A few more winners to announce! Swami Baby! Inexpensive Watches! Thai Kitchen!

I have three more contests that have come to an end and need winners chosen! I still have not heard from one of my winners from Sunday. I have emailed them again in hopes to get in touch with them but will have to pick someone new if I don't hear back!For the winners of the new ending contests:Inexpensive Watches had a total of 245 entries!The winning number was number:Annette said... 141 … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Watches: Stylish, Fashionable, and Affordable! Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I have found myself loving accessories more and more these days. Take a normal outfit and add just a few and your have a completely different look going! One accessory that is a must is my watch! I go crazy if I don't have one on. More out of always having one on. I feel bare without it. However, my watch is this ugly silver thing. When I started the Nursing Program it was required to have a watch … [Read more...]