Chuggington Launch & Go Roundhouse Playset, track, & trains! Review & Giveaway!

Being a Chuggington Conductor I will always be able to get you the latest and greatest news and updates on our friends Please tell me you and your kids have tuned into the great new hit Chuggington! You can find Chuggington on PlayHouse Disney every morning at 6/5 C. Since we're not watching TV at that hour I often set my DVR to record the episodes as we love Chuggington in our home! I'm really … [Read more...]

Hex Bug Nano Micro Robotic Creatures! Review & Video!

Thanks to Mom Select Johnny recently had the opportunity to invite several friends over for a Hex Bug Nano party after school. Johnny had never played with any Hex Bugs prior to this party and from his reaction to all the product that came in the mail he hadn't really heard much about them previously or played with them. He went to school the next day and mentioned them to his friends and came … [Read more...] has the BEST Selection of John Deere Toys, Bedding, and Merchandise! Review & Giveaway! (closed) has probably the best selection of toys, bedding, clothing, and merchandise from John Deere that I've ever seen! Their prices are incredibly reasonable and when I compared it to other sites I know of that carry the John Deere name their prices came out lower!I have a friend with three daughters and she and her husband are addicted to John Deere! When I saw the amazing selection of … [Read more...]