The most excruciating pain of my life.

I was super excited to share my story on the most difficult pregnancy moment I had for the Million Moms Challenge. Here is a small excerpt from my story. I hope you have a moment to visit ABC News Million Moms Challenge and read the rest of my story.

The day of I went to the hospital and checked in at the birthing center. I was told it was just a precaution in case something went wrong. The birthing center had the monitoring they needed to make sure we were both safe at all times. Once I was all hooked up two of the largest staff members came up and each stood on one side of me. They again explained the procedure. I listened, said okay and then it began.

The most excruciating pain of my life.

I screamed in pain as though someone had just taken a chainsaw to my body. Tears came down my face as though the worst news of my life had just been told. My husbands face showed fear in ways I never had seen. Worst part- it didn’t work.

To read the rest of my story please click here.

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