Land O’Lakes Eggs $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

I do a lot of baking and cooking as you know. I've posted a new recipe everyday this week alone. So it's very important to me to use quality ingredients. Lately all the eggs I've been using in my recipes are from Land O’Lakes. These eggs have been great and have helped make my recipes taste as great as they need too! Land O Lakes® actually has four different eggs: Farm-Fresh All-Natural … [Read more...]

Best Egg Salad Recipe!

How weird is it that I have no problem taking on a challenging recipe but when it comes to the simplest of recipes I have no clue what I'm doing. So when I was asked to test out some of Eggland's Best Eggs I thought why not. I would be lying if I told you that the idea of buying Hard-Cooked Eggs in a bag from the grocery store sounded good because it didn't. In fact I was almost sure I wouldn't … [Read more...]