#B2B Milan Maternity – Fashionable Maternity Clothes You’ll Love! {Review & Giveaway}

I remember my first pregnancy. As much as I try to forget I can also remember my wardrobe. I can wrap that up in three words "horizontal lined spandex". Horrible, right? When I wasn't living in those horrible outfits I was looking like farmer Jane in just as bad coveralls. That was only 10 years ago. By the time I was pregnant with Gavin things were a little better. Maternity jeans at least looked … [Read more...]

#B2B Annabel Karmel BPA Free Make It Easy Feeding Line – Review & Giveaway

Making your own baby food often seems incredibly overwhelming. If you want something that helps make the process easier it is usually a really pricey adjustment that can often take away from the savings of making your own food for your child. With the benefits so high we often feel we need to spend the extra money in order to do it. That is until Annabel Karmel came out with the Make It Easy … [Read more...]

#B2B Boppy Total Body Pillow with Slipcover – Review & Giveaway

When I was pregnant the first time I became incredibly uncomfortable at night. No matter how I tried it just didn't work. Then someone told me to get a body pillow and it was like the world changed. Then when I had Johnny my mom bought me a nicer version and it was even better. However because the pillow was a straight line and I was growing in the opposite direction it still wasn't … [Read more...]

#B2B Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra {Review & Giveaway}

I recently told you about Bravado! Designs. They make amazing nursing wear. After sharing my review of the Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank and now I'm here to tell you about the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. See, I never tried Bravado before this event. It was Sarah that told me I needed to try them out because they were amazing.So when she told me that the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was … [Read more...]

#B2B Kolcraft Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler Stroller {Review & Giveaway}

I love Kolcraft and their brands. I've tried out many of their products and all of them have been quality, functional, and stylish pieces to make Mom's life easier and baby's life happier. Not only are the products amazing but so are the people behind the company. The head of the PR department is one of my all time favorite people to work with and talk to not only on a professional level but on a … [Read more...]

#B2B Medela Intimate Apparel {Comfort Nursing Bra & Nursing Camisole} Review & Giveaway

Medela is the only pump I've trusted in my years of motherhood. I used one of the hospital's with Johnny and had my own with Gavin. If it hadn't been for Medela I would have given up on nursing a lot sooner then I had. Nursing was a real struggle for me and with Johnny it didn't last long at all. Having a Medela Single Deluxe™ Breastpump at home really made a difference with Gavin and I was able … [Read more...]

# B2B Bebe au Lait – Baby Hooded Towel {Review & Giveaway

Bebe au Lait is one of the first companies I started reviewing with. Right from the start I fell in love with the great patterns and great selection of products. The very first item that I reviewed with them was their toddler towel. Sadly they no longer carry the toddler sized towels on their site. We use our often and even though it is over a year old it is still in as just as good quality as … [Read more...]

#B2B Cloud B Gentle Giraffe™ – Plush Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds! Review & Giveaway!

I just recently told you about a great company called Cloud B with my review of the Cloud B Lullabag. A great thick, breathable infants sleeping bag. This time I'm going to tell you about their Gentle Giraffe™! It's a Plush Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds that will later become your best friend when it comes to putting your little one to sleep at any time of day. The Gentle Giraffe is … [Read more...]

See Kai Run – Smaller Shoes For Your Little Ones! Review!

See Kai Run is one of my favorite shoe companies. I can always rely on them to have the most fashionable shoes on the market. They are one of those companies that I can get lost on one page of shoes and struggle to make up my mind! That's exactly how I felt when it came to picking out a pair of shoes for this baby event! I eventually ended up going with the Luna from the Smaller … [Read more...]