Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft {Fun Crafts With Mom}

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

This fun paper plate craft is super easy for any age level. My oldest was telling me about the baby chicks that the school hatch every year and I thought we could do a fun craft to celebrate them. My boys had a lot of fun making theirs!

Supplies Needed:

For our craft we used the smaller dessert plates but that’s just because we already had them left over from a part we had. You could easily use full size plates or even white plates colored or painted yellow if you wanted to add an additional step.

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

First have your kids take their glue stick and just cover the entire plate with glue. Then cover the plate in yellow feathers.

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

Sawyer had fun covering every inch of the plate while Gavin thought leaving the edges of the plate visible made the chick look more baby like.

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

Once your feathers are stuck on flip the plate over. Cut a large triangle with the orange cardstock and glue to the edge of the plate with your glue stick. Check and make sure you made your chick beak enough by checking it first. Gavin thought he had made a huge beak and when we flipped it back over he was surprised at how little it was.

To make the feet you can cut the pipe cleaners in half and then one side in half again. Take the small piece around the bigger piece to form the feet pictured below. Gavin wanted simple feet and just bent his. Both look great! To attach to the plate we used our glue dots. It took about 2 dots for each leg.

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

Then flip your baby chick back over and give him an eye. Our wiggle eyes came with self adhesive backing but if yours didn’t just add a glue dot to the back.

Baby Chicks Paper Plate Craft

Both boys just loved the finished project and played with them together for a while and now both are happily hanging out in their bedrooms.

Do you know anyone with baby chicks? Do you know anyone who raises their own chickens?

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Perfect Spring craft for the littles.

  2. nicole dziedzic says

    These are just too cute not to make with the kids, very fun and easy supplies, which most i already have on hand. My daughter wants to make pink chicks too.

  3. My niece and nephew would have a blast making these baby chicks. I will have to do this with them next time they come for a visit.

  4. Emily Endrizzi says

    This looks like a super fun craft for the kids! I will have to put this on our summer to-do list!

  5. Keara B. says

    This is such a cute craft! My daughter currently loves anything that involves a) scissors or b) glue. This is right up her alley. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Julie Wood says

    This is so adorable! I really like your craft to make baby Chicks! I know that my nephew and niece would love to make this craft. I will have to get the stuff so they can make these!

  7. Sandy Cain says

    Now, how adorable is this? I have to save this for my granddaughters for next Easter, they would love it so much! I can even see how it could be customized for other holidays… using red, white, and blue feather for the 4th of July, or red and green for Christmas.

  8. Amy Orvin says

    Awww! What a super cute craft idea! I love it. 🙂 They look so easy and fun to make. Thank you for the idea.

  9. Janet W. says

    What a cute and easy craft for my grandsons to do! I’ll keep this in mind for an inside activity this hot summer!

  10. This is such a cute and fun idea, I love getting my grandchildren, all 8 of them doing stuff like this. Will have to put this one on the list, easy enough 🙂

  11. vickie Couturier says

    how cute,you could make this for decorations to hang for a party,,very clever crafts

  12. What an adorable craft, it may be past the beginning of spring but I think I’m going to do this with my boys. Thank you.

  13. Rosiie says

    this is soo cute! I did have baby chicks, and chickens. I had only a few, and it was soo much fun, they have a lot of personality, and I liked to spoil them. They spoiled me back by laying the best eggs ever!

  14. G K says

    Adorable! You could even turn these into Angry Birds.

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