Handprint Garden Stepping Stones You Can Make Yourself {Fun Crafts With Mom}

If you follow my social sites like Instagram or Facebook (which I hope you do!) you’ll know I’m really big about my gardens. Next year we’re doing a big overhaul and they will be 6x the size it is now. I’ve been having the kids make Handprint Garden Stepping Stones to place along the walk ways of all the raised beds.

Handprint Garden Stepping Stones You Can Make Yourself {Fun Crafts With Mom} #FunCraftsWithMom

There are several ways to make these and we’ve been making all different kinds this summer. If you know you want to make many of them you might be better off purchasing molds separately along with stepping stone mix and some stones, mosaic pieces. If you go this route you’ll need some basic supplies.


garden stepping stone crafts supplies

If you aren’t sure if your kids will cooperate or just want to keep it simple you can also go with a kit. We think both are great. If you like the kit I use in this post you can buy it at a craft store or on Amazon with free shipping. It’s called the Mosaic Leaf Stepping Stone Kit and it is by far my favorite kit!

garden stepping stone crafts supplies mosaid leaf kit
A kit is a great way to get started as it has a lot of the needed supplies all together. This one even comes with the stampers!

garden stepping stone kit crafts supplies

Mix your stepping stone cement as directed. When adding water remember to start with only a little and add more as you need it. If you make it to watery it won’t hold the handprint or the stamps.

Johnny mixing the stepping stone mix

Then pour the cement into the mold and let firm up slightly. Then take your child’s hand and have them push it into the center. It might take a few tries, I know it did for us. Sawyer kept trying to grab the cement and it was a struggle to get him to push while keeping his hand flat. Don’t worry your cement doesn’t dry super fast so take your time and make sure you like it.

Brothers making handprints in stepping stones for our garden

Then you can decorate. There’s no wrong way to do this so have fun!

Johnny & Sawyer making handprint stepping stones

Our cement was still pretty loose so we thought we’d leave the stamps in for a few hours. We pulled them out before it was dry.

Stepping Stone process while still wet

If you didn’t go with a kit you can make your own designs. Here is one my oldest made because he didn’t want to do his handprint. He also thought he’d be funny and set a dime on it just enough to look like it fell and could be picked up.

Handprint Garden Stepping Stones You Can Make Yourself {Fun Crafts With Mom}

It will take a couple of days to dry. Make sure it’s fully dry before removing from mold. Cement takes a month to fully cure so if possible don’t stand on it until after that.

Kids Autumn Handprint Stepping Stone for Garden

Here you can see them in my garden: (I know it needs weeding!)


Next on my list is this cute Pet Photo Stepping Stone Kit!

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  1. vickie couturier says

    how nice,id love to have some of these with all my grandbabies handprints

  2. DJ says

    This is a very pretty diy! I would love to do this with my nieces.

  3. Melissa S says

    These are a great idea, you could aso embed stones collected from vacation spots and do one each year.

  4. Pete says

    Great DIY projects with kids/grandkids. Amazing projects that look so cool and make great gift ideas. Thanks for the posting and pictures.

  5. Kids are going to love this (and maybe adults too!) My 4yo niece and wife are going to do these, our niece can;t stop asking when. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. justin tan says

    This looks so fun and it’s a great keepsake!! thanks for sharing!

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  8. Love a great DIY idea! Especially to keep busy in the summer months.

  9. G K says

    These are so cute! I’d love to make some for my dogs as well.

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    What a cute and creative idea! They are too nice to step on!

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    Awesome Idea.. Loved it

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    These look so awesome. Can’t wait to try this with the kids. The hand prints will be great to look back after many years.

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    pretty amazing. im going to try this with my kids. thanks for sharing.

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    Great idea to use with the kids as we enjoy a nice warm day outside listening to music!

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    Great activity for parents who want to bond with their kids. Easy to do and it’s something you can keep for many years as a good memory. Love this post!

  16. Tempe says

    Our kids have enjoyed this greatly everytime we have done it.

  17. This is just way too cute. Going to print this guide out and purchase this kit for nieces upcoming birthdays. Thank you so much for sharing. Looks like a great idea that the kiddos will absolutely love. You’re the best!

  18. Keith says

    Like the step by step instructions – think I am going to try this for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

  19. ellen beck says

    I swear I am dropping a hint to my sister in laws that I want som of these. I have nieces and nephews who could make them, and I would love them even more. I really like the homemade gifts they do.

  20. This looks so fun and it’s a great keepsake!! thanks for sharing!

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  22. Doyle says

    They look so awesome! These are fantastic ideas to get children involved in working with their hands, develop skills and get them away from the TV! Thanks for the post!

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