55. Carol Lawrence says

    Blog follower.

  56. Pam says

    I wish I could post a picture of my pantry and then you’d KNOW why. I bet I have things in there I haven’t seen for years. This sounds great. Thanks.


  57. Naddez says

    Because I would love to organize my can goods and also to create extra space.

  58. Naddez says
  59. Naddez says

    Added your button to my blog @

  60. quiltingreader says

    New cans always get put in front of the older ones.

  61. Anonymous says

    I would like to use my old cans of food first so this would come in handy

  62. Tina12312 says

    I need this because I have very little storage and this would be perfect for all the cans. Thank you!

  63. Tina12312 says

    I follow your blog.

  64. Chris says

    I need one because it is always hard to keep my crazy, messy pantry organized!

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  65. Martha says

    my cabinet is a mess and it’s hard to find what can food we have.

  66. Courtney says

    I need this because my cabinets are a omplete mess. Thee are cans everywhere. I have to go through the while thing to find one can usually.

    hebert024 at aol dot com

  67. hminnesota says

    we bought our town home as a starter home 5 yrs ago, thinking we will move out of it in 3 yrs. with job and economy it is getting tougher and kids are growing up, so space is a big trouble spot for us. This help me organize my kitchen a lot.thanks

  68. Sue says

    I need help with my cupboards. I don’t have a lot of storage space so keeping it organized is key. Thanks for sharing~

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  69. oneinamil23 says

    i have so little space in my kitchen, i need one of these so bad!

    autumn398 (at)

  70. taxchyk says

    Given the times, I am most interested in building my edible stockpile. This would allow me to effectively rotate canned goods, which I am much in need of. This site has very good reports, and so do the products, in a wide range of sizes and for canned goods of many sizes as well.

  71. mogrill says

    I can never find anything in my pantry!! Thanks for the chance.

  72. jlafount says

    Much cleaner than just jamming everything in the space

  73. Alexis AKA MOM says

    Even though I organized one side the other side still looks like a crazy death trap when you open the doors. Yup it’s a open and jump back experience. I would love a little more help πŸ™‚ My toes thank you πŸ˜‰

  74. Alexis AKA MOM says

    I’m a follower πŸ™‚

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    I subscribe via email πŸ™‚

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    Your button is up πŸ˜‰

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    I’m signed up for their newsletter! LOVE them πŸ™‚

  78. Jenndiggy says

    I buy lots of cans of soup
    But I’m always out of the loop
    Which can is oldest, which to use first,
    I don’t know, guessed and cursed.
    This would help me not to have to jump through a hoop.

    (Actually I’ve thought I should do what my cousin does and mark on the cans when he buys something, but that seems like a pain when you could have this!

  79. her5boys says

    We always make sure we a a one year emergency supply of food on hand and this sure would help to keep in organized!

  80. Annette says

    My pantry is super small and I’m always haphazardly stacking cans to try and make the most fit. This would be great to have.

  81. Nad says

    I need a Shelf Reliance Cansolidator in my kitchen because I take any opportunity I can get to become more organized. I’m not a super organized person by nature, so every bit of help helps!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  82. 2 by 2 Boutique says

    all i have to say is come look at my pantry and you will know why i need this!! LOL!

    2by2boutique at gmail dot com

  83. 2 by 2 Boutique says


    2by2boutique at gmail dot com

  84. karenmed409 says

    need to get organized and for my little ones who want to help with dinner, no more dropping cans on the little toes while trying to reach in the back of the shelf

  85. Smooshy says

    i dont have a lot of storage space in my cupboards, this would really help!

  86. tatertot374 says

    Thank you for a great giveaway. This would be fantastic to be more organized and not waste. Thank you!

  87. jnmacdonald says

    We have lots of canned vegetables and pasta just laying haphazardly in our pantry. Being able to see everything and get to everything easily would be a welcome change.

  88. samsakara says

    My cupboard is a mess and this would keep it so nice and organized. I could fit a lot more in it with this.

  89. Rajee says

    our panty is in a mess. Not happy with it. It often fall to the ground when I opened it

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  95. Grammymouse says

    They have lots of things & food items!
    I need an organization intervention!

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  98. bison61 says

    my cupboard for my canned goods is a mess this would help me organize the soups, fruits and veggies

    tiramisu392 (at)

  99. Tamara B. says

    I really could use this in my pantry because I am so tired of digging throughte cans trying to find the one I need to cook with. Plus it would be so much organized if I had one in the pantry.

  100. Tamara B. says

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  102. Misusedinnocence says

    Because our shelves are a mess! This would be great!

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  104. Marianna says

    I need one because my pantry is a mess! The things that get shuffled to the back never get used because they’re lost in the labyrinth of my cupboards! Help!

  105. Marianna says

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  106. bridget3420 says

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  108. AudreyO says

    We have a very small house. This means my kitchen is small which means we have limited cupboard space. Forget a pantry, doesn’t exist.

  109. bridget3420 says

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  110. msrodeobrat says

    i hate that things get pushed to the back of our cabinets and never used.. i try to dig back there to see whats there but everything is such a mess! this would be really helpful

  111. says

    We have a TEENY house with one kid, and one on the way! Any way to organize or make more space in my house is GREATLY appreciated! =)

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  121. chromiumman says

    i need one because my cabinets are such a horrible mess

  122. clenna says

    I have cans in the cabinet, cans in the pantry and cans in another cabinet. So i really need to organize these cans.

  123. clenna says

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  125. denyse says

    We have a kitchen in FL from a 2 bed 1 bath house, but 5 of us live here- there’s no room for anything. This would help me organize and store more.

  126. LittleEagle says

    My cupboards are a mess. sharonaquilino(at)hotmail(dot)com

  127. pickledseeds says

    I stock up on canned goods when my grocery store is having a good sale, consequently I have a ton of canned goods in my pantry. This can organizer would bring some organization to the chaos.

  128. EYOWYN says

    WOW! This could help me keep track of whats behind everything in the pabtry-the stuff I forget about!!

  129. huggr1960 says

    Because I live in a smaller home then the seven dwarfs and when I do find the can I am looking for , whether in the front porch or the cupboard or under the sink, half a dozen fall to the floor just getting the one. πŸ™‚

  130. janetfaye says

    I need a Shelf Reliance Cansolidator to help me organize my kitchen cabinets.

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  134. Carol W. says

    Imagine not having to take many cans out of the cupboard every time I’m searching for something. That’s why I need this product.

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  137. Heather says

    I love the Shelf Reliance products! I hate manually rotating my cans, I would love to have the rotation system!

  138. Ken says

    Our cans are currently mixed up in a food closet. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  139. quelleheure4 says

    I need to restore some order to my pantry and some sanity to my self. OTHER people in my home seem to think it’s fine to shove stuff anywhere when they’re looking for something and my system is all messed up in a matter of hours after I organize it. This system would force them to leave things where they belong and they’d be hard pressed to fight the built-in organization. I love this!

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  146. SeahorseLady says

    Now this is something that I really can use. I have very limited pantry shelf and it’s always so hard to find what I’m looking for. I could put my canned goods in this and have them all nice and neat and easy to find.

  147. SeahorseLady says

    I subscribe.

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  149. kngmckellar says

    We need to organize this modular home! Thanks!!

  150. Amy says

    Our kitchen cabinets are over 30 years old, and it's difficult to get to some of their lower shelves & back corners. This product would help me to get to all of the canned foods without removing the ones in front of them.

  151. Amy says

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  153. Jinxy and Me says

    My kitchen is such a mess and this would really help organize it.

  154. Jinxy and Me says

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  155. Mia J. says

    I would like to have some order in my cupboard and to be able to know what is in there without disrupting the whole space.

  156. Hazel says

    I wish I could submit a photo for you to see why I need one of these. I am constantly buying more of an item because I simply do not realize I already have it in my pantry. I need this!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  157. justicecw says

    THis is the perfect solution for us! I can never tell what is behind the first layer of cans because I am too short so this would be great for organization and I would be able to tell what’s what! thanks for the chance,

  158. justicecw says

    I am a follower. thanks,

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  160. jennem says

    Because I’m short, and out of sight is out of mind! Every year I find things way in the back I’ve forgotten about for months.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  161. momof3dolls says

    My pantry is very unorganized. This would definitely help. This is a great idea!

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  165. tlcfromtn says

    I need this because all my cans are stacked on top of each other and I have to dig through them to find what I need. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  166. wendy says

    I need a shelf reliance cansolidator to help me keep my kitchen foods organized.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  167. erma says

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  168. heaventrees says

    I need a Cansolidator because I have to keep cans in a lower cabinet and they are always an organized mess.

  169. Sheila R says

    My pantry is a total mess! I always lose things in there! I end up with bunches of the same item because I forget that I already have some or I will be making something and I can’t find what I am looking for so I go to the store then the next day or so I find what I just went and bought.

  170. Sheila R says

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  172. Cherry Blossoms says

    My food storage is all over my garage. This would get all of my cans organized very nicely!

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  183. Angela says

    I hate digging a can of veggies out of the pantry only to find that it is out of date! Such a waste. The cansolidator would solve that for me.

  184. Meet the Browns says

    We would be so glad to have this prize in our storage-challenged kitchen! We live in Florida, so we really stock up on the non-perishables this time of year to prepare for hurricanes :-\


  185. Meet the Browns says

    I follow you πŸ™‚


  186. Jammie says

    I have just recently started using coupons and with coupons comes stock piling. I need one to help better organize the stock pile.

  187. yellowlabs says

    I need this in my pantry because my cans are not organized in there!

  188. yellowlabs says

    I follow your blog!

  189. js22 says

    I don’t have a lot of cabinet space – the cansolidator would make the cans organized and easily accessible, no fears about knocking over one can and having the rest fall out of the cabinet!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    email in blogger profile.

  190. js22 says

    I’m a follower of your blog.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    email in blogger profile.

  191. Sarah Z says

    I need one because I don’t move the old stuff to the front enough so some of my canned goods have expired on me!
    believedreamcourage (at)

  192. vividchord says

    I can never find what I need in the cupboards.

  193. Retsbar2Go says

    I NEED to organize my canned goods better!

  194. silverhartgirl says

    I have a lot of space and not a lot of room.
    silverhartgirl at

  195. Ms. T says

    I have minimal pantry space and this would allow me to keep more in there and keep it from falling all over the place.

  196. Sonya says

    Our cupboards are a mess, and now that I’m trying to coupon and stock up, it’s getting worse!

  197. Deb K says

    We for sure need this as we just moved into a new apartment and it has only one set of cupboards!!

    Thanks so much for the chance:)

  198. Deb K says

    I subscribe

  199. intime says

    i am so unorganized and this would help

  200. paryjeja says

    We stockpile food and this would be a great way to use the older food first.
    paryjeja at sbcglobal dot net

  201. Michael says

    Call it ‘simplification’ for my wife… to organize and seperate the canned soups, sauces and veggies! πŸ™‚

  202. Cindy says

    I need this because my cupboards are a mess of things in no good order, and I never have enough room!

  203. The Demille's says

    We don’t have a lot of cupboards, so space and making things fit conveniently is a big issue with us!

  204. The Demille's says

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  207. Tylerpants says

    These would save me so much space & keep everything organized!

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  210. kathy pease says

    my cupboards and counters are jam packed this would be great for some organization πŸ™‚

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  213. dvice says

    I need a Shelf Reliance Cansolidator in my kitchen to get it more organized so I can reach everything

  214. Maja says

    this would help a lot

  215. Maja says


  216. liliesrnice says

    i love canned goods but don’t have a lot of space so having this would be great!

  217. trixpixel says

    With a small kitchen, this would be great to save space!

  218. trixpixel says

    I’m a follower!

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    I subscribe via email.

  220. Gianna says

    I have so many cans stockpiled I would love this so I can use them in the order I bought them (and be more organized) πŸ™‚

  221. Kathy says

    My husband is still working on refinishing the cupbourds. My house has been a mess for a month now. I would really like to win this rack. Thanks.

  222. Donna says

    I think it would be perfect to organize my can goods.

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