Kellogg’s “Start Simple, Start Right” In the Mornings

Every year when the school year starts and in my head I tell myself I'm going to get up early and make pancakes, waffles, and all these yummy glorious foods for my kids for breakfast each morning. Then reality hits and we're running around like crazy. One of us wakes up late, the two boys will fight over the bathroom, and the baby doesn't want to be put down. Before I know it there is ten minutes … [Read more...]

New! Entenmann’s Heat & Serve Cinnamon Rolls!

Have you ever tried the Entenmann's brand? They are the ones that have that table of yummy baked goods in your grocery store. In my neck of the woods you can usually find them near the refrigerated section. My husband swears by their Cheese Danish Twist. He considers it a special treat to have a nice warm piece at the end of the day. Of course you can eat it for breakfast but the Crumb Coffee Cake … [Read more...]