Chicco KidFit Booster Keeps Kids Safe and Comfortable {& Giveaway!}

My sweet little Halli has grown up so fast. As much as I wish I could slow down time so she could stay my baby it is also really fun watching her grow up. She is the coolest little person. She is smart, a sweet friend, and really funny. She loves to color, and paint. She could work on different art projects all day if I let her. She is super girlie and her favorite colors are pink, gold, and glitter. It is so fun having a little shopping buddy and her love of shoes almost matches mine. Halli recently had a huge growth spurt and I noticed her head was getting close to the top of her Chicco NextFit® Zip car seat. It was time to transition her to a booster and Chicco has been the brand we have trusted from day one. The Chicco KidFit® was the obvious choice of car seat for us to transition to. Halli loves her “big girl” car seat and I love that I can still have the peace of mind that she is safe in the car.

We have the Chicco KidFit Zip Air 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster car seat. It has so many great features. It has been the perfect transition seat from her 5 point harness. The KidFit also has LATCH connectors and Chicco’s amazing SuperCinch® technology. SuperCinch is one of my favorite features of Chicco. After the LATCH connectors are secured all you have to do is give the SuperCinch one good pull and the car seat is secure. Chicco’s car seats are always so easy to install. There is also a belt guide that makes the seat belt rest perfectly across her chest.

The side-impact protection is also really awesome. There are 10 positions of DuoZone® side-impact protection while Halli continues to grow. A contoured ErgoBoost® Plus seat with triple foam padding provides comfort and support in all the right places, and a 2-position backrest adjusts to mimic the vehicle seat position. This seat is so comfortable. Halli immediately said how comfortable and soft it was. The armrests have soft covers and there is also a leg rest. She also really loves the leg rest. It is soft and flexible so she can get in and out of the car with no problems.

The KidFit Zip Air also includes 3d AirMesh on the seat and backrest. Halli is naturally just warm all the time. We joke that it’s because she is our Texas baby. She really could live in a swimsuit even in the middle of our Colorado winters. The 3D AirMesh provide more padding but also breathability so she doesn’t get hot and sweaty in the car. We take really long road trips to grandma’s house a few times a year. The 3D AirMesh has been so helpful keeping her cool and comfortable the entire 8-hour drive.

One of my other favorite features of the KidFit Zip Air all of the fabrics, including the armrest covers can be removed and are machine washable. I loved this feature so much of her NextFit Zip. Halli has a tendency to also get carsick. It has been a lifesaver to be able to easily unzip the padding, throw it in the washer, and have it come out like new every time. Kid’s are also just naturally messy in the car. I swear our car seats always have a little apple juice spill or goldfish crumbs. The zip feature is so nice to always keep the car seat looking great.

Since we do take so many long road trips it is so nice that the KidFit has two dishwasher-safe cup holders. Halli sits in the back with her older brother. The cupholders are awesome because they can be collapsed into themselves to be moved out of the way and can also be completely removed. There is also a bonus storage console fits into either cup holder. It is so awesome for carrying her little toys, crayons, or snacks.

We have loved this car seat so much. As Halli grows the backrest can also be removed to be a backless booster. It is so sturdy, easy to install, comfortable, easy to clean, has great side impact protection and Halli loves it.

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Megan loves being a stay at home mom to a busy boy Hayden (8) and sweet girl Halli (4). She has been happily married to her ridiculously good looking husband for 9 years. She also enjoys blogging, trying new recipes to cook or bake, girls nights, fashion, and reading. You can also find her on twitter and instagram @megan.hamilton28


  1. http://Whitney says

    I love that everything is washable and the cup holders.

  2. http://Sam%20Sasek says

    Love the triple layer padding and that the fabric zips out!!

  3. http://Jessica%20Gipson says

    I love that’s it washable, a huge plus for me. My daughter can get messy with food and drinks. Love it!

  4. http://KATE%20USHER says


  5. http://Maria%20Szanyi says

    The fact that it’s washable is tremendous!

  6. http://shelly%20peterson says

    I like that the fabrics can be removed and are machine washable.

  7. http://Amber says

    It’s so great that you can remove the fabric easily and wash it. My daughter occasionally gets carsick as well. It’s the worst to smell a barfy seat!

  8. http://Hilesha%20O'Nan says

    I love that the fabric is washable.

  9. http://Janet%20Lindsey says

    Because it’s a car seat/booster seat

  10. http://Whitney%20Jordan says

    This looks great! We are searching for a booster seat for my son. I love all of the features that this particular seat offers, especially the zip cover and the collapsible cup holders.

  11. says

    I love that it can convert to a backless booster!!

  12. http://Tamra%20H says

    Really love that you can unzip the padding and wash it!

  13. http://Adrienne%20Gordon says

    LOve the fabric can be removed and washed.

  14. http://Will%20G says

    I like that you can remove the backrest.

  15. http://robyn%20paris says

    I love the storage console. What a wonderful idea.

  16. http://Janet%20W. says

    My favorite feature is the seat belt guides! That will help my grandson when he buckles himself.

  17. http://David%20Basile says

    a versatile booster seat design

  18. http://nickie says

    I like that you can remove the backrest.

  19. http://The%20Happy%20Wife/Danielle%20Garcia says

    I like that the cup holders can be washed in the dishwasher.

  20. http://Katrina%20Brockavich says

    Machine washable fabric is always high on my list when I’m looking for car seats for the kids!

  21. http://Tiffany says

    First and foremost the safety features that chicco offered is incredible. Now all the extra fancy features are amazing!

  22. http://Cynthia%20C says

    I like that the fabric parts are machine washable.

  23. http://Charlene%20S. says

    My fave is the Premium LATCH connectors with SuperCinch one-pull tightener.

  24. http://Katerina says

    My favorite feature is the SuperCinch!

  25. http://Ekta%20Desai says

    It is washable and comfortable zone for my kid

  26. http://Karla%20R. says

    I like how it converts!

  27. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    I love that it grows and adjusts with your kiddo.

  28. says

    love the fabric can be removed and me washed

  29. http://Rachel says

    My favorite feature is the washable fabric.

  30. http://Jessica%20Mcfarlin says

    I love the cup holders & that its easy to clean!

  31. http://Marla%20Jones says

    I love it has two dishwasher-safe cup holders

  32. http://Katherine%20S says

    I love that it is washable

  33. http://Linda%20Madden says

    I love the bonus storage console!

  34. http://Stephanie%20Hodges says

    fabric removed and washable!

  35. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    The feature I like is the side impact protection

  36. http://Azeem%20Isaahaque says

    I like that it is washable

  37. http://Jodi%20J says

    I love that the cover is machine washable. Kids are messy and carseats always end up looking really gross!

  38. http://Klydra%20Pugh says

    That it is easy to clean
    Thanks for the chance

  39. http://Darlene%20Carbajal says

    That it’s easy to clean.

  40. http://NOURA%20A says

    I love how versatile the car seat is, and that it convert when you need it to x

  41. http://Billie%20R says

    I love that it has a storage area, cup holders, and is easy to clean. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. http://Colleen%20Maurina says

    I like that this Chicco booster seat has 10 different positions and side impact protection. You can always count on Chicco for quality and safety!

  43. http://Colleen%20Boudreau says

    I love that it’s washable.

  44. http://Allyson%20Tice says

    My favorite feature is that the cover AND the armrest covers can be removed for washings! This is great since we travel a lot and the kids eat in the car constantly!

  45. says

    I like the 3D AirMesh!

  46. http://Michelle says

    I love that the fabric can be taken off and machine washable.

  47. http://Sarah%20Hayes says

    i like the 3d air mesh

  48. http://Ryan%20Schenk says

    My favorite features are the removable skin that is the best thing about it. The cup holders are amazing as well! One of the best I have seen from what I gather here.

  49. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    I love that it is washable.

  50. http://Ashley%20C says

    I love that the padding is washable! kids are messy!

  51. http://Natalie says

    I love that you can wash the fabric! My niece needs a booster seat!

  52. http://Mita says

    I like that the fabric is washable

  53. http://Leela says

    It has 10 positions.

  54. http://Deb says

    The cooling feature of the 3D Air mesh is a great feature.

  55. http://Michelle says

    I love the washable padding. Those car seats can get so messy!

  56. http://Holly%20Thomas says

    I really like that it is breathable and the child won’t get hot and sweaty sitting in the car.

  57. http://Amanda%20L. says

    My favorite feature is that it is washable.

  58. http://Kyl%20Neusch says

    Love the triple layer padding

  59. http://Jeremy%20McLaughlin says

    Like how the fabric is washable.

  60. http://Becky%20Kinard says

    I like the SuperCinch which secures the child in and I also like that the fabric can be removed and washed.

  61. http://latanya says

    the e 3D AirMesh

  62. http://Stacy%20Darby says

    I love the extra leg room and that it’s washable! My little guy makes such a huge mess!

  63. http://Elle says

    I like that it has side impact protection.

  64. http://Danalee says

    I love the fact that it is easy to clean.

  65. http://Erica%20b. says

    It’s easy to wash!

  66. http://Ellie%20Wright says

    I love that it converts to a booster for older children.

  67. http://Terra%20Heck says

    I like that it has a contoured ErgoBoost® Plus seat with triple foam padding for comfort. Thanks.

  68. http://S%20Riches says

    The storage console is my favorite feature.

  69. http://jenny says

    Machine washable is a life saver!

  70. http://Kristin%20McCall says

    My favorite feature is the cup holders.

  71. http://Angie says

    I love that you can easily unzip the cover and wash it!

  72. http://Katy%20P says

    My favorite feature is the leg rest! My daughter would love that!

  73. http://susan%20smoaks says

    the side impact protection is my favorite feature of this seat. safety is very important.

  74. http://Nannypanpan says

    Love that everything is machine washable

  75. http://Linda says

    I like that the fabric is easily washable.

  76. http://lana says


  77. http://Karen%20Gonyea says

    I love that it is WASHABLE !!

  78. http://Lisa%20V. says

    I like the 3d AirMesh on the seat and backrest.

  79. http://Trasina%20M says

    Def the 3D AirMesh!

  80. http://Amy%20D says

    I like the safety of the side-impact protection. Chicco makes the best car seats. I would love this seat for my daughter who will be outgrowing her car seat soon.

  81. http://joy%20f says

    That it grows and adjusts as they grow.

  82. http://Deanna%20Marissa says

    I really like that fabric is removable and washable.

  83. http://Laura%20Unger says

    I like the 3D air mesh because my son is always warm.

  84. http://Jennifer%20Tilson says

    I like that the fabric covers and the armrest covers can be removed and are machine washable.

  85. http://Susan%20Chester says

    I love that the backrest can be removed to turn it into a booster seat for an older child.

  86. http://Hesper%20Fry says

    My favorite feature is the SuperCinch technology where you just do one pull and the car seat is secure.

  87. http://Brenda%20Elsner says

    I love the storage console and that the fabric is removable and washable.

  88. http://Nidhi%20Chauhan says

    I love its washable padding.

  89. http://Anne%20Higgins says

    That it adjust as you grow

  90. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    The storage console is very cool, I’ve never seen a seat with one before.

  91. http://Julie%20Terry says

    I love that it is easy to clean, has cup holders and adjusts with age.

  92. http://Rachel says

    Loving the leg rest for the little kids my girl would love this

  93. http://Kimmy%20Ripley says

    Love that much of it is machine washable

  94. http://kathy%20pease says

    My favorite feature is the side impact protection

  95. http://Kerry%20p says

    There are many features I love… The safety, etc. but the storage is awesome too!

  96. http://Erin%20M says

    I love the side impact protection.

  97. http://DanV says

    I like that the fabric is machine washable

  98. http://clynsg says

    I like the positioning of the seat belt–there are few things more uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous, than a seat belt that does not fit correctly, such as riding up near the child’s neck rather than being across the chest.

  99. http://Melissa%20Grubb says

    I like that all of the fabrics can be removed and washed!

  100. http://Eileen%20Boyce says

    I like that the fabric is machine washable.

  101. http://laura%20bernard says

    I love the side protection

  102. http://Amanda%20Whitley says

    i like that the back can be removed and be a backless booster as i think one of my sons is getting close to that point now, the other isnt quite in a booster yet

  103. http://Carrie%20goodin says

    Perfect for the taller child who still needs to be in a car seat

  104. http://krystal%20wethington says

    I like that you can wash the padding.

  105. http://Stephanie%20Phelps says

    I love the feature of being able to wash all of including the arm rest!

  106. says

    I love the breathable seat. My grandson is a “heater” like yours is, LOL, so this would be great for him! This seat looks amazing!

  107. http://Kayla%20Klontz says

    I love the leg room, that’s awesome!

  108. says

    I really like the classy color. Very basic and mature looking.

  109. http://Rebecca%20Breland says

    Removable, washable fabric is a great feature with little ones

  110. http://Carrie says

    Machine washable, for sure!

  111. http://Janine%20Hwang says

    I like that the fabric zips out and is washable

  112. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I really like the you can take the cover off easily and wash it in the washing machine!

  113. http://Kelsey%20Vinson says

    So glad it’s washable! When kids get sick or make messes in their seat it’s always such a pain.

  114. http://Andrea%20P. says

    I love that it has latch connectors! Easy install!

  115. http://jenny says

    I like the little foot rest

  116. http://paula%20s says

    I love love love you can remove and wash! That is awesome

  117. http://Philip%20Lawrence says

    My favorite feature is that it is easy to install.

  118. http://Wendy%20McBride says

    I love how it comes apart to be machine washable/dishwasher for parts too! Safety features are the #1 priority, but all the other great features and durability make it a #1 Choice for car seat!

  119. http://Katrina%20Angele says

    I like that it grow with the kid and can be turned into a booster seat.

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