Gymboree Winter Collection Is Here For All Your Holiday Traditions! $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

I can’t believe it’s already winter! That means the Gymboree Winter Collection is here! As always, I’m loving all the new looks! Since we’re not the biggest fan of the cold, we try to gradually ease into the winter coat thing. A puffer vest is a perfect solution. We love that as the temperature drops we can add thicker and heavier shirts underneath. These fleece lined jeans are the warmest pants ever. They are perfect for the cold afternoons we want to spend outside.


With winter comes the holidays and Sawyer loves his new Star Wars tee. It has all the colors of Christmas, but we can still get away with wearing it all winter long. We paired it up with one of the Incredi-soft shirts and a pair of cords for the perfect look for school. Sawyer says they made these shirts from blankets because they are incredibly soft, the softest shirt he’s ever owned! They have several different patterns of these in the Gymboree Winter Collection, and I think we need them all!


I love anything with a little shimmer, so this tulle skirt had me instantly. It has just enough length to let your little girl twirl too. Combine it with the adorable fuzzy pullover, and this will be your little girl’s favorite outfit! It’s soft, cute and can easily be dazzled up for any holiday party! If you have a little girl, you might struggle with the Gymboree Winter Collection because there are so many adorable toddler girl looks.

Gymboree Winter Collection Girls


Gymboree Winter Collection Girls

My favorite purchase this time of year though is holiday pajamas! My mom always bought me holiday jammies, and I’ve continued the tradition with my own kids. Sawyer was never one for one piece footed pajamas so we’ve been purchasing Gymboree’s Gymmies for as long as I can remember. He loves that they are separate pieces with easy on bottoms and have no tags while I love that their 100% cotton and are quality made and don’t look faded or worn after many washings.

Another favorite tradition we have around here is reading a different Christmas story every day from December 1st. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years, so we now have a bunch of books, but you can always borrow from the library too. Here you can see Sawyer and Lola reading one of the Christmas stories they unwrapped that night.

Gymboree Winter Collection 2017

Want to send the gift of Gymboree? Gymboree can ship you boxes with your order, or they can even wrap your items in a gift boxed lined with tissue complete with a message right to the recipient of your choice! Of course, if you don’t know the sizes or styles they might like a gift card is a great choice too!

What are you waiting for? The Gymboree Winter Collection won’t be around forever! In fact, they’ve been running some amazing sales this holiday season! Head on over to Gymboree right now to see what specials they currently have.

Right now (1) Mom Spotted reader has the opportunity to win (1) $50 Gymboree Gift Card.

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  1. http://Christina%20Foley says

    I like the toddler girls mouse sweater dress and the quilted jacket!

  2. http://Michelle says

    My son would love the duck boots

  3. http://shelly%20peterson says

    I like the Shark Rain Boots for my grandson.

  4. http://sandra says

    i like the new frenchie dress

  5. http://Vickie%20L%20Couturier says

    my grandaughter needs some new dress shoes ,i like these Bow Ballet Flats

  6. http://Will%20G says

    I like the Star Wars tee!

  7. http://sandra says

    I like the fun dresses and star wars shirts.

  8. http://Stephanie%20Hodges says

    baby boy clothes are so adorable. I really like the dino sets and the “I dig it” outfit.

  9. http://Rachel says

    My favorite item is the penguin sweater dress.

  10. http://Kalani says

    I’d get my son some blue joggers

  11. http://Angie says

    I love to get my daughter the Floral Tutu Dress!!!

  12. http://Janet%20W. says

    My favorite new item is their boys’ Shark Pullover.

  13. http://barbara%20Norton says

    Sunshine sweater

  14. http://mami2jcn says

    I love the Faux-Fur Collar Jacket. It’s discounted from $44.95 to $12!

  15. http://Gina%20M says

    i love the boys “Oh Snap!” tee!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  16. http://Vicki%20Wurgler says

    I like the girls scooter tee

  17. http://Marian says

    Love the Fair Isle Sweater Skirt!

  18. http://Julia%20Reynolds says

    I would love to win this!

  19. http://Lauren says

    I like the Star Wars hoodies.

  20. http://Katrina%20Brockavich says

    The Fawn Peplum tee is so cute!

  21. says

    I like the Scooter Tee 🙂

  22. http://Amanda%20S says

    The velvet flats for girls are so cute!

  23. http://Jennifer%20Wright says

    I really like the mouse hoodie.

  24. http://Seyma%20Shabbir says

    I love the boys collection, the Oh Snap Tee is my favorite.

  25. says

    love the floral shift dress

  26. http://Julie%20Bickham says

    I like the Floral Midi Dress.

  27. says

    I love the Floral Jacquard Dress for girls.

  28. http://Sharon%20Rooney says

    The Ruffle 2-Piece Swimsuit is my favorite new item.

  29. http://Cheryl%20B says

    I love the Sparkle Rain Boots.

  30. http://Christina%20O says

    The boys’s Dino pj’s.

  31. http://Michelle%20C says

    I love the Sparkle Penguin Dress!

  32. http://Karen%20R says

    I love the Deer Sweater Dress and Fawn & Dot Socks.

  33. http://Charlene%20S. says

    My favorite is the Rebel Rugby Shirt.

  34. http://Cynthia%20Gaarder says
  35. http://Laurie%20Nykaza says

    The Frenchie Parka is so perfect for this winter cute and so colorful too.

  36. http://nickie says

    I like the Star Wars hoodies.

  37. http://Marilyn%20Nawara says

    I really like the Mouse Sweater Dress — super cute!

  38. http://Kelly%20Skibbe says

    I like the sweater shift dress with the cat on it. My daughter says she wants it.

  39. http://Jackie says

    I like the Ahoy Stripes Cable Knit Cardigan.
    Thank you!

  40. http://April%20V says

    I love the Twofer Dress! ♥

  41. http://Jennifer%20Cervantes says

    My favorite new item is the frenchie parka, my daughters would love it!

  42. http://Tammy%20Woodall says

    I love the Pink Panda Pullover.

  43. http://Stephanie%20Phelps says

    I would love to have the Deer Sweater Dress Item 140176427.

  44. http://Terri%20S. says

    I love the Frenchie Parka in Dandelion.

  45. http://Hedgehogi says

    Floral shift dress! at gmail dot com

  46. http://Justin%20Tan says

    Being a Star Wars fan, I absolutely love the Storm Trooper Hoodie!!

  47. http://Sarah%20Hayes says

    I like the shawl cardigan

  48. http://Cynthia%20R says

    My favorite new item is the floral twill pants

  49. http://HS says

    I like Frenchie Dress .

  50. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    I love the Spaced 2-Piece Gymmies and the shark rain boots!

  51. http://Kelly%20D says

    The Checked Dress is my favorite.

  52. http://Natalie says

    I love the girl’s Floral Midi Dress.

  53. http://Tee%20A says

    I like the sparkle pleated dress.

  54. http://Alexandra%20Y says

    I like the girls mouse sweater dress.

  55. http://Brandy%20Graham says

    I love the Floral Midi Dress. It would look so cute on my daughter.

  56. http://Kimmy%20Ripley says

    Looking Good Tee is super duper cute!

  57. http://Adrienne%20Gordon says

    I like the Sparkle Penguin Sweater.

  58. http://Tari%20Lawson says

    I like the girls Fit & Flare Dress.

  59. http://robyn%20paris says

    I like the tweed vest for toddler boys. It;s adorable.

  60. http://kathy%20Persons says

    I like the sparkle bomber

  61. http://Cynthia%20C says

    My favorite is the Frenchie Dress Item 140176654

  62. http://David%20Basile says

    Frenchie Club

    Frenchie Club

  63. http://Tracy%20Pryor says

    I like the boys hooded flannel shirt.

  64. http://carol says

    I love the Fit & Flare Dress

  65. http://Lasonda says

    I like the Frenchie Parka.

  66. http://Katherine%20S says

    I like the fit and flare dress

  67. http://Jacqueline%20K says

    The Fair Isle Sweater Dress is so adorable and perfect for the holidays

  68. http://Denise%20B. says

    I would like the hooded pullover for our son.

  69. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    My daughter would love the Unicorn Sweater Dress!

  70. http://Klydra%20Pugh says

    The Girls Desert Hooded One Piece PJs
    Thanks for the chance

  71. http://Darlene%20Carbajal says

    I like the toddler girl’s Scooter tee.

  72. http://NOURA%20A says

    I love the star wars collection all the items are beautiful, especially the Storm Trooper Hoodie

  73. http://courtney%20hennagir says

    As I was looking at all of the new items,my daughter ran up behind me and started squealing about the Frenchie sneakers,so I will have to pick those as a favorite,lol.They always have the best stuff.

  74. http://Jeremy%20McLaughlin says

    Like the Star Wars hoodies

  75. http://HilLesha says

    I love the Moose Sweater Set.

  76. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I really like the Heart Kiss Dress. Thanks.

  77. http://April says

    I love the duck boots!

  78. http://Jenny%20Q. says

    I like the Star Wars logo tee for my son. He is a huge fan of anything to do with Star Wars.

  79. http://McKim says

    I like the Frenchie Parka.

  80. http://Mickie%20Smith says

    I love some of the new heart dresses. I am expecting in February and would love to win this. Thanks for sharing!!

  81. http://Antoinette%20M says

    Like the Doodle leggings for girls!

  82. http://jenny says

    I love the boys casual fan outfit!

  83. http://Tara%20Darity says

    I love the Fit & Flare Dress!! They have such cute items in this collection!!

  84. http://katie%20k says

    I like the love sweater dress

  85. http://Nannypanpan says

    I like the glasses tee

  86. http://natasha%20lamoreux says

    My fave is the Hooded Flannel Shirt for a boy.

  87. says

    My youngest would love the Splatter Shirt. He’s huge into art. I’m so sad that he’s fitting into their largest things. I’m even more sad that I heard this store is closing sometime in the near future. I love/loved their clothes so much!

  88. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    THe Unicorn sweater dress is adorable.

  89. http://Ashley%20C says

    I like the Handsome 1-Piece outfit

  90. http://meredith says

    I really like the Ice Cream Tutu Dress

  91. says

    I like the Star wars hoodies!

  92. http://Emily%20R. says

    I like the boys pirate ship button down shirt.

  93. http://Linda%20G. says

    I like the girls sparkle bomber jacket

  94. http://Rosey says

    The Ahoy Stripes sweater is my favorite. That’s just lovely!

  95. says

    My favorite new item is the Boy Heather Grey Emoji Pullover.

  96. http://Sara%20Floyd says

    I love the frozen line

  97. http://Kristine%20Paull says

    Toddler girl heart shirt dress is so adorable

  98. http://Donna%20Clifford says

    I like the Christmas light pajamas

  99. http://Danielle%20Wood says

    I like the owl 2 piece gymmies pajamas. I think my daughter would really enjoy those

  100. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    I love the Shimmer Heart dress!

  101. http://latoya says

    I’m a big fan of dresses and I like the Love Sweater Dress

  102. http://susan%20smoaks says

    i love the owl dress and the heart dress. they are super cute.

  103. http://Deb says

    I love the new Coastal Crew collection for boys.

  104. http://sylvia says

    My son likes the emoji pullover

  105. http://Leela says

    Bird 2-Piece Gymmies.

  106. http://Jaclyn%20Reynolds says

    The Emoji Pullover would be perfect for my son!!

  107. http://Kristin%20McCall says

    I really love the Bouquet All Day outfit.

  108. http://Courtney says

    The Owl jammies are soooo cute!

  109. http://Jennifer%20Reed says

    I like the Stay Cool Tee and Faded Denim Jeggings from the new Sweetheart Shop from Gymboree.

  110. http://Sandra%20Wills says

    The semi annual sale!

  111. http://Erica%20B. says

    I like the Glitter Hearts Pullover.

  112. http://bn100 says

    Bouquet All Day

  113. http://Lisa%20V. says

    I like the gymgo Trail Blazer Tee.

  114. http://Denise%20W says

    I love the Heart Hoodie found in the toddler girl’s section. The price is great too.

  115. http://Amanda%20L. says

    My favorite item is the Raccoon Sweater Dress.

  116. http://Anne%20Higgins says

    Fair Isle Sweater Dress

  117. http://Kristen says

    I like the Winter Pals 2-Piece Gymmies.

  118. http://Ellie%20Wright says

    My favorite new item is the Heart Tutu Skirt.

  119. http://Hesper%20Fry says

    I really like the Chevron Swing Tunic.

  120. http://Mita says

    I like star wars shirts

  121. http://Julie%20Hawkins says

    I like the girls flower sweater and frenchie parka.

  122. http://Lisa says

    I like the Sparkle Icon Dress

  123. http://shawna says

    I like the ice cream dress.

  124. http://Renee%20G says

    I like the Fair Isle Dress

  125. http://Erin%20M says

    I love the Fan Club Swing Tunic.

  126. http://Amber%20Williamsen says

    I love the flower leggings & sweater!

  127. http://Rachel says

    I like the Oh Snap tee, my son would like it

  128. http://Eileen%20Boyce says

    I like the heart dress.

  129. http://SHAYNA says

    I like the Denim Jacket and Doodle Leggings for Toddler Girls:)

  130. http://Kerry%20p says

    I love the Fair Isle dresses. I can’t pick which color I like best.. Maybe the turquoise.

  131. http://clynsg says

    I rather like the Emoji long-sleeved tee for boys.

  132. http://laura%20bernard says

    Love the frenchie dress!

  133. http://Elizabeth%20Brooks says

    I love the pajamas

  134. http://Karen%20Gonyea says

    We adore the Raccoon weater-Dress.

  135. http://Cheryl%20VanBrunt says

    I like the Frenchie Dress

  136. says

    The Arctic Pals Bodysuit for baby boys is adorable.

  137. http://Kelsey%20Vinson says

    Fire truck gymies are so cute

  138. http://Kayla%20Klontz says

    I like the Pull-on Doodle Jeans!

  139. http://Jacqueline%20Hall says

    how cute. My daughter would love this

  140. http://Carolyn%20Daley says

    I like the R2-D2 Beanie and the Star Wars Tee.

  141. http://Susan%20Climan says

    I love the toddler Shark Hoodie!

  142. http://allison says

    I do love the bow ballet flats for my daughter! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  143. http://Alicia%20Zirjacks says

    I love the Shimmer Heart Dress in the Sweetheart collection!

  144. http://Liz%20N. says

    I love the Ice Cream Dress! It’d be perfect for my niece!

  145. http://Amy%20Deeter says

    My new favorite item is the Glitter Heart Dress

  146. http://Joni%20Chadwell says

    Sparkle Rain Boots are the cutest!!!

  147. http://Janine%20Hwang says

    Love Gymboree! The love sweater dress is cute

  148. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    The Dino Hoodie is adorable.

  149. http://Abigail%20Gibson says

    I like the Funflex Straight Jeans for my niece.

  150. http://Andrea%20P. says

    I love the sparkle I contract! It would be perfect for my daughter!

  151. http://Daniel%20M says

    i like the star wars shirts

  152. http://DanV says

    I like the Owl 2-Piece Gymmies

  153. http://Rivka says

    Love the sweater shift dress!

  154. http://kathy%20pease says

    I like the Fan Club Swing Tunic

  155. http://Vicki%20D. says

    I like the boys Shark Hoodie. Gymboree has a lot of adorable baby and children’s clothing.

  156. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I like the Sparkle Kiss Leggings, my granddaughter would love them!

  157. http://Jerry%20Marquardt says

    I like the Confetti Sweater Scarf the most of all the new items, especially with the very cold weather on us right now.

  158. http://Maria%20Beas says

    I like the Pull-on Doodle Jeans. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway and happy holidays.

  159. http://Zachary%20Warren says

    Ship to shore!

  160. http://Tob says

    I like the Ice Cream Dress

  161. http://vivian%20blevins says

    floral tutu.

  162. http://Sand says

    I like the Crossbones Jacket.

  163. http://Trisha%20Musgrave says

    My girl would love the shark rain boots!

  164. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    I like the boys Ahoy Stripes cardigan

  165. http://Philip%20Lawrence says

    My favorite new item is the .Donut 2-Piece Gymmies.

  166. http://Jessica%20Whitehouse says

    I like the Emoji Pullover for my 6 year old son

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