Funrise Gazillion Bubbles Set Review & Giveaway! Two Fun Toys!

All kids love bubbles and I'm pretty sure that most if not all adults do as well. Don't get me wrong all bubble solution makes a bubble but until you use  Funrise Gazillion bubbles you don't know what a good bubble is really like. I'll admit before I used Gazillion bubbles I thought it was a crock but after using them for several years now I will tell you there is definitely a difference in the … [Read more...]

Tonka Strong Arm Fire Truck and Garbage Truck Review and Giveaway From Funrise!

I was introduced to Funrise Toys over the summer when I did another review for them. The thing I hadn't known is Funrise has been around for awhile and carry many toys my kids have loved for years! They make and sell toys for brands such as Tonka, Gazillion Bubbles, Sassy Stables, and more! Funrise Toys actually has so many options with Tonka. One line that really caught my attention was the … [Read more...]