Having Fun While Teaching About Saving Money With The Kids Wealth Program

We have been using the Kids Wealth program for a few months now to teach Hayden all about money. He is slowly starting to understand the importance of saving and what money really is! It has been so eye-opening for him to see the value of money. The Kids Wealth program is created for kids ages 4-12 years old. The program helps teach kids how to use money in the real world. When your kiddo … [Read more...]

Kids Learn About Money and More With the Kids Wealth Program

Teaching kids at an early age about money is really important to start good financial habits. Kids Wealth is the perfect tool to help teach them. The early you start teaching kids about the value of money and budgeting the more responsible they will be when they are adults. We have been using the Kids Wealth program for a few weeks now with my 6 year old son Hayden and we all love it! You can … [Read more...]

Teaching My Kids The Importance of Money With Kids Wealth

My little Hayden isn't so little anymore. He turned 6 in December and we have been using the Kids Wealth Program to teach him all about money. Hayden is really smart and asks questions about everything. He has really been curious about money the past few months. He wants to know how my husband and I get money, where it goes, and then what we do with it. My husband and I realized Hayden had just … [Read more...]