Well, although my internet use is limited at the moment Grrr! I figured I'd have enough time to announce a winner of the MobiCam®AV! Let me tell you I love this more and more as I've used it. I haven't had to use batteries and I've taken it all over the house with me (of course being plugged in). I can see with it lit or with it dark! If you haven't won and were interested this IS the monitor you … [Read more...]

MobiCam®AV- The Wireless Video/Audio Baby Monitoring System! Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

I'm sure you've heard of MOBI Technologies before- they make those really cool TykeLight® GloMate™ you see all over blog world...but did you know they make other great products as well? Just in case you don't know what the TykeLight® GloMate™ is, it's actually a really great concept brought to life! Its a color changing portable night light that goes to bed with your child so they can keep the … [Read more...]