Teaching My Kids The Importance of Money With Kids Wealth

My little Hayden isn’t so little anymore. He turned 6 in December and we have been using the Kids Wealth Program to teach him all about money. Hayden is really smart and asks questions about everything. He has really been curious about money the past few months. He wants to know how my husband and I get money, where it goes, and then what we do with it. My husband and I realized Hayden had just been assuming that mommy and daddy swipe that magic card(aka our debit cards) at the store and we just get stuff. We have tried to teach him about money but haven’t been sure how to go about it. I want to make sure I keep it age appropriate and easy for him to understand. I also want him to feel successful when dealing with money.

Hayden is getting more involved in extra programs outside of school. I want him to know that all those extra things are privileges and we work hard so he can do fun things and our family can have the things we need. I really want my kids to be grateful and appreciate money.

I know teaching my kids the importance of money, budgeting, and saving money will help them manage and be smart with their money as they grow up to be adults. Kids Wealth takes all the hard parts of teaching kids about money and finances.

Kids Wealth

Each Kids Wealth kit is tailored to the age of your child. It is a great program for preschoolers all the way up to teens! The Kids Wealth kit includes: Calendar, Kids Guide, Money Kit, Stickers, Kids Agreement, and Age Tracker Booklet Game Tracker.

Kids Wealth

My husband and I decided that $10 would be a good amount to pay Hayden once a month. He does a lot of chores around the house, helps me make dinner, he is a great student, and helps with his little sister Halli. He really is a great helper. We talked to him about his new allowance and went over how he would be saving it.

The Kids Wealth program has kid’s divide their money they have earned into 5 accounts of wealth, plan, learn, fun, and angel. 30% of their money goes into the wealth account. The wealth account is kid’s first long-term investment account. It helps teach the importance of “pay themselves first.”  20% goes into their plan account which teaches how to set a goal and then develop a plan to achieve it. This way kid’s can plan to save their own money for more expensive items they may want. This helps build a sense of price and then also accomplishment. 20% goes into the learn account to emphasize the importance of education. This money is for books, museum, and any other educational activities. The purpose of this account is not a college saving plan. It is to reinforce that learning is a life long process and worth investing in. 20% goes to the fun account so kids can spend money on things they “want.” This account helps teach kids to make good decisions and learn to live within a budget. 10% goes to the angel account to teach the importance of helping others. Money from this account can be donated to charities, benefits or other worthwhile causes. With this account kids learn that they can make a real difference in the world and their community.

Kids Wealth

Hayden is really new to money and is really young so I love that the Kids Wealth kit has tools to help us slowly teach him as he is ready. We filled out our “kids agreement” and the calendar. He marked down the days he would get his allowance with his stickers. Hayden loves having his own calendar and is already so excited to start growing all of his different accounts.

Kids Wealth

The Kids Wealth kit has great directions for parents to follow step by step to help teach our kids all the great things about money. It is easy to follow and gives flexibility to make it perfect for each family situation.

Kids Wealth


Hayden also really loves the Kids Wealth Game Tracker. The game tracker makes learning about money really fun. It is full of really fun activities and characters that help introduce and review the Kid Wealth Program. Hayden has asked to work in his Game Tracker every day since we received it. He really loves learning about money and has so much fun with all the activities.

Kids Wealth

I am so excited to continue this program and help encourage Hayden to save money and also know how to spend it.

Go to the Kids Wealth website for more information and to purchase your own Kids Wealth Money Kit. It retails for $19.99(plus shipping and handling). Kids Wealth is a fun and easy system designed to teach kids the value of money!

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