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I absolutely love Springtime and I love Easter. First of all Easter by far has my favorite holiday candy and second I brought Halli home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. Easter and Springtime is just so special. My kids and I were just able to read a super cute book to add to our Springtime and Easter book collection. It has everything I love about Easter and Springtime.

The Littlest Bunny Series

The Littlest Bunny Series is about a little bunny named Flop. He is darling! The art work in The Littlest Bunny is amazing and so detailed. Halli is obsessed with bunnies. She has a little bunny blanket that she has to sleep with and she has little bunny slippers that I can barely get her to take off. She was immediately in love with cute little Flop.

The Littlest Bunny Series

Flop travels in an air balloon full of Easter eggs and he visits lots of different land marks to hide them. The best feature of the Littlest Bunny Series is that each of the land marks are specific to your state or city! The Littlest Bunny Series has books for all 50 states as well as cities in Canada! Some of the famous sites include the Statue of Liberty in New York, California’s Hollywood sign, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, Georgia’s Fox Theater, Churchill Downs in Kentucky, and many more.

The Littlest Bunny Series

Since we live in Utah we were sent “The Littlest Bunny in Utah an Easter Adventure.” Hayden loved seeing familiar landmarks during Flop’s adventure. Throughout the book there are also hidden Easter eggs. My kids loved having their own little Easter egg hunt throughout the book. There are 20 Easter eggs in all to find. Some were easy enough for Halli to find but some were harder to challenge Hayden.

The Littlest Bunny Series

The Littlest Bunny Series is such a fun book. The story line and the pictures are so cute and full of fun detail. We loved our “Utah” book so much that I think I will also order a “Texas” book. We lived in Texas for a long time and love Texas. I think my kids would love to read about Flop’s adventure in Texas too.

The Littlest Bunny Series

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win one (1) of the winner’s choice from the 77 Littlest Bunny regional titles available.

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  1. Becky Greenly says

    Iron Mn

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  4. Elsie says

    I would like the little Bunny in Ohio!

  5. Amy Reed says


  6. southern wisconsin.

  7. vickie couturier says


  8. Jessica Beard says

    I’d like him to visit Indiana!

  9. Marilyn Nawara says


  10. Jennifer Tilson says

    I’d love for him to visit Tennessee.

  11. Devon F says

    I’d love for him to visit us in California! 🙂

  12. I know he visited the Mackinac Bridge, but Mackinac Island would be neat to have him visit too.

  13. Elizabeth says

    New York

  14. sandra says

    it’d be nice if he came to visit us in silver spring, md

  15. I am from Utah too so I want that one. It would also be cool if there is a Prague book. I go there every summer…it is like my second home.

  16. Trisha Burgess says

    I think he should visit Ohio!

  17. Linda Madden says

    The state of Kentucky

  18. Vicki Wurgler says

    North Dakota

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  21. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d like him to visit Texas!

  22. shaunie says

    I would love for them to visit Denver Colorado

  23. polly says

    I want the bunny to visit California

  24. Terri S. says

    I’d love to have the Littlest Bunny visit New York.

  25. courtney b says

    phoenix Arizona!!!!

    Thank you !:)

  26. Audra O'Hara says

    I’d like him to visit western North Carolina.

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  28. Sharon Kaminski says

    I would want him to visit Wisconsin!

  29. Christie says

    Keizer, Oregon

  30. Janet Woodling says

    How about a dinosaur dig in Glen Rose, Texas

  31. Betty Ramsey says

    I’d like that bunny to visit California!

  32. Jennifer W says

    Oklahoma 🙂

  33. Ria Andrews says

    Indiana 🙂

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  35. Vicki Welch says

    Northwest Florida

  36. Hayley says

    Anywhere in the north Florida or south Georgia area. Maybe Tallahassee FL.

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    Bronx, NY

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    clearwater/gulf coast of florida!

  40. Erin says

    Northern NY!!

  41. Julie Waldron says

    Mid Michigan

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  44. vera wilson says

    Would be nice for him to visit Summerville, SC

  45. Leela says


  46. Sara says

    Richmond, VA

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  48. Jodi Kershuk says

    The Littlest Bunny should visit West Virginia.

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  50. Jamielee Kimball says

    Manchester, NH

  51. Katy says

    We’d love him to come visit us in California!

  52. Rosanne Morrison says

    Rockford, IL

  53. Kristen says

    Littlest Bunny should visit San Francisco.

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