Get the Stink Out with Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters!

We have been wanting a fridge in out garage for awhile and we finally have one. We got a great deal on it through a barter with a friend and couldn't have ended up with a better deal but the problem? The fridge wasn't used and left closed for awhile and now we're struggling to get the stench out of it. We have tried so many different things to get the smell out and it's been quite the … [Read more...]

Create a Healthier Home for your Family with Filtrete!

My husband he's allergic to everything! If that wasn't bad enough he also has allergies. In about a month his eyes will start getting swollen and the countless sneezes will begin. He gets so miserable with his allergies that he makes the rest of us miserable along with him. Years later I've learned that I can make all of our lives easier by just doing a few simple things around our home to cut … [Read more...]