Get the Protein You Need To Make It Through The Day with Silk Soymilk

I love this time of year. I just got over the opening of the spring and summer wardrobe that doesn’t fit and the realization of what my winter eating habits have done to me. I’ve tossed all the junk food in the trash and we’re outside every minute we can be. I’m back to making better choices and thinking about how things affect me.


I start shopping in the produce section more and watching what I’m taking in each day. When I start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables it is important that I make sure to get protein in as well. No other dairy-free milk brand gives you more protein!    With 8 grams of heart-healthy, plant-powered protein and a smooth delicious taste, Silk Original Soymilk gives you plenty to love. And because Silk is plant-based, it’s naturally low in saturated fat and has no cholesterol!


So after your morning workout make a yummy smoothie filled with berries, spinach, and some soymilk. It will help give you more energy until your next meal and keep you from showing your hangry. If you’re anything like me you’re hangry is scary so getting enough protein in is key!

Silk Soymilk

I’ve actually removed dairy completely out of my diet before on a long time scale and the results were amazing. Not only did I feel better but my psoriasis for the first time ever actually started healing. I actually started doing it all over again and I’ve replaced my regular milk for Silk Soymilk. It let’s me still enjoy the touch of milk in things I like such as coffee, oatmeal, smoothies and more. In fact you can basically use soymilk whenever you would normally use cows milk.

my psoriasis on my legs

Switching to Silk is an easy, delicious way to start adding more plants to your diet. And like the plants Silk is made from, when your body gets everything it needs to be healthy, it blooms. Make sure to visit the Silk website and grab your coupon of the purchase of your next soymilk.


This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. vickie Couturier says

    a few of my grown kids like soymilk,,me im not so sure,I hate to buy it and not like it,,i guess the next time im at their house ill give it a try

  2. http says

    I have never tried it but I have heard it was pretty good. That is really amazing how it helped heal your psoriasis!

  3. Julie Wood says

    Good news to hear that getting off dairy helped with your skin condition! I really like Silk soymilk so much better on my cereal! It tastes so good and is very healthy. Thank is the only milk that I put in my coffee and on my cereal now!

  4. David Fultner says

    I drink fat free. I tried this at my aunts. It is great.

  5. Rosiie says

    I’m glad it has been an improvement for you. I’d love to try Soymilk, and having a coupon makes it a thrill for me. I’ve started making smoothies and would like to change it up, I want to try this!

  6. Emily Endrizzi says

    I don’t drink milk often, but when I do I drink regular cow’s milk. I just don’t like the taste of soy or almond milk at all. I have tried it and it’s just not for me.

  7. Rebecca Parsons says

    I will have to see if this works for my husband who has Psoriasis, could be a good reason to change from milk to Silk!

  8. Rebecca Kellerman says

    I try to limit my dairy because I believe it contributes to my digestive issues and my acne. I do drink almond milk, have you tried it?

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