My Favorite Christmas Craft Ideas Using A Silhouette CAMEO! {Plus, Giveaway!}

Have you been hoping to be more crafty lately? You should think about adding the Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting machine to your holiday wish list! Then make sure to tell your family that there is an amazing Black Friday sale about to hit their site!

Christmas Craft Ideas Using A Silhouette CAMEO

I thought I’d put together some of my favorite Christmas craft ideas I could find on Pinterest and share them with you.

This Jingle All the Way Holiday Sign would look fabulous in my dining room and I know Johnny would rock at making it.

Jingle All the Way Holiday Sign
I’ve seen these Reversible Holiday Blocks like these in stores and always wanted to try making them myself.

DIY Reversible Holiday Blocks
These lit blocks have been around for a couple of years now but I just love how these Decorative Glass Blocks are personalized to each family. You can also visit this post for 19 more ideas for Christmas decorated glass blocks.

decorative lighted glass blocks
I would love to Have Johnny make a DIY Lighted Sign like this for our mantle!

DIY Lighted Sign with Silhouette Tutorial
I’d love to stick this cute ‘Jingle All The Way’ frame in my foyer entrance! I can easily change it to match my gold & red Christmas color scheme too!

jingle all the way
I want to make these Etched Pyrex Dishes for everyone in my family! I just love this idea!

DIY Etched Pyrex Dish
Then you could put it in one of these awesome Personalized Santa Sacks!

Personalized Santa Sack

I’ve been wanting to play around with some wood carvings and I love these Wood Slice Ornaments!

Wood Slice Ornaments
Last year I showed you how to make some snow kissed mason candle holders but these Christmas Township Candle Holder take it a whole new level! I need to make some of these!

Christmas Township Candle Holder
This Christmas mirror inspired by Pottery Barn is just gorgeous.

We don’t have a Cookies for Santa plate but I love this one!

Cookies for Santa Plate
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  1. Ellen Casper says

    I would make labels for my pantry items.

  2. Hanan says

    I want to make some wood signs!

  3. Jenni says

    I would personalize my daughter’s mailbox at her first house.

  4. Starla B says

    The Cameo is such an awesome product. I think I would first make stamps for some birthday invitations!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my wood slice ornaments Jennifer, I love all the other projects you’ve featured too 🙂

  6. jennifer barr says

    I like the idea someone else said about making wood signs

  7. Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy says

    I’d love to make the Jingle All the Way shadow box. I know just where I would put it!

  8. Debra C. says

    I could do so much with a Cameo!

  9. Jess says

    Those ornaments are adorbs! My boys have zero decor in their room & since their beds are log & their bedding is real tree I think a couple cute wood signs would pull the whole room together

  10. susan smoaks says

    i would use the cameo to make personalized lunch bags and totes

  11. Michelle Hill says

    I would make all the decorations needed for my Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve Party! Everything from my tablescape to hanging décor from cardstock and fabrics!

  12. vickie couturier says

    Printable white adhesive-backed cardstock

  13. Adrienne Gordon says

    I’d make cool posters

  14. Chris Baker Cox says

    I am working on a Disney scrapbook, and this would take it up a notch! Thank you so much for the chance to win!! I would also love to try making a vinyl phrase for my wall! 🙂

  15. I plan on personalizing bakeware and dishes first with the Silhouette CAMEO.

  16. Christina Foley says

    I would love to make some candle holders or ornaments

  17. Stephanie Liske says

    I would like to use the SOFTWARE & DIGITAL side first. I would like to make some letters with lights behind them. I like those.

  18. McKim says

    I would like to try the glass etching.

  19. Erin polk says

    I want to make wall decals for my daughter’s room

  20. Robin M says

    I’d make a Christmas Stencil.

  21. Jessica Beard says

    I’d like to do a glass etching craft.

  22. Colleen Boudreau says

    I would do glass etching for Christmas gifts.

  23. Becky says

    Wood signs! Possibilities are endless!! Would love this!

  24. My 5 year old is really getting into crafts lately, her room is a paper crafts explosion! My guess is she’ll want to make a sign for her room, but when she sees everything a Silhouette can do she might have some other ideas! So cool. Thank you!

  25. Patty says

    I’d make race costumes!

  26. penniless Teacher says

    Banners, we would start with banners.

  27. Sarah Marshall says

    I would make a shadow box for a friend of mine who lost her baby earlier this year. Plus stickers for my planner of course! Haha! 🙂

  28. Cathy Hudgins says

    I have loved the glass blocks for Christmas! I would love to do these!

  29. Amanda A says

    I have been wanting a Cameo for a few years now. I absolutely love to craft too. I would want to make vinyls. Both for my car, the walls, in frames. I would also make holiday decorations for every holiday!

  30. Margaret Smith says

    I’d love to make my own handmade cards to start. These really look like it would be so much fun.

  31. Ann Fantom says

    If I won the Silhouette, the first thing I would use it for is to make scrapbook pages.

  32. Brianna Blair says

    I would make pretty much anything I could with this hahahaha

  33. GussyKnotts says

    I would make stencils if I won the Cameo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Laura Major says

    I’d liked to try using for quilts! I didn’t even know that was possible! Super cool!!!

  35. Anne says

    OMG I MUST HAVE monogrammed Pyrex!!

  36. Erica B. says

    This would be great for invitations.

  37. latanya says

    Christmas cards

  38. Kimberly Bauer says

    I love the shadowbox frame with the Jingle Bells in it, I would attempt that.

  39. courtney hennagir says

    I would love to create a cool stencil for when I do some painting!

  40. I would make a Christmas sign 🙂

  41. Amy Reed says

    I would make some decor for my girls’ rooms with the adhesive vinyl.

  42. I plan on making vinyl wall decals for my daughters’ rooms first.

  43. Rachelle Anderson says

    I’d like to make a pillow with vinyl on it.

  44. Terri S. says

    I would make a birthday banner and party decorations for my granddaughter’s birthday party.

  45. harolde says

    We are planning on making T-Shrts! Don’t know what kind yet, but would love to do them.

  46. Sharon Schoepe says

    I would make a Christmas banner

  47. I would love to make etch glasses for gifts this year.

  48. Thomas Murphy says

    I would make Christmas cards

  49. Jason says

    Stencils or Christmas cards

  50. ginette4 says

    Heat transfers on clothes

  51. Melissa M says

    I would print my boys names out for their new lego tables for Christmas.

  52. sandra davis says

    I would love to make personalized gifts for friends and family like totes and decals and so many more things.

  53. I’d probably make pretty labels for things around the house and then let the boys make custom t-shirts.

  54. Kenia says

    I have always wanted to make some heat transfers and make tons of stuff for my girls!

  55. Angela Bethea says

    I will do a heat transfer and create custom t-shirt for my family 🙂

  56. Thuy Vu says

    I would start a scrapbook project

  57. Angie boss says

    Holiday blocks are too cute!

  58. I can’t wait to try some glass etching projects!


    making wood signs

  60. Brian Smith says

    I would do a custom bar set with glass etching for me and for Christmas gifts!

  61. Jayne Barnes says

    I would love to try to make wood signs

  62. Cindy B says

    I’d make a vinyl wall quote for our grandson’s room.

  63. Cynthia C says

    I would make fabric appliques for sewing projects.

  64. Richard Hicks says

    I will be using the glass etching when I first use it

  65. I would so love to win this. I have been saving SVG files for a year so I can work on and hopefully catch up on my nieces and nephews books. I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer july 1 of this year so i really want to get caught up on scraping and i know the silhouette would such a help doing that. I also like to make all my own gifts and cards for various holidays.

  66. I would love to win this so I could finish up my nieces and nephews albums (and mine also). I was just diagnosed on July 1 with an incurable cancer so time is of the essence. Owned a Silhouette would definitely help speed up that process. I would also use it to make family gifts and handmade cards for friends and family. Thank you.

  67. Kim Henrichs says

    I would l to personalize some goblets!!

  68. Katherine says

    I would love to do glass etching for upcoming daughters wedding

  69. Jammie says

    I plan to make some personalize greeting cards!

  70. Nickie says

    I’d make christmas decor

  71. Friends have these and make the neatest things! I’d love one! I think I’d like to try glass etching! 🙂

  72. Sarah VM says

    I would like to make cups that look like they have glass etching.

  73. I really like the heat transfer project. It would be fun to make some custom family shirts.

  74. Tarah says

    I’d like to try the glass etching, that would be a great gift idea!

  75. Rust says

    i would love to try the glass etching on jars.

  76. sandra says

    I might try my hand at Christmas cards

  77. carol says

    I would first use it to finish making my Christmas cards. Being a big scrapper and card maker, this would make some nice items

  78. Cindy H says

    Custom t-shirts with heat transfers!

  79. Krissy C says

    I’d love to try my hand at some shadow boxed and something with glass. I’d love to make a memorial for my mom in glass. All the projects look like a lot of fun to do.

  80. Meg says

    I would make labels to organize my pantry, maybe some type of Christmas ornaments!

  81. The plates for Santa and his reindeer are adorable and I’d love to try the etched glass someday. Maybe with a new Silhouette I’ll try it!

  82. Amy Baker says

    My nieces and nephews will get spoiled with holiday goodies! ALL the holidays! But first I’d make those adorable Santa cookie plates!

  83. Kathy R. says

    LOVE the glass blocks! Would like to make them for my whole family!~

  84. amanda sakovitz says

    id make cards

  85. Tara says

    I would make some t-shirt transfers for my kids!

  86. JD Northwest says

    We’ve enjoyed making tshirts and other event specific gear. Next up is the family ski trip. We’d probably come up with a graphic for that and crank out the long sleeve shirts.

  87. kim keithline says

    I would use it to make family recipe books for christmas

  88. Jennifer J says

    I would like to make some paper crafts and T-shirt transfers, this machine looks awesome!! Thank you!

  89. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d love to make Christmas window clings!

  90. Natalie F says

    I would use this for Christmas crafts. Probably wording on a stained pallet board. And of course, Christmas cards.

  91. kelley roach says

    I’d love to make the Jingle All the Way shadow box.

  92. DJ says

    I would love to make some holiday cards for my family.

  93. Nannypanpan says

    I’d make a sign for my daughters room

  94. Daniel M says

    i’d start with cards and try everything after that

  95. Devon F says

    I would love to make a vinyl wall decal

  96. Brittney House says

    I plan on making homemade cards.

  97. Birdiebee says

    I would do some glass etching for my BFF’s upcoming wedding.

  98. Tina W says

    I want to make some signs with my kitties names to go over their cat tree.

  99. love to make the wood signs with my little niece

  100. Aaron says

    I plan on making an adhesive vinyl.

  101. I would definitely like to try some glass etching. I think I could make just about every Christmas gift I need to make that way.

  102. Tammy Horn says

    I would love to make some wood signs. I have so many ideas I would love to try.

  103. Amber C. says

    Letters for my newborns room!

  104. amy pugmire says

    I would love to make some cute wood signs for my kids rooms.

  105. Frank P says

    Would like to make some custom stamps.

  106. Rebecca Williams says

    The first thing I would make with this is a last name sign for my mom

  107. Heather Williams says

    Vinyls!!! They are so versatile!!! My sister and I craft so much and this us perfect!!! I am actually getting dizzy from all the ideas.

  108. Amanda says

    I would love to make signs.

  109. Carolyn Daley says

    I would use it to make ornaments for the holidays.

  110. Trisha Burgess says

    I would make a sign for my front porch! Just to start?

  111. janine h says

    I’d make a banner for my daughter’s first birthday

  112. Candie L says

    I like the rolling tote. Thank you

  113. Michelle C says

    I would love to personalize some casserole dishes!

  114. beth shepherd says

    I would love to make cards. Thank you

  115. Terry Bellender says

    Definitely would do the glass etching! I would make a personalized glass set for a couple of ladies I know for Christmas presents!

  116. Mary Calabrese says

    I would do some glass etching on baking dishes.

  117. Laurie Emerson says

    I would make some signs for holiday gifts.

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