Sprinkled Spiral Christmas Cookies!

I shared these on facebook the other day and stated these were the hardest cookies I ever made and that might not be exactly true but they were definitely time consuming. However, they are the prettiest and my favorite cookies this year. I found this on Pinterest and when I actually went to make it I was really disappointed with the bloggers directions. She was really vague and while I had many of … [Read more...]

Did you "smooch a S’more Smoochie" today?TM – The Perfect Present – Chocolate Chips, Sprinkles, Coconut & More!!!

I am always eager for the great summer nights that you can go outside and build a campfire, grab your bag with some marshmallows, graham crackers, and some chocolate bars. Well now you no longer have to wait for those warm summer nights! S'more Smoochies is here! They have the yummiest s'mores! And they have many different options as far as flavors of s'mores! Flavors? Yes, they add different … [Read more...]