Disney’s The Lion King *Now* on Digital HD and on Blu-ray Aug. 29th

One of my first memories of going to the movie theater was going to see the Lion King with my family. I absolutely loved all the music, the characters and the how funny it was. Now that I have gotten older I still love it, and I appreciate the message it teaches. It is one of my kid's favorite movies, and we watch it often for family movie night. It is so fun watching them laugh at the parts I … [Read more...]

The Lion King: Diamond Ed on Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack Review

Ever since we went to Disney a couple years ago and saw the awesome Lion King show at Animal Kingdom Gavin has wanted to see The Lion King. Since we lost our original copy in the fire and it wasn't available in stores he wasn't able to see it. Until now. Yesterday was the release of The Lion King: Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack! Finally Gavin is now able to see the movie that hasn't been … [Read more...]