A few more winners to announce! Swami Baby! Inexpensive Watches! Thai Kitchen!

I have three more contests that have come to an end and need winners chosen! I still have not heard from one of my winners from Sunday. I have emailed them again in hopes to get in touch with them but will have to pick someone new if I don’t hear back!

For the winners of the new ending contests:

Inexpensive Watches had a total of 245 entries!
The winning number was number:

Annette said… 141


Swami Baby had a total of 226 entries!
The winning number was number:

Mishia said… 210

I’d get the adult-sized hoodie and yoga pants!

Thai Kitchen had a total of 130 entries!
The winning number was number:

Kristy said… 4

Thai Kitchen has over 60 products and is sold in 50 states, and Canada. I’ve never had a problem finding Thai kitchen in any grocery store, its THAT good!



imaclutz89 said… 83

subscribed by email.

Winner have until Thursday midnight to respond or a new winner will be chosen!


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