Rainy Day Umbrella Preschool Craft {Fun Crafts with Mom}

We have had a pretty dry spring which is uncommon here in Massachusetts but recently we’ve had a few long strings of rainy days. I wonder now how we survived the long winter months cooped up inside because just two days in we were climbing the walls. I needed a good umbrella preschool craft for Sawyer.

Rainy Day, {reschool Craft
I thought to help move the time along I’d do a fun rainy day inspired craft. I remembered seeing a cute project one of my awesome contributors show in another post.

Rainy Day Umbrella Preschool Craft

I had asked Megan and she told me it was muffin cups and pipe cleaners so I grabbed a few craft supplies and made our own.


Rainy Day, Preschool, Craft

To get him started I had him color the paper with the crayon to make rain. Depending on your child’s age will determine if you get droplets or scribbles. Either way, they all look great.

Rainy Day Craft

The we folded our cupcake liners in half and cut our pipe cleaners in half too. Bend the pipe cleaners so they make a “J” shape.

rainy day, preschool craft

Stick your pipe cleaners through the center of the liners and glue them down to the blue or gray piece of construction paper. Hold them down momentarily to let them stick better. They won’t stick right away otherwise.

Rainy Day, Preschool Craft

My kids love to use paper punches so I always try to work them into crafts somehow. This one-inch circle punch is a great size for Sawyer and the Martha Stewart ones are easiest for him to punch. Sometimes he can do it on his own but often he still needs a little help from mom. Make as many circles as you want clouds and then glue the circle to the page.

rainy day, preschool craft, clouds

Then take your cotton balls and glue them to wear you put all your circles. After that, you are done and end up with one very proud child like I did. Sawyer thought his umbrella preschool craft was such a fun project and LOVED how it turned out!

rainy day, preschool craft

Sawyer saw I had extra supplies and wanted to make it again so, this time, I stepped back and didn’t give him any directions. He was able to use any of the supplies remaining however he pleased. He thought this was really fun!

Rainy Day, Preschool Craft

He asked if we had any glitter so we added a little to this one which you could include in your main project too.

rainy day, preschool project

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  1. Katy says

    This is so cute! I love the use of cupcake liners- my daughter loves to play with empty ones. This would be a fun way she could create something with them!

    Also, I see how you’re putting letters in front of your daughter and she’s writing her name! How smart (of you and her)! I’ll have to try that, too.

  2. Emily Endrizzi says

    What a cute craft idea! This would be perfect for a rainy summer day project!

  3. Kimberly M. says

    That is so cute. My grandsons and I love to do crafts and this would be a wonderful craft to make on a rainy day. Thank you for posting.

  4. Birdiebee says

    This is a cute project for kids. I always love to find new things to do with the grandkids when they are stuck indoors (and something away from the electronics).

  5. Super cute & so much fun for the kids!

  6. G K says

    This looks like a lot of fun! I love anything that gets kids’ imaginations going.

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