Did you "smooch a S’more Smoochie" today?TM – The Perfect Present – Chocolate Chips, Sprinkles, Coconut & More!!!

I am always eager for the great summer nights that you can go outside and build a campfire, grab your bag with some marshmallows, graham crackers, and some chocolate bars. Well now you no longer have to wait for those warm summer nights!
S’more Smoochies is here!
They have the yummiest s’mores! And they have many different options as far as flavors of s’mores! Flavors? Yes, they add different toppings to the double dipped velvety rich chocolate for an experience out of this world! Sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, or coconut are in the Classics Collections alone!! Check out their site to see their other sets and flavors like Pink Ribbon, Bugs in Dirt, Sweethearts, and more!
They come packaged in a clear pouch and are sealed with a smooch! If you are looking for a dressier option they’ll tuck your smooched cello wrapped s’mores in a ribbon tied sheer silver organza bag! Just make sure to let them know at checkout time!
Do you live in the Manhatten area?
If so, they come out to you for some s’more makin fun!
Here are some of the parties they offer:

  • The Arts and Crafts You Can Eat PartyTM
  • Dessert Wines & S’more Smoochie SoireeTM
  • Bachelorette Parties/Showers/Girls’ Night In
  • The (Any) Holiday S’more Smoochie Party.
  • Truly Nostalgic S’more Smoochie SamplingTM

**Click links above for pricing and additional information**

ALLERGY NOTE: Please check with your guests. The facilities that manufacture the milk chocolate and some of our topping also use
peanuts and tree nuts. For chocolate allergies, we can use carob chips.

We were lucky enough to get to take a taste test of these yummy s’mores.
Wait let me reword that….I was allowed to take one, yes one bite, and then my kids stole them from me and the oldest literally licked the plate clean! The bite I had been great! The kids responses “yummy” and “more!”
They were a hit in our house! Now they can be a hit in yours too!
G got to test one from the sweethearts collection. J got to test one out from the classic collection.
It was the only 10 minutes of silence in our house that night.
Oh and we stuck them in the microwave for a little bit before hand and they got all warm and gooey like they just we made!


  1. niftyknits says

    Oh*drool* near manhattan? The UK is near Manhattan, right?

  2. winnie says

    Looks so nice.. must be very yummmmyyy

  3. Barterbabe says

    These look Sweet! I want one for breakfast. I guess I will have to get on my private jet and jet on over to Manhattan.

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