Early Learning Academy {Review & One Year Subscription #Giveaway}


This year I have been homeschooling Hayden for preschool.  Next year he will be starting Kindergarten and he is so so excited.  School is out and everyone is thinking about their summer vacations, but Hayden is counting down the days until school starts again.  He loves to learn, and he is really super smart.  I have really had to search and find things to challenge him.  He learns things quickly and is already writing, reading, and spelling.

I had heard about ABCmouse Early Learning Academy but never really looked into it. is the leader in education tools and apps.  It is designed for PreK-Kindergarten, and the curriculum is already organized and ready to go.  The ABCmouse curriculum covers everything from math, reading, science, writing skills, music, and art.  It is an easy go to for us for Hayden’s preschool time.  There are 450 lessons with 6 different levels.  There are levels for toddler time, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.  I was able to pick what level I thought was best for Hayden, and I can also change it at anytime if I think it is too hard or too easy.  I love the flexibility and how easy it is to use.

At the very beginning Hayden was able to customize his own little student for ABCmouse.  He was able to choose everything from the hair style, to the kind of clothes he wore.


Hayden loves all the different activities for the lessons.  There are books that are read to him while the words are highlighted, puzzles, songs, and other games to help teach the lesson.  I can also print the extra printables that go with the lesson to reinforce what he learned.  Even though all the lessons are ready to go and organized, I can also go into the parent settings and put together my own lesson.  ABCmouse is super user friendly and I can tailor it to the needs of Hayden.

Hayden can also take a break from the organized lessons to go on ABCmouse “field trips.”  Hayden loves going on field trips to the zoo and the farm.  As the lessons and activities are completed Hayden earns tickets that he can use to buy things for his fish tank and other animals on ABCmouse.  He loves pretending to take care of them.  They are great reward system and he is excited when he completes a lesson or activity so he can earn more fun things for his “pets.”  Hayden wants a dog desperately!!!  His ABCmouse pets not only encourage Hayden to work on the lessons, it also is good at teaching Hayden the basics of what is needed to take care of a pet.  Using ABCmouse is also a great way to introduce Hayden to technology, and how to use the computer.   Before he ever started a lesson there was a mouse practice game to teach Hayden how to use the mouse.

I also love that ABCmouse has a parent section.  I can see exactly where Hayden is.  Where he is on his lessons, what he has learned about, and what he has mastered.

For a subscription to ABCmouse you can pay monthly or annually.  You can also add more than one child to the account and each of them can customize their own little student to have their own learning path.  So really you can have a subscription for up to 3 children for the price of 1!  You can also monitor each child’s progress in the parent section.

Letting my kids be online is a scary thing.  The internet is such a useful tool, but there are also really dangerous things.  My mind is at ease when Hayden is on ABCmouse because there aren’t any advertisements or pop ups.

ABCmouse is a great tool to help kids learn while having fun.  It would also be a great resource this summer for your kids to keep their little minds sharp for when they do have to go back to school.

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  1. Heather says

    I think abc mouse would just be a very helpful tool altogther for my little guy.He is very hyper but tends to calm when programs like this is presented to him.

  2. Nicole O'Hare says

    I love that you can customize the program for your child.

  3. I think the field trips sound like a fun way to break up the lessons! And pets? How cool! I have been looking at ABC Mouse for a while and my son asks for it every day. I’d be thrilled to win!

  4. Diane Cooper says

    My favorite feature is how easy it is to navigate and how the child is guided to the next thing without help.

  5. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I love the customization and they school room experience games.

  6. Sonya Morris says

    I love the reward system and all of the lessons.

  7. I like the educational fun but I know my daughter loves getting tickets to buy things for her “bedroom”.

  8. I like the educational fun but I know my daughter loves getting tickets to buy things for her “bedroom”.

  9. Julia says

    The best feature is no ads

  10. Jenny Lloyd says

    i like the different levels, giving the kids a chance to advance

  11. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I love that I would also be able to print off what he learned.

  12. Tiffany O says

    My 3, almost 4 year old loves and is pretty good on the computer. I have been thinking about getting ABC Mouse for quite a while. Now that there is only a couple days of school left and she will be staying home with grandma and daddy for the summer, we will definitely be subscribing. I did not know there were no ads or popups. That is frightening on any regular website. That is great!

  13. Natalie S says

    I love that it is customizable and has different levels – my preschooler would love this!

  14. sandra says

    i like that they can earn tickets and go shopping

  15. Jennifer K says

    I love that we can make a little guy to match my son!

  16. Devon F says

    I like that it customizes to your child’s level of learning

  17. Robyn says

    i like that there is a parent section and that you can customize it to your child’s level of learning!

  18. Rachel C says

    This would be fun for my 3 yr old because her older siblings all have computer work to do through school, and she would love to have “homework” too!

  19. Maria Beas De Bonilla says

    Shapes, numbers and Phrases. I also love the fact that there is a parent section.

  20. Christiannah says

    The no ads is pretty awesome!

  21. latanya says

    I like the reward system

  22. I love how it keeps my kids engaged! There are so many different things to do on it that will help you learn whether they are visual or audio and I love that!

  23. Lori says

    I’d love being able to customize it to my son’s level

  24. erin dear (@mummadear) says

    I like that ABCmouse is a great tool to help kids learn while having fun, and has a great reward system!

  25. I love that it would be fun and that there are no ad so it’s safe for my son too!

  26. Jennifer P says

    I really love the accomplishment oriented way of teaching, earning the tickets and moving on to each new lesson makes them feel like they are accomplishing things and encourages confidence in learning!

  27. Betty B. says

    I like that there’s soo much variety in activities i don’t think he would get bored with it!

  28. Jennifer Tilson says

    I think the music and songs will be particularly appealing to my son.

  29. Thuy Vu says

    I really love the Parent Section where you can monitor and see the milestones of your child.

  30. Nannypanpan says

    I like the parent section where I can see how they are doing

  31. Leela says

    All the different lessons.

  32. Linda White says

    It has tons of fun and educational activities. Parents can monitor the child and help them along; it is also a great tool for using the child to use technology/computers.

    • Linda White says

      That was supposed to say “a great tool for TEACHING the child to use technology/computer” – not “using the child.” 🙂

  33. anita says

    I like that there aren’t any advertisements or pop ups!

  34. Heather B says

    I really like the Swingasan Mocha

  35. Heather B says

    I love the no pop ups and ads my kids are always clicking those!

  36. Rajee Pandi says

    It helps kids to learn more

  37. NANCY says

    I would love my daughter to use ABCmouse to learn to read.

  38. Christina Gomez says

    I like that there are 6 academic levels

  39. Laura J says

    Oh I really love the Math Curriculum and that there is more than 450 lessons! Would be perfect to get Carter ready for preschool in the fall!

  40. Sara says

    I love that I can adjust it for my son’s abilities and change it again as he grows and learns

  41. Daisy says

    the reward system

  42. e michelle says

    i like how i can hae two profiles one for the 4 year old and one for the 2 year old

  43. M Dassance says

    We have two children who would benefit from this program so being able to create up to three profiles is what I like most.

  44. Sue Ellison says

    I like that I can sign both of my kids up on the same account.

  45. Best thing is that with twins, we can both of them use it and save their own progress.

  46. Tonya Atkinson says

    I haven’t looked at the website yet but I am sure my 3 year old would love it

  47. McKim says

    I like that you can change levels to fit your child.

  48. Noelle Carroll says

    I just love everything about ABC mouse, I am so excited to start my preschooler on it. I love the videos, and the drawing of the letters

  49. Katy P says

    I like the ability to change the learning level as needed

  50. Chelsea B. says

    I love that the ABC mouse toddler time is focused on the younger crowd. I have had my eye on this program but for the moment it is not in our budget. Technology is so incorporated into our lives and I think the quality of ABC mouse is leaps and bounds above less expensive apps and programs. Great giveaway!

  51. Candi Webb says

    My son could use this!

  52. Ron says

    I love that they are “rewarded” for tasks with tickets which adds an extra layer motivation to keep busy!

  53. Shea Adams says

    I love that you can pick the level that your child should be on so that they are learning what they need to know for their age.

  54. Adrianne says

    I would love, love to get this for my kids!

  55. kelly tillotson says

    the alphabet songs!

  56. Laura says

    I like that my 2 year old and my 5 year old can each use abc mouse

  57. Sharonc says

    I like the puzzles, games but maybe the songs the best!

  58. heather way says

    the rewards are an awesome addition!

  59. Karen Drake says

    I love that it grows with them and can be used for more than one child.

  60. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I like that it’s something that the kids can do during the summer.

  61. A d a l i a says

    I like it because the kids are learning, playing.

  62. tina reynolds says

    I like the rewards and fun colors to keep kids coming back

  63. Kirsten says

    You can also add more than one child to the account and each of them can customize their own little student to have their own learning path. I like that because I have two grandchildren who would love this.

  64. Candace says

    I love how it keeps track of everything for them and also how it rewards them with tickets to spend on things in the virtual shop.

  65. stephanie mcglothlin says

    I love that it would help her to read!

  66. Candie L says

    I love the things to do section. Thankyou

  67. Lisa L says

    I like that my son can learn while having fun. The field trips sounds super too!

  68. trixx says

    I like that my daughter can earn tickets for fun stuff… that would really encourage her!

  69. Danielle F says

    He asks to join every time the commercial is on. Says it sounds fun!

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