{Wordless Wednesday} Face Time Buddies

Some of my blog buddies are some of my closest friends. I talk to them on the phone and we talk about our lives and share things that might not always make it to our blogs. Lately, my family has been through a lot. When I say a lot it's more then you'd even imagine and it is so many highly stressful things that I've basically been a ball of emotions. Thankfully for for good friends I've been able … [Read more...]

Birth Stories: {Emilie & Wesley} March 10, 2012

Hi, I'm Emilie from Baby Loving Mama! If you've been following Mom Spotted for a while now you may recognize me already from participating in the Bump 2 Baby blog event. Jennifer and I have been friends for a while both online and off and so it was such a fantastic surprise to learn that she was pregnant right after I found out I was too! With our due dates less than a week a part and … [Read more...]