BAGGO: The Official Bag Toss Game – Review and Promo Code!

Going to a family picnic? Maybe a family reunion? Looking for a great game to play outside but sick of the damage a game of horseshoes does to your lawn? Then you need to check out Baggo. Never heard of it? You may also know it as Cornhole. It’s the game with two playing boards and 8 toss bags. Depending on the ability and age of the group you space them out and play! has a huge selection of quality made boards with so many different styles to chose from. Do you want a classic board like above or maybe you want to represent your fire department at the next company picnic. Maybe your looking for a personalized game for a soon to be married couple as a great wedding gift. Maybe you want to give your Dad a great Father’s Day gift and put his favorite college team logo on the board. Maybe you just want it for yourself as a great game to play all summer long with your own family. Regardless, this is the game you want to have!
Baggo doesn’t just make the game boards either! Looking for a great accessory to go with it? Maybe you already own the game and know just how much fun it is? Get some Caddy’s to go with it and hold your drinks and toss bags while you play. Playing in groups then you should get the Baggo Sport Couch for your friends to sit on while they wait. Looking for a shirt with the Baggo logo? They have those too! They even have a have a set of T-shirts that come with matching koozies too!
I received the Classic Baggo game and let me tell you just taking it out of the box I was impressed. It came snapped together with a carrying handle which makes it easy to transport from garage to outside. Plus a wall mounting bracket for when it’s not in use! It has space in the back to tuck the toss bags nicely to keep good care of them. The front has plexi glass to keep the front nice and add a little bit of slip to make the game more competitive. This game has great quality to it as my 2 year old has climbed up and down it and the board stays strong without worry. Although I do my best to keep him off of it 😉
I know this game will last for years and we will enjoy it for years! It will be great for our personal family to use and it will be great to pull out for our larger picnics and parties throughout the summer. Plus, with the ease it offers for transport we can take it with us to any events we go to as well!
What’s great is you can never forget any of the rules. Baggo has put them right on it stand!
Want to know just how to play Baggo?

  • 2 or 4 players (singles or doubles)
  • Distance measured between Foot Foul Edges
8 Feet
12 Feet
15 Feet
18 Feet
20 Feet
2 – 4 years
5 – 8 years
9 – 12 years
13 & over (Social Play)
Tournament Play
  • In doubles, team partners face each other from opposite boards
  • Each team plays with 4 bags
  • Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are thrown
  • The round is then scored (See Scoring)
  • The last team to score on previous round tosses first
  • Toss again if any interference occurs
  • Opponents may call Foot Foul and the call must be honored
  • In singles or doubles, the losing team has choice of sides for next game
Here you can see my 8 year old son playing. He has become rather addicted to it. This game is quality built and so much fun to play. I have to admit I’m finding myself liking it a lot too! Its great because you can play it with just two people in your own backyard. Plus, we’re lucky to have a larger sized garage so when it rained we parked the cars outside and played in the garage!The Classic Baggo games start at only $99.95 for a quality made fun game that will last years!
I bet Dad would love to have one of these for his Father’s Day Gift!

For a very limited time Baggo is giving my readers a special online promotional code of 10%off and FREE Shipping!!! That makes it cheaper then grabbing it your local store!
So when you checkout make sure to use promo code JLEIGH09 but hurry once Father’s Day comes and goes so does this sale!


  1. Sarah says

    Would you believe this is the first time I’ve seen Baggo? It looks like fun!

  2. Felicia says

    It looks like a lot of fun!

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