Celebrate Your Baby’s 1st Milestones with Pampers {Plus, $100 Prize Pack Giveaway}

There is nothing more beautiful than the introduction of a newborn baby. I still remember the exact moment when my husband brought my two older boys into the room and introduced them to their new little brother. It was one of many 1st milestones we were going to discover together.


I’ve been so lucky to capture most of our firsts in photos or on video and I love looking back. One of Sawyer’s first milestones that I love looking back on is his very first bath. I still can’t believe that he actually slept through the entire process.

Sawyer 1st bath

Our new baby’s are amazing in so many ways. Pampers Swaddlers wraps baby with superior comfort, protection and blanket-like softness, helping to take care of babies during all the precious first moments they share with their parents. They don’t forget about the little details either like an Absorb Away Liner® to pull wetness and mess away from babies’ skin. Or the Umbilical Notch to keep clear of baby’s umbilical cord area. New moms loved them so much that they asked for them in larger sizes! Of course Pampers listened to moms who said they wanted the Pampers Swaddlers softness they know and love to be available throughout their diapering years. Now Pampers Swaddlers are available through size 6! Pampers Swaddlers are Pampers softest diaper and offers up to 12 hours of overnight protection should your baby just happen to hit that amazing milestone of sleeping through the night.

It’s really a no brainer why Pampers Swaddlers are the #1 choice of hospitals in North America!

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers understands there is nothing more joyful or rewarding than the precious first-time moments shared by little ones and their families. In honor of this special journey, Pampers has released a compilation video entitled “Firsts” that highlight those wondrous “first” experiences together. From the first time parents see their little one on a sonogram to the first evening home from the hospital, the Pampers “Firsts” video showcases precious, heart-felt moments babies and parents share together. Pampers recognizes that all first moments, no matter how big or small, are moments to be cherished and celebrated. Pampers is honored to be a part of the journey of firsts for millions of families around the world every day.

I probably should have warned you to grab some tissues first. Pampers always knows just how to touch our hearts.

Pampers Twitter Party Image

Pampers has put together several prize packs and will be giving them out to participants who attend the #PampersFirsts Twitter Party!

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“This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.”


  1. Cindy H says

    Of when my son first said I love you.

  2. Allison Downes says

    My favorite is first steps.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. claire says

    My son’s first birthday. It was bittersweet for me, because his birth and first week of life had been very traumatizing and scary. I honestly dreaded his birthday. But once it arrived, i felt better. I was so happy to see how far he’d come and how much he’s changed our world.

  4. Shelbie Johnston says

    first time my son said mommy :)))

  5. Melissa says

    My son’s first snowfall and watching him walk around in it.

  6. Lisa Brown says

    my favorite memory was when my son lost his first tooth

  7. Carol Burgess says

    When my daughter rolled over

  8. Lauren says

    I cherish the first smiles and laughs.

  9. Melissa M says

    I love the 1st giggles.

  10. Alina Hahn says

    Definitely the first time our son walked – I still watch the video. We were so excited!

  11. vickie couturier says

    the first steps are always exciting,,and i got to see some of my grandbabies take their first steps,,still exciting

  12. Mary Happymommy says

    Baby’s first steps were memorable.

  13. Janet W. says

    My favorite memory was when my daughter took her first steps! We cheered her on and it was such an exciting moment!

  14. Julie Wood says

    I loved my son and daughters first smile and laugh! It was so precious!

  15. Kelly E says

    My favorite is first steps!

  16. rachel says

    Cracking open a bottle of sparkling grape juice to celebrate the first time she slept through the night!

  17. Kaitlin says

    I’m pregnant with our first baby and due this summer, I know I will have many favorite first including first breathe, first smile, first laugh, first crawl, and first steps!

  18. Kelly D says

    I recorded my daughter’s first steps, which is my favorite memory.

  19. Elena says

    My son’s first smile was memorable

  20. HS says

    I love the first step of my baby.

  21. shaunie says

    My first is the first step. So amazing.

  22. Jennifer Rote says

    My favorite was always the first steps.

  23. Kara Kilhoffer says

    My sons first steps just last week! Best feeling in the world going through milestones with him!

  24. Stephanie says

    i loved the first word momma

  25. I love hearing my daughter’s first gut-laugh!

  26. Em Mahr says

    Hearing my little ones first word (Mama) was a huge milestone!

  27. Kim D. says

    My favorite first is seeing them take their first steps.

  28. amy stonger says

    I always loved the first steps with my son and can’t wait until my daughter reaches that milestone.

  29. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I loved the first smile!

  30. Sandy Klocinski says

    My favorite memory has to be my daughter’s first steps. She was holding a small change purse in her hands in front of her and just starting walking. Apparently, she thought the change person was supporting her!

  31. Amie George says

    There was so many favorites for me! I have 5 kids and I would say that the most memorable one for all of them was their first smile! To me that was their first sign of sincere emotion other than crying!

  32. beth says

    My favorite was her first smile.

  33. gina says

    loved videotaping the first crawls and steps!

  34. Margaret Smith says

    Their first giggle is my favorite.

  35. Ellie Wright says

    My granddaughter just started laughing. It’s my favorite first right now.

  36. Thomas Murphy says

    My favorite memory is my sons first steps.

  37. steve weber says

    My favorite is when he first started winking.

  38. Katherine says

    Ilove the first time they laughed and giggled

  39. Jessica Beard says

    I love all the firsts, but I really love when your child looks you in the eyes and smiles big!

  40. Ann Fantom says

    My favorite milestone is when my daughter first said “mommy”

  41. courtney b says

    the first time my daughter said “I love you” it melted my heart.

    it was sooo cute.

    thank you! xoxoxo

  42. Christina Foley says

    So many “firsts” are so special and memorable…. the first time I held my babies… those first giggles are so precious… and the first time they say “I love you Mama”.

  43. shelly peterson says

    Their first steps were most memorable.

  44. Nicole Millheim says

    WAtching those first few steps

  45. DEBIJOT says

    My favorite memories are of their first steps.

  46. Dianne Hall says

    The first steps<3

  47. Stephanie Phelps says

    My favorite milestone was the day he smiled at me and it wasn’t gas. lol

  48. Kelly Nicholson says

    Tell me one of your favorite memories celebrating one of your child’s first milestones.

    have to children,but walking would be at the top..thanks

  49. jennifer says

    I love a baby’s first real laugh… an intentional great laugh from the belly!

  50. Nicole Dz says

    The favorite firsts we celebrated is when they began to crawl, especially up the stairs.

  51. Trisha Burgess says

    My favorite milestone was when my son learned to walk! He would put his hands straight out and he looked like an adorable zombie baby!! Lol

  52. Jackie says

    I loved feeling my baby move in my belly for first time!

  53. Jennifer Tilson says

    I loved the first time my daughter smiled at me.

  54. Soha MOlina says

    Her first smile was =very fun;

  55. Devon F says

    My favorite milestone memory is when my 11 month old took her first steps & they were to her big sister 🙂

  56. Kenny Hall says

    The first steps

  57. Cynthia C says

    I was delighted to see my babies’ first smiles.

  58. April says

    I loved my babies first laughs!

  59. Natalie says

    One of my favorite memories was the first time my daughter said the word momma.

  60. sharonc says

    I loved to hear my child’s first laugh

  61. Tracey Byram says

    I taught my grandson to walk one weekend when he was staying with me. He was so proud of himself.

  62. BeckyM says

    Favorite memory is my son’s first smile.

  63. Amy Orvin says

    My favorite was first smile.

  64. Laura says

    I am currently expecting my first, due May 1st! No milestones yet, but I am so overjoyed just thinking about all of the milestones I’ll get to witness as my daughter grows 🙂

  65. Debra S says

    My favorite first ALWAYS is when they begin to do real belly laughs. There is nothing better than that… their sheer delight in the world.

  66. Sara says

    I loved hearing my son say I love you for the first time.

  67. Austin Baroudi says

    My favoite milestone was definitely her first steps! I was so proud and we went for ice cream right after!

  68. james doyle says

    first crawl 🙂

  69. Sara M says

    we have 5 kids & the first steps are always my favorite! I’ve been there to see each & every one of them take their very first steps. it’s so adorable watching them toddle around on those chubby little legs!

  70. Robin M says

    I loved walking on the beach with my toddler

  71. Cynthia R says

    My favorite memories were hearing those first words, I love that sweet little voice!

  72. nickie says

    When my son laughed.

  73. sandra says

    capturing baby’s first steps on video

  74. michal kovac says

    my friend,she is having a baby,twins actually,would be a great gift.

  75. My favorite memories celebrating my kids’ first milestones were their first laughs and smiles. 🙂

  76. Carol says

    My favorite memory was when my kids lost their first tooth.

  77. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I think those first belly laughs are absolutely magical!

  78. Laura J says

    Oh my favorite memory was when he first said mama…daddy was holding him! We still chuckle about it today…such precious memories!

  79. Tiffany S says

    Babys first steps.

  80. AD46241 says

    My favorite milestone was when my daughter smiled at me.

  81. Tricia G says

    First teeth!!

  82. David Balkin says

    I will never forget my daughter’s most recent Christmas. It was the first time she was old enough to open presents, and she LOVED it.

  83. tina m says

    I love the first laugh.

  84. Rebecca Parsons says

    My favorite first milestone is the first real smile.

  85. Linda G. says

    My favorite memory was her taking her first steps!

  86. Anita Duvall says

    On the day my oldest daughter turned 10 months old, she was VERY sick. She would sit and cry and cry. All of a sudden she wanted down in the floor, and she just took off walking across our living room! No stumbling around, no falls, just, walked like she had been doing it forever!

  87. JLin says

    1st step

  88. puffywun says

    I remember my daughter’s first trip to a pumpkin patch. She picked a pumpkin, and carried it, although it was about twice the size as she was.

  89. Brittney House says

    I loved when she started walking. Now she wont sit still. lol

  90. Starla B says

    What an amazing prize pack. My favorite experience thus far was of course meeting her for the first time and also hearing her say “mama”, Best feeling in the whole universe!

  91. Richard Hicks says

    One of my favorite milestones was when he first said the word Da Da!

  92. Barbara Montag says

    My favorite memory is seeing the baby’s first smile.
    thank you

  93. Marcus says

    I’m a first time dad that’s anxious to meet my son in the next few months. My favorite memory is the first time he kicked and i felt it. I’m sure there will be a hundred other firsts coming soon.

  94. Deb Jackson says

    I always ;look forward to first steps

  95. My favorite has to be the first time I rocked her to sleep and just watched her in my arms. Couldn’t get over how blessed I was.

  96. Vicki Wurgler says

    I love the first smile

  97. Betty says

    Love the moment the older child first met his little sister

  98. Angela Saver says

    My favorite is when our kid’s took their first step!


  99. Amanda Alvarado says

    My favorite first of both our kids was when they took their first steps! Both were late walkers (ds at 13 months and dd at 15 months) so the were precious to me!

  100. Birdiebee says

    One of my favorite milestones is when my children took their first step.

  101. Sidney says

    The first crawl.

  102. mommy and daddy were big.

  103. Tina W says

    I think the first words were the most special, and caught on tape!

  104. Dawn Monroe says

    I remember when my twins sat up by themselves. It was a great day! My youngest walking was memorable too. I have 6 grand kids now and I’m looking forward to a lot of firsts.

  105. amy rouse says

    the first time each of my grandbabies learned how to say G’ma!

  106. Beth Hill says

    My favorite memory was the first real smile and the belly laugh! I remember having a little puppy toy that flipped when you wound it up and it made him laugh so hard, it was a deep belly laugh.

  107. Selinda says

    My son’s first laugh!

  108. Nannypanpan says

    I cried the first my son said I love you

  109. Jamie Brigham says

    My best milestone (as corny as this is) is my son taking his first breath then the first time I was able to spend time with him. I lost 5 pints of blood when I had him so 18 hours later is the first time I got to actually spend with him as I was forced to go to sleep to recover enough to survive. That was my favorite moment. I don’t remember his birth as I lost short term memory with blood loss.

  110. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    I loved seeing my son smile for the first time.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  111. Lupita m says

    I love the first smile

  112. Natalie Brown says

    The first big milestone I remember with my son was when he started to crawl. We video taped it because he did it so weird. One hand on the floor and the other arm using his elbow. lol

  113. Dawn Keenan says

    The first milestone that is my favorite is the smile. It just melts my heart!

  114. Julie L says

    The first giggles just light me up! I also love when they start talking!

  115. Rosanne says

    I remember my first son saying “that punkin” about a pumpkin when he was 11 months old

  116. kyl neusch says

    first steps

  117. Hope Mitchner says

    My favorite memory are their first words. That MAMA and DADA along with a smile just made your heart melt.

  118. Emily K says

    Expecting my first, so far it is feeling the kicks!

  119. Vanessa Richard says

    First step and words also finding their feet

  120. Kimmy Ripley says

    My heart melted into a big pile of mush when I first heard “MAMA”.

  121. Christy R says

    My daughter is two and a half week old….she just recently pasted her birth weight last week and is now at 6lbs 15.5oz. I love watching her sleep and make all the adorable little faces.

  122. Cassandra Eastman says

    My favorite first was hearing my husband make my son laugh for the first time, he was so proud of himself!

  123. jill rivera says

    I remember the first time he woke was a newborn and seeing his eyes.

  124. ana b says

    My favorite was first smile

  125. Ann B. says

    Oh gosh, it would say it was the first time I heard her laugh out loud.

  126. Linda F. says

    My favorite memory is her first steps.

  127. Joann F says

    The first smile was always my favorite.

  128. Kristen says

    I remember the first time my little sister laughed….so adorable and infectious!

  129. Sarah L says

    No kids, but I remember when my niece took her first steps.
    Thanks for the contest.

  130. Sarah L says
  131. Stacey b says

    I always love the first real gummy smiles! It’s pure love!

  132. Elle P. says

    I like the first word.

  133. darby says

    Mine will be here in June!

  134. polly says

    My favorite milestone with both kids when they smiled

  135. Sarah Hayes says

    her first steps were so fun

  136. brittany says

    one my all time fav milestones was hearing them say mama for first time 🙂

  137. Aaron says

    I remember the laughter.

  138. James Robert says

    My favorite memory was hearing all my kids saying DaDa. Now, maybe they say it too much…lol, I hear it all day long

  139. Maria C says

    when I first held her in my arms

  140. Julie says

    I loved her first smile. I remember, she looked me right in the eyes and her face lit up with the biggest smile I have ever seen! It totally melted my heart. I love my little love bug! Her first word was “mama” and she loves saying it (and I love hearing it too!) 🙂 Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

  141. Desiree Dunbar says

    My milestone is my son’s first word.

  142. stephanie baker says

    My little girl will be 1 next month, eek! All of her milestones have been so exciting, but clapping & crawling have been my favorites. Oh, and seeing her smile for the first time & her precious baby giggles. So sweet!

  143. Francine Anchondo says

    my kids first steps.

  144. mita says

    I like the 1st giggles.

  145. brenda boone says

    baby first word

  146. Natalie S says

    My favorite has been that first intentional smile and saying mama for the first time – melts my heart!

  147. Lisa Garner says

    I loved being able to capture that first step.

  148. christine j says

    I am enjoying seeing my 8 month old taking his first steps

  149. Carol Godfrey says

    My favorite memory is watching her take her first steps!

  150. Robin says

    I like my son’s first smile.

  151. D says

    i always loved the pooping faces too! i always knew lol

  152. Tanya White says

    The first giggle was always my favorite along with first words.

  153. thalia h says

    my favorite was the first smile and the finger hold

  154. Teresa F says

    First smile

  155. Rebecca Orr says

    Seeing our kids smile for the first time was always magical. The non-gassy smiles that is. Our littlest guy is 9 weeks old and has been giving us some real smiles for a couple weeks now and it is so cute and we just eat it right up!

  156. Sonya says

    I love their first big smile!

  157. Lisa V. says

    I remember my daughter first steps and I was the only one home when she did.

  158. joe gersch says

    mine was my daughter smiling

  159. Kim H says

    The first words were one of my favorites!!

  160. Brigitte B says

    My favorite first memory is when my son recognized me and gave me a big smile. I was able to capture a picture of this event and it continues to make me smile when I look at it.

  161. Lesley F says

    The first time she laughed out loud

  162. tina reynolds says

    I loved the first smiile and first steps they come so quick

  163. Erica B. says

    I’m waiting for first word.

  164. Samantha says

    Mine would be her taking for first step… toward my phone!

  165. Jean D. says

    My sweetie pie just got her very first tooth. Finding it was fun fun fun!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  166. Susan Smith says

    My favorite milestone is my son’s first word.

  167. Breanne says

    My favorite is first giggle.

  168. Stephanie Larison says

    Well, since it was just 2 days ago, I’ve got to say my fave was when my daughter turned 6 months old, on that day she said her first word…mama! 🙂

  169. Terry Maigi says

    I LOVE my daughter’s first giggles! Such a special memory

  170. robyn paris says

    i enjoyed when she started to play peek a boo. She was so adorable and called it pooke bo.

  171. Rachel Travis says

    I love the first smile and laugh!!! So precious 🙂 … thank goodness for cameras to keep the memories alivE!

  172. Shawn says

    The first steps that they took were the most fun and memorable.

  173. claire says

    I recorded my daughter’s first steps, which is my favorite memory.

  174. Karen Drake says

    My favorite memory is of my children’s first smiles.

  175. Candace says

    The first real smile 🙂 so sweet!

  176. Danielle Wood says

    His first laugh is one of my favorite memories

  177. Bridgett Wilbur says

    One of my favorite memorys was when my daughter fist called me mom…still meks me smile.

  178. shea balentine says

    I have 2 stepsons.. I was around them when they were babies, but about ages 3 and up. I loved when they were first learning to read.. esp the youngest. He would read every label on the store shelves… and constantly ask me what it was.. items I put in the buggy.. It got interesting a few times! =)

  179. Taylor Barrow says

    First time expecting mom. But so far hearing my baby’s heart beat has been the best

  180. Taylor Barrow says

    o far hearing my baby’s heart beat has been the best

  181. heather s says

    The first steps always get me

  182. angela cisco says

    First birthday was a fun one!

  183. Jake B says

    Seeing him walk for the first time.

  184. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Since we so rarely have ice and snow and its ice here now I’ve thought back to my daughters first time to see snow and to play in it. I do not think she would ever say she was cold.

  185. Sydney says

    I always love the first giggle!

  186. Leah Shumack says

    Her first really big laugh! Loved it!

  187. Tabathia B says

    The first time that she crawled.

  188. Trisha McKee says

    The first time my daughter crawled, we were at my mom’s and she and i were sleeping on teh floor. She crawled over to me and jumped on me, laughing. One of my favorite memories.

  189. Karen F says

    The first time they laugh, you just want to hear it again and again.

  190. Carolyn Daley says

    The first time he walked on his own without any help.

  191. paige jagan says

    I loved when mine started walking! So cute!

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