SOYJOY’s Second Chances Contest!

SOYJOY. They are now fruitier, moister, better.Right now SOYJOY is running a contest on Second Chances on Facebook (! Right now you have an opportunity to win $1000 just by letting SOYJOY know about a time you made a bad first impression but through a second chance you were able to have a joyful ending. ALl you have to do is tell them in 100 words or less or do a … [Read more...]

New Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Test Drive!

I'll be honest as an adult my dental visits become spaced out more and more. We don't have dental insurance as adults just our kids do so every time we make a visit it costs us a pretty penny. Knowing we aren't making those regular visits its imperative that we take preventative care of our dental needs. I've tested and tried many different brands to see what works best for our family and we … [Read more...]

Banquet Now Has Fruit Pies!

I'm not much of a chicken pot pie kinda girl but my Husband is and he has been eating them from Banquet for years. Now I'm excited that they decided to make a new kinda pie that's right up my alley! Fruit Pies!For 50 years, Banquet has been making the familiar foods that families love. From Salisbury steak to crispy fried chicken and turkey pot pies to chicken breast tenders, you can always count … [Read more...]

If You Are A Woman Over 30- Listen Up!

Are you over the age of 30? If so you need to listen up! Many of us have heard all about the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. We've been told all about the vaccines available for our teens and young adults, but what about those of us that are older? What about all the woman who weren't under 27 when they started pushing to get vaccinated? There is a test out there that can be preformed by … [Read more...]

Gatorade "Beat the Heat" Tour!

Here in our house we're serious about soccer. My son stopped playing for the organized school team last year and finally tried out for one of the traveling town teams. These teams aren't about everyone gets to play and playing when you feel like it. These teams play hard and strong! My husband also helps coach the team and is running up and down the field just as much as the players. To say they … [Read more...]

Cottenelle’s Great Debate – Over Or Under?

Right now Cottenelle is having their 2010 Great Debate! Cottenelle is asking America if they are a "roll over" or "roll under" family. Here in my home we roll under. Did you know at the moment only 28% roll under as well? So I need you to all get over there and vote and get your home counted! Just visit www.cottonellerollpoll.comThanks to Mom Central I was sent a 4 pack of Cottenelle's now softer … [Read more...]

Wii Birthday Party Bash! Hitting Stores Tomorrow!

Thanks to Mom Central my family had the opportunity to test out the NEW Wii game from Nintendo called Birthday Party Bash! It came perfect timing to play and celebrate Gavin's birthday this past weekend. It is rated E for Everybody with Comic Mischief. Although I really didn't see a single thing wrong for this and it was great because everyone could play it. Plus, you could customize the party to … [Read more...]

The Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits & Decades Blog Tour

Thanks to Mom Central my family recently had a chance to test out the all new Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and Decades Nintendo DS Games. We thankfully received these to test out before we left for our recent Florida Trip. These became a blessing on the plane and for pit stops at the hotel.Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits was the first one he tried out. It is also his favorite one. He liked … [Read more...]

MommyDocs Summer Statycations! Summer Safety at Home!

Thanks to the economy many people aren't able to go on as many vacations as they used too and as a result are looking for more things to do around the house to still be able to thoroughly enjoy the warm summer months! Thanks to Clorox and Mommy Docs for getting this information together!~Staying Safe at BBQs. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Moms are cooking more at home and many are … [Read more...]