Paper Plate Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly Craft}

We’re about to go apple picking soon and I thought a fun way to get Sawyer excited about it would be to make a fun craft! This craft is a bit on the time-consuming side but only because you have to wait for things to dry. Other than that it’s pretty easy and fun for everyone at any skill level.

Make Your Own Apple Tree {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

To get started you’ll need a few things.

  • White Plate
  • Cardboard Strip
  • Green Paint
  • Brown Tissue Paper (cut into smaller strips)
  • Small Red Pom Poms
  • Glue

First we took our white plate and flipped them over. We took our green paint and covered the whole back side. I bought the Melissa & Doug  spill proof paint cups and large paint brushes which made it simple for Sawyer to use independently and the paint cups store the paint afterwards without drying out.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Painting was a lot of fun. Since it’s just one color it was pretty easy for Sawyer. This was actually his first time painting and he LOVED it. He caught on really quick and had fun. He did need the help of someone holding his plate down for him which Johnny was more than happy to do so.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Once the plates are all green let them completely dry.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Once completely dry (we did lunch and naptime in between and they were fine) grab your little red pom poms and your glue. To make it easier for Sawyer I poured some of the glue into an open container.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Just dip each pom pom into the glue and then press onto the plate in the place they want them placed.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Once your pom poms are done place aside to dry. Take your small strips of tissue paper and crumple in your hands. Then dip into the glue and place on your cardboard stick. Continue until the cardboard piece is full. Leave a small one inch portion at one end plain.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

When you’re all done take a stapler and staple the cardboard stump to the plate. I stapled it quite a few times because I knew I’d be handing it back to Sawyer. If it’s just going on a fridge or wall you don’t need as many.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Once completely dried you can let your child have it. Sawyer was really interested in touching all the different textures.

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

His favorite part though was practicing his counting with all the apple pom poms! Didn’t it turn out cute?

Make Your Own Apple Trees {Toddler Friendly #Craft} #applecraft #toddlercraft #appletree

Both my older boys are back off at school and it’s just me and Sawyer now. He is too young to apply for our local preschool and I really want to make sure that he still holds a schedule and has lots of hands on fun opportunities being home with me. I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Elizabeth over a Being MVP for a fun new series! We will be sharing craft posts once a week here from now on!

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  1. This is such a fun and cute idea! My daughter and son would have a blast doing this! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Terri S. says

    This looks like fun to do with my 2 granddaughters. I just need to pick up small red pompous at my craft store. Thanks for sharing this.
    We plan to go apple picking too. I love the cool fall weather. It’s perfect to bake apple pies – the girls love to help Grandma in the kitchen. I also want to try making homemade applesauce. 🙂

    • Terri S. says

      Oops…that was supposed to be small red pompoms. Auto correct made it pompous.

  3. This is adorable! My boys would love doing this!

  4. That’s easy and fun, my son would totally love this.

  5. I love apples as a craft and treat theme in September. It reminds me of my kindergarten classroom. Your trees are so cute!

  6. What ages for the crafts? Can’t wait until my youngest can play like glue and we can do this one. I’ll definitely be posting crafts.

  7. What a fun seasonal apple craft. My son loves to paint things and those spill proof paint cups are genius.

  8. This is such a cute craft idea! AND it is the perfect time of year to do it! 🙂

  9. Really cute! I’d make a great counting lesson, too!

  10. Now this is too cute! I’ll definitely have to try this out with the girls.

  11. Those are too cute! I love how easy they are to do but yet so colorful!

  12. It just couldn’t be cuter! I hope that has a special place on your fridge now!

  13. What a super cute and simple craft!! I know my little ones would love to make it on a rainy day around here.

  14. These are so adorable. I definitely need to give these a try with my preschool class at co-op.

  15. This is such a cute craft. My kids would love to make this. I am going to share it with their teachers.

  16. Linda Tamayo says

    My Kids would love doing this!!! Thanks for sharing . 🙂

  17. Linda Manns Linneman says

    You have such cute craft ideas. I love this apple tree. Thank you for sharing

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