Hex Bug Nano Micro Robotic Creatures! Review & Video!

Thanks to Mom Select Johnny recently had the opportunity to invite several friends over for a Hex Bug Nano party after school. Johnny had never played with any Hex Bugs prior to this party and from his reaction to all the product that came in the mail he hadn’t really heard much about them previously or played with them. He went to school the next day and mentioned them to his friends and came home wanting to rip the boxes apart.
We received quite a bit of Hex Bug products such as:
30 HEXBUG Nano test tubes, bulk
1 HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set in retail package
Put these industrious critters to the test by creating a customizable playground for the industrious critters to traverse through! The HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set contains two extremely rare Nano mutations that every kid will want to brag about. Also included are four easy connect curved pieces, three easy connect straight pieces, and three easy connect hexagon pieces, offering users a variety of configurations.
1 HEXBUG Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set in retail package
Kids can create the ultimate battleground for the HEXBUG Nano with the Bridge Battle Habitat Set that comes with 29 easy connect pieces and two rare HEXBUG Nanos. What’s really cool about this maze is that kids get to battle their Nanos using this elevated multi-level platform!
Lots of pieces to build your own habitat!
These little “bugs” really are like little bugs. The kids really liked that they came in test tubes. Each test tube also contains an online code to let the kids experience even more fun through their online program. Online they can play games and learn even more about science. As a parent I love toys that provide an educational background as well as a fun time!
Personally the more you have the more the fun! Normally as a parent I’m the type to say that you’ve reached a point that you don’t need anymore “extra’s” but with the Hex Bug Nano sets it really does gives a crazy fun effect the more bugs you put on the tracks.
We ended up with a few less kids then planned since we had to post pone for a week due to Gavin getting hurt. That didn’t stop the kids from getting excited though. The kids got off the bus down the street and hit the ground running. They were so excited about the bugs. They literally just stared at the table in awe. I had to remind them that they had to actually open up the boxes to play with them.
Once all the pieces were out and ready the kids were all able to start building their sections. Since all the pieces easily snap into together the kids were able to start individually and then take their pieces and put them together.
The ending result was rather amazing. Each child felt a sense of pride when they were done and in the three hours the kids were not once did they walk away from this table! They were actually pulled away from it when their moms got here!
No matter what I write and can’t really show you how awesome the Hex Bug Nano really is so there is nothing like a video to show you! The only problem we had with any of it was the twirl bridge that brought them up they kept getting stuck. We’d love more options to bring them to other levels!

As you can see and hear the kids had an absolute field day with these! This video was shot in the last half hour of them being here and they were no where done playing. My son has since (in just a couple days!) taken it apart and built 3 completely different layouts! Gavin even loves playing with them too!
I highly recommend making sure these make it on your shopping list this Christmas Season!


J. Leigh Designz Review Policy: I was provided with the featured item(s) at no cost thanks to Mom Select in order to test the products abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but it was not influenced in any manner by monetary means.


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