Kirby Mass Attack for Nintendo DS

Gavin is our gamer in the house. In the past year we've had to start limiting his time on the DS and Wii because he would never get off otherwise. He really likes the Kirby games that are out there right now and when he saw Kirby Mass Attack for Nintendo DS he immediately let us know that he wanted to tell Santa all about it. One day, an evildoer with a magic cane appears and splits Kirby into … [Read more...]

505 Games Announces Hop: The Movie Game Now Available On Nintendo DS!

My kids are really excited about Easter. Or is it the new movie Hop has made them really excited about Easter! We haven't been able to make it to see this movie yet, but can't wait too! Recently my niece spent the night and with her she brought  Hop: The Movie Game for Nintendo DS and the boys were so eager for their own turn to use it. Of course it was even more entertaining for them when she … [Read more...]