Sawyer’s First Bath

It seemed like forever for Sawyer’s belly button cord to fall out. Well, the entire cord piece anyways because it half fell out and the Dr. told us we had to wait for the rest of it to fall out. Well, that finally happened Saturday night. Sunday morning was a bit crazy but I was so excited to finally give him a bath that I made sure to fit it in.

Sawyer on the other hand didn’t want to be interrupted from his morning nap and slept through the ENTIRE thing.

There was a moment he cracked his eyes to see what was going on but grabbed his fingers and went back to sleep.

He loved the water. He was so calm and at peace while in it. I honestly didn’t know what to do as my other boys screamed bloody murder during their baths. Sawyer just loved it.

He did start fussing once I took him out and he knew getting dressed was next.

It was mild as the clothing hadn’t come out yet.

Getting dressed and diaper changing is another story though. That is the one thing that seems to set him off every time.



  1. Awww… wish mine were tiny again! I miss those days.

    Happy #WW πŸ™‚

    ~ Jill

  2. Helena says

    he looks so content!

  3. OMG how precious is he?!?

  4. what a little sweetie! the water must of felt nice & warm. Most babies seem to hate getting dressed, LOL.. one of the 1st battles! I hope he continues to like his baths πŸ™‚

  5. Katie says

    totally opposite of Violet’s first bath – she screamed like crazy! What a cutie!

  6. So very precious! I would love to hold another baby in my arms again, especially one as small as your Sawyer. After six kids, I would still love to have more.

  7. Judy Bradley says

    So cute! I can almost here the crying protests!

  8. Mimi says

    LOL My kids always screamed during bathtime, too. He’s so adorable!

  9. Dee says

    Too funny that he slept through the whole thing!!

  10. congrats on your beautiful baby!!

  11. I just want to snuggle with your sweet baby!

    I can’t believe he cried over the diaper & clothes, but slept through the bath! Kids are so funny, aren’t they?!

  12. Lolo says

    So adorable!! I miss having a tiny little baby!

  13. He is so cute! I miss times like that!

  14. Awwwww..I miss having a baby that tiny.

  15. Kelly says

    Adorable. He just looks so happy and calm in the bath.

  16. Jenny says

    He is so adorable!

  17. What a sweetheart!

  18. Christy Ann says

    Aww, so tiny!! He’s just beautiful, it’s hard to even remember my baby ever being so small!

  19. Awwwww!!!!

  20. I love how relaxed he looks in the bath. What an adorable little guy.

  21. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of a baby liking a bath like that before. Lol But look at him! He’s just chillin through the whole ordeal.

    Such a beautiful baby boy πŸ™‚

  22. He is so stinkin cute! I just want to hug him in that last picture of him crying. Awww.

  23. Awwww. But he likes being naked and surrounded by water!! Why put those silly clothes on him…!

    So cute tho. Not sure I’ve ever seen a baby sleep through a bath before!!

  24. Can not believe he slept through his first bath. I dont’ think I have ever had one sleep through a bath.
    He looks so cute though. And the last shot is priceless.

  25. Rob says

    That is funny that he is sleeping during his first bath. He is a cutie though.

    Happy WW!

  26. He is so precious. You really are one lucky woman.

  27. I love little ones like that. Part of me misses the little baby stage, but I’m done. 3 is enough.

  28. Oh my! How cute is he! My kids always hated the diaper and clothing part of bath time too!

  29. Precious!!

  30. He is such a sweetie!

  31. Christine M says

    So sweet I love how relaxed he is! I think 1 out of our 4 kids loved the bath =)

  32. He’s so adorable! Jillian was the same way, loved baths but hated getting dressed. In fact, she’s still not a fan of that. :p

  33. He’s such a sweetie!! Love the photos!

  34. Rachel says

    Oh man! I miss when my two were that little – they also loved (and still love) their baths. Take them out, and they got so angry!! πŸ™‚ What a sweetie pie.

  35. Posh says

    That is so sweet!

  36. Aw, I can’t believe he sleeps through bath time!

  37. That is so cute. Jake used to love to play in the bath tub. He wouldn’t wash, just play, lol.

  38. Awww he is so cute I can’t believe he slept through it. My daughter never screamed in her bath but when you took her out in the towel to dress her she would be very unhappy like Sawyer.

  39. Beth says

    I hate giving newborns baths, they are so slippery! I have this to look forward to in the next few weeks. πŸ˜‰

  40. oh my! These pics make my uterus hurt πŸ˜‰

  41. He’s so clam during the bath! My daughter was like that, my son however cried the entire time. Love the pictures. He’s a ham!

  42. Maria says

    Both my kids LOVE bathtime. My youngest is/was a severe refluxer and this was one of the few things that could calm him down. He got baths alot πŸ˜‰

  43. Awwww! He is SO precious! πŸ™‚

    Easter Egg Family Time

  44. Soooooo stinking cute! <3

  45. Aww – what a sweetie!

  46. Aah! It’s a sign of things to come. Whenever you can’t find him when he’s older, he’ll be chillin’ in the bathtub πŸ™‚ I love the third photo where he looks so stinkin’ content! We only have the one child so it’s funny to hear that those with 2+ see such unique personalities.

  47. He’s darling. He makes a bath look delightful.

  48. Awww he is so little and beautiful

  49. Jill says

    Too incredibly cute. Almost makes me want to have another. πŸ™‚

  50. Awww he’s adorable!

  51. Anne says

    So cute!

  52. Amy says

    He is so amazingly adorable!! Mine always screamed!!

  53. He is so cute! First baths are always fun πŸ˜‰

  54. both my boys loved bath time. I think he looks so cute in that tub. Thank you for sharing this very special moment with us all. It brings back such memories.
    I think you’re going to have a little nudist on your hand. =)

  55. Awww I miss the sleeping through bath time baby days. I do remember the not liking getting dressed and changed part of baby days though! Great pictures!

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