Scentsy Candle Warmer & Scentsy Fragrances {Review & Giveaway} #RC

I actually never tried Scentsy before 2012. I had heard of it and actually have quite a few reps on my facebook page so I often heard buzz. Then I had a chance to review with them and thought it would be a great time to try out. I was hooked instantly. As many of you know I lost my home to a fire a few years ago, as a result candles haven't been something that has since interested me but I've … [Read more...]

Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmer Review & Giveaway!

Can you believe I've never tried Scentsy? Well, the time has come and I've finally tried it and now understand all the excitement. As you know I've talked about how my house burned down 5 years ago. I use to LOVE burning candles and always had several going at one but since the fire there is a fear that surrounds them for everyone in our family. Around Christmas I placed several around the house … [Read more...]

#B2B Prince Lionheart – Eco Friendly Warmies Wipes Warmer {Review & Giveaway}

Prince Lionheart has many great products for making baby more comfortable and make daily life easier but did you know that they also had eco-friendly products as well? The Warmies® wipes warmer is designed to work with Warmies® reusable cloth wipes- the environmentally conscious way to wipe. A new three part heating system and specially designed anti-microbial micropore pillow help keep … [Read more...]