The Absent Parent

It wasn’t that I had a bad parent, I just had a young parent. Actually both my parents are young. My mom was only a junior in high school when she had me and she, herself, grew up in a horrible home life setting. Her father was absent and her mom was mentally absent. She learned how to raise herself and get things she needed on her own. So, naturally when she became a mom at 16 it was her … [Read more...]

Midwives Matter!

Even though with my first two pregnancies I had both a vaginal birth and a c-section, I had a midwife by my side for both. I was only 18 when Johnny came and I was so scared about every single part of pregnancy, I couldn’t even process birth. I met with a couple doctors during my pregnancy but there was just something so comforting and warm about the midwives I spoke with. From the moment I … [Read more...]

The most excruciating pain of my life.

I was super excited to share my story on the most difficult pregnancy moment I had for the Million Moms Challenge. Here is a small excerpt from my story. I hope you have a moment to visit ABC News Million Moms Challenge and read the rest of my story. The day of I went to the hospital and checked in at the birthing center. I was told it was just a precaution in case something went wrong. The … [Read more...]