Did You Host A Successful Game Day Party? Win a 42” LG flat Screen TV

I'm so sad that once again the New England Patriots failed to beat the Giants. Luckily we're not football fans so I'll feel bad for my Dad that is likely crying still from the loss and move on.Do you watch the game? Millions of people tune in each year and like me many aren't actually football fans. We go for the hype, the fun, and the FOOD.Of course we always end up being the hosts for … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken Quesadillia Recipe!

Tyson Any’tizers, have you tried them? I've seen them in my freezer isles at my grocery store for awhile but recently I've seen that the variety has been growing. When I say growing I mean it. I don't think until I decided to work on this campaign just how many different kinds their were. I'm really glad that my eyes have been opened because since we held our family new year's eve party we've … [Read more...]